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Hi Steve,

I am a LONGTIME reader of your site! I started reading during Jason Mesnick’s season and have never left! Thanks for what you do; it makes watching much more exciting, especially this season! My question is about the FRC. I know the producers are always trolling, but based on the Mills interview with Variety and other comments that have made, it seems that viewers are being led to believe that she is very torn at the last minute and that it’s not a typical FRC. There has been no footage of the FRC in the promos, so what have you heard and what are your thoughts? Do you think it’s a straight forward FRC where she dumps Tyler and choses Jed or will it truly be different? I’m very curious because of the lack of footage and what is being teased. Thanks again!

Comment: I haven’t heard anything in terms of it being different or anything like that. Just that she definitely dumps Tyler and chooses Jed and they get engaged.

Then from that point forward, the shit hits the fan…

Hello Steve, the Champion of Everyone!

Thanks for what you do, I really appreciate it. Your podcasts are a must on Thursdays for me.

I was wondering as probably most viewers what makes Luke P such an ‘ultimate villain’ this season. He lasted quite long – I analyzed it 10 seasons back in this little tables considering the Bachelor and the Bachelorette. What is more every single episode is about him, his words and his actions. In previous seasons ‘villains’ sometimes did one thing wrong, said something stupid, arrogant etc. and he/she was considered a villain. I had problem deciding who was ‘the villain’ of the season in some of them.

(FIR=First Impression Rose)

The hatred towards Luke P is improbable and it is not over, I sometimes feel sorry for him.

I hope he will learn something from this experience, but I am not sure right now. Actions will tell. You’ve probably seen it, but the post on instagram about ‘his besties’ was a little controversial to say the least.

You can correct the tables if you like, most info is from wikipedia or my knowledge. And the matter of being ‘a villain’ isn’t always obvious as I mentioned.

Good luck with all what you do,

Comment: Interesting. Very few have made it as far as Luke did, but it’s not unprecedented. I think the difference with Luke is, and this isn’t recency bias because he’s most fresh in our minds, he was more disliked than any of those. And I don’t really think it’s close, just because of how big social media has become.

Hey Steve,

I’m a Big Brother and Bachelor fan, and it turns out Holly isn’t the only BB houseguest this season who dated a Bachelorette contestant. Kathryn Dunn admitted she dated someone from Desiree’s season. She’s from the Dallas, TX area. Have you heard about this/any idea on who this could be? I’ve been asking around since people informed me of what she said on the live feeds. Ben Scott was the only guy from Dallas on her season. If I had to guess, I’d say it was him. But I don’t know for sure.

Also, you said you might watch this season for Holly. What are your thoughts so far? As a longtime viewer, she’s playing really well and seems like she’ll stick around for a long time!

Thanks for doing what you do!

Comment: I’m not the right person to ask when it comes to BB strategy since I’ve never watched the show before and don’t really know what’s worked best in the past and what hasn’t. But so far, it seems like she’s in the right alliance. Then again, I know alliance can quickly dissolve, so we’ll see. I think she has a chance to do well so far just because it looks like she’d definitely well liked, so that’s always a bonus.

Hey steve, might be late since its a packed week, but i have a thought on luke p.

While Luke has done plenty of stupid idiotic stuff on this show like: Telling hannah shouldn’t go bungee jumping naked etc. The guys will be in a room talking and he wont even say anything major and Tyler just starts attacking him, when in that instance he didn’t say anything. Also of course he wants other people gone its not personal, its that he wants to marry hannah. But people have decided they love Tyler so he goes away from criticism. Just wanted to hear your thoughts on that? Pretty much. Look, it’s not like that was the worst thing anyone has ever said, but yeah, he’ll get a pass from most people on that. Imagine if it was the other way around? Or next week, if you switched out Luke for Tyler. Or Peter?

2. Are there any couple that get engaged or end up together on ATFR for paradise and are dean and caelynn and dean still together? You sent this in before Monday’s tweet and yesterday’s post. Chris Bukowski got engaged to Katie Morton and Dylan Barbour got engaged to Hannah Godwin.

3. Does the franchise provide condoms to contestants during fantasy or is it a swim at your own risk type of situation? They’re available.

4. Finally, What can Luke do at the ATFR to help his image?

Comment: You mean the MTA. Yeah, he just needs to keep his cool no matter what the guys do and no matter how hard they try to get him riled up, and just admit fault and say he’s gonna work on making himself better because this was a giant learning experience.


I had this video pop up as a suggested one I might like on youtube. It is an interview with a former 10 year producer of the Bachelor. I watched it and then then teased part 2, “Where Reality Steve gets his info.” So I was excited to see what the woman said. She said they don’t know and that Mike Fleiss even got private investigators to question his staff and still couldn’t figure it out. So good job on keeping that secret. They don’t even know how you do it! Though I was hoping to get a good scoop:( Oh well.

Thought you might find it interesting.

7:46 starts the discussion about you

Comment: Yup, he did. And here we are. How’d that work out for them?

Hi Steve!

In reference to everyone saying Tyler shouldn’t take Hannah back and is better than a second choice… let’s say you’re going to buy paint for your home. You forget your phone when you go to the hardware store and you’re torn between two colors/brands, so you just buy the one with the best looking color and that looks reliable based on how the can markets itself. Then you get home and find out the reviews for it are total shit and it’s all lumpy inside, so you exchange it for the color that you originally didn’t like as much, but would have been your first choice based on its overall consistency.

Tyler is only her second choice because she wasn’t given all the info someone needs in order to make the best decision. In real life, she would have had access to that info. She liked Jed better based on an act essentially, not who he really is. So I don’t think Tyler would need to feel like a backup plan in that regard, if he does still have feelings for her.

Of course this is hypothetical and assumes Hannah even still is interested in Tyler and isn’t just completely over it, but wanted to see how you feel about this view.

Thanks Steve!

Comment: You’re reeeeeeeally reaching with that analogy ha ha. I mean, I kinda see what you’re trying to get at, but I don’t see it the same. I’m not saying how he feels because I don’t know, but if he didn’t take her back (assuming she’s interested which it seems like she would be), I’d totally get it on his part.

Good afternoon!

I saw your latest tweet about the three engagements and I’m curious about your thoughts on who will actually get married and who will not…? Big fan!

Comment: I can really only see Dylan and Hannah being viable. I don’t know much about Chris and Katie’s relationship, so I guess it’s possible. Demi and Kristian no way, only because I think this was more of a publicity stunt to Demi. I’m sure she cares about Kristian, but settling down and getting married to her? I just don’t see it with Demi.

Hi Steve,

Thank you for all the wonderful spoiling you do! My friend doesn’t believe me that a lot of the hometown dates aren’t actually filmed in the contestant’s house. Do you know who our of Hannah’s final four had the dates filmed in their real home?

Comment: I don’t think Tyler’s was just because didn’t he say they had to downsize? That didn’t look downsized. I’m not sure on anyone else’s.

Hi Steve!

My husband and I hate-watch all the Bachelor shows. He’s recently been commenting on the double standard regarding objectification. Remember all those shower scenes with Colton? Hannah parading her men around in Speedos and slapping someone on the butt? Obviously that wouldn’t be acceptable if the tables were turned (I.e., the women being objectified). In the age of MeToo, I suppose I’m a little surprised there hasn’t been more of an effort to treat the men more respectfully. I mean, not really, because it’s The Bachelor and not the classiest show in general lol. Just wondering your thoughts?

Comment: Oh of course not. I think I even brought that up during the pageant date. Could never get away with that if the roles were reversed. When they last did a pageant for the women, it was silly. See Ben Higgins season.

Hey Steve,

Very much enjoyed your podcast with Olivia (as always) and Jed’s ex – Haley Stevens.

Interesting note and not sure if you were aware but (I think it’s when she was on Olivia’s podcast) Caelynn said that she knew she was going to pick Luke P before the season even started. And Olivia asked her why she would state that – and she just stated, that he’s her type. Just thought it was interesting that she stated that before the season even started… could be a a potential reason she overlooked all the red flags and tried to make something work when it was so clear it never would. Just a thought. Thanks again for everything !

As well – one more thing to add. I find it comical Jed has the nerve to say that his family is being attacked and this and that but has no problem making fun of Luke online every week. Yes Luke is an idiot. But Jed – do you not think Luke and his family is getting the same treatment your family is now getting because of things you did before the show. So it’s okay for you (Jed) to make fun of Luke and for him and his family to endure all the scrutiny from the public but now that the shoes on the other foot how it change.

Comment: Yeah, it is pretty hypocritical. Called him a scumbag on the show Monday night.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for everything you do. Towards the beginning of the season, it was clear Tyler and Jed were good friends and joked a lot with each other on social media. However, after all the info about Jed was released, that seemed to stop. Do you have any idea how Tyler (or any of the guys on her season who were close with Jed) reacted to the news breaking? I know Tyler hasn’t addressed anything publicly but after standing up for Hannah against other people like James Taylor, I have to imagine he’d be pretty bothered by Jed’s actions.

Thanks again for all you do, your hard work is appreciated.

Comment: I highly doubt any of these guys are gonna completely ditch Jed. No way. Some might say “it’s a tough situation,” “he could’ve handled it better,” or “I don’t know the whole situation,” etc, but I guarantee none of them flat out call him out on it. I’d be floored if they did.

Hi Steve!

Does each guy pick everything he’s going to do with the lead on the hometown date? No. They ask what things they’re interested in and plan accordingly.

Does the lead know what she’s gonna do with each of the guys on the hometown dates or is it a complete surprise? Pretty sure she has no idea.

Ugh I can’t believe she doesn’t pick Tyler. After his brothers talked about how much he stepped up, taking over his dad’s business when he was sick, etc., I just can’t imagine picking Jed over him. Jed acts and talks like he’s 15. Have you noticed he speaks in very short sentences? Plus can’t forget when he said they’re English the other week baha.

Thanks Steve! Your recaps are my favorite part of the site.

Comment: The heart wants what it wants. Even if it is a pitchy, wanna be Nashville singer/male revue dancer who owns one jacket and is shady with women.

Hi Reality Steve,

This is more of comment and less of a question. I know that you have touched on this issue before, but I definitely think there is an issue with ABC “throwing” these average, everyday people into the limelight without any proper training or guidance with how to deal. Like, when you grow up in a rich and famous family, or have become a child star, you have been immersed in these environments so you know what to expect, and while some of public backlash may still impact you, you probably have training or therapists to help you through it. But, with these average, everyday people that are cast on The Bachelor/Bachelorette, they have lived average, everyday lives and seek the show for fame–but are necessarily in tune to how to handle the backlash. We have seen that with the Jordan/Jenna issue, etc., and now with Jed’s long (and IMO whiney) post on InstaGram. I just think that is wrong of ABC–they should better prep the contestants for this, or at least offer some kind of guidance afterwards. Yes, the contestants go on the show for their own fame and glory, but I also think they are kind of ignorant, because social media often only features the nice and happy times, I’m not sure they really think through the backlash that will occur. It’s kind of sad to watch. It’s something that Craig Robinson brought up in the podcast we did together. Definitely they need to be more helpful. The problem is, they don’t care. Once you’re season is over, they’re pretty much done with you unless you do Paradise. But a little help on the social media front and how to deal with public scrutiny wouldn’t hurt anybody.

Also, this is totally last season, but I’ve been wondering your thoughts on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s spring break tour? I just watched it via InstaGram story, and I couldn’t believe how many people ACTUALLY purchased tickets to watch her waltz around stage, drunk with blow up pool floaties…

Thanks again for all that you do!

Comment: I honestly have no idea what that even is so I can’t really comment.

Hi Steve! Enjoying your spoilers and commentary as usual. There are two questions I have.

First, do you ever feel the Bachelor franchise picks their leads due to a story narrative or to go along with an issue that’s popular currently in society? For example, they cast Colton who is a male virgin, NFL football player and make the whole season about him and losing his virginity. Next, we have the complete opposite with the casting of Hannah who is completely comfortable with her sexuality where society may slut shame her for that which is ridiculous but she shows how strong and passionate she is and empowers woman to show it’s okay to be sexual and passionate. Am I reaching here or do you see these narrative themes too? Well they definitely have narratives, but, I don’t know if they’re ones that are popular in society. A virgin football player was a popular narrative? Hannah being comfortable in her sexuality?

Also, I know a lot of people rag on the guys about their flaws and I get it and I love Hannah. I think she seems real, confident and sweet but part of me as a woman, it puzzles me if she’s looking for something real, why would she fall in love with a guy who admitted to her he came on the show to promote his music career? That comment alone would have made me send him packing the second after he said it because I would know he didn’t come on for genuine reasons from the beginning to fall in love with me and want to be my husband. I don’t understand why she picked Jed especially after watching hometowns and seeing the real ness in Peter and his family for example or Tyler and his genuine care for his dad and even Luke with his faith. (Please don’t come down on me for that Luke observation. Lol I mean it just as an example. Not a fan of his at all.) It certainly is confusing for sure. But outside of his admission of that, and his parents seemingly negative attitude about the whole thing, maybe she thought he was most ready? Or he led the lifestyle she was attracted to the most?

And when I look at Jed, he just promotes his music every date and moment like singing to her on the first group date, having his guitar out all the time and song writing on his hometown date. Isn’t enough enough? Does Hannah not see these red flags of self promotion for Jed and his music career? I find it hard to believe she never questioned all these red flags especially when she’s so adamant about all Luke P drama and issues. I’m sure she did, but playing devil’s advocate, maybe she saw it and loved he had such a passion for it. I know I’m reaching here, but trying to answer your question from Hannah’s shoes.

My little brother is trying hard to be a country singer but he works and has his own business during the day. He’s 30, goodlooking and a former f**k boy in my opinion and he knows that but he does open mics, is doing guitar and voice lessons, singing in the studio with a producer he pays to write songs and even has been down to Nashville twice to sing karaoke but he’s a dad of four and is married and his job and his wife come first plus he can actually sing unlike Jed whom I agree with you sounds not great. I bet 90 seconds in front of Simon Cowell would put his dream into perspective.

Anyways, have you considered that perhaps Hannah isn’t as real as she claims to be? That maybe she came on the show for self promotion too? I mean, she’s a former beauty queen so it wouldn’t surprise she ends up in LA as most of the contestants do and ends up modeling, acting, or being an influencer and selling products on her social media. I mean, kudos to her for making a career from this but after seeing her choices in Jed and Luke P, and sending guys like Mike and Peter packing who seem ready to commit, I wonder if she was ever really ready? What are your thoughts? It’s hard to say she’s absolutely 1000% ready for marriage. I don’t know that. And every female (and male) lead knows what a great opportunity this is for career advancement, that’s why they do it. We’ll see what Hannah does post show.

Also, did you see Demi Lovato’s social media love for Mike? I loved that. They would make a cute couple but I hope he’s the bachelor. I’m sick of these little boys! I want a man to the bachelor preferably Mike!

Thanks Steve!

Comment: Maybe Demi and Mike can turn into what Jennifer Love Hewitt and Ben Flajnik were for a hot minute. Or what Wells and Sarah are now.

Hey Steve:

Loved your podcast with Olivia last week, per usual. If for some reason, one of your podcasts ended, you two could team up and cohost a podcast together. You’d make a great team!

Regarding the final four rose ceremony – a thought and a question.

Thought: Jed’s ITM while Hannah was deciding what to do had me cringing. While I understand why all the guys in the house dislike Luke P, I can see Luke going on Men Tell All, apologizing and taking responsibility for his actions during filming. I do not see Jed doing the same. Yet you see the guys in the house continue to bash Luke but defend Jed (re: comments on his Instagram post). Just because you developed a friendship with the guy in house means you’ll defend him in spite of his actions? He would need to have a serious rebuttal to all of the news coming out against him for me to even consider backing him after this shit storm…Said it yesterday, I really don’t see how or what Jed can say that will make this much better other than apologizing and admitting he handled it about as poorly as one could.

Question: Do you think or know if Hannah has made the decision to send home Luke or Jed at the final four rose ceremony? Editing clearly makes it look like one was about to get a rose and she changes her mind last minute – but curious if you have any inside scoop on what that decision may have been?

Thanks for all you do!

Comment: No, I think it was the complete opposite. Sharleen put it masterfully in her recap yesterday on Flare, but basically, production knew full well before that night started what the plan was. Or at least where she was leaning. That wasn’t decided on the fly. She doesn’t make the rules because she feels like it. They knew what they were doing. Hell, they might’ve even suggested that option was available to her.

Hi Steve!

Thanks for the spoilers, I wouldn’t watch the show if it wasn’t for you. I started out by reading your spoilers only, and then eventually started watching the show a few years later. I just have one quick question this week, I couldn’t find where you had addressed it already: How are they going to handle Jimmy Kimmel considering the ending/breakup? Since they film it before ATFR. Will it still be done? Will Hannah just do it alone? I couldn’t recall how it was done in the past when we had a twisted ending.


Comment: Good question. Not sure. But assuming Hannah remains single until then, she’d go on by herself.

Hi, Steve! I have watched The Bachelor/Bachelorette from the beginning and have followed your spoilers for several years. The only season I didn’t watch was Ali’s (Ally?) just bc I wasn’t invested in her. Thanks for spoiling. It’s definitely kept the show more interesting and relevant. This is my 1st time emailing with some comments/questions.

1. I really enjoyed the MD’s email about Tyler C. She made some valid points and it was well thought out. That being said, I have seen several negative comments about Tyler’s low blow toward Luke in calling him a “5’8 villain”. I have a different perspective to offer. We have repeatedly seen Luke physically bullying people, getting in the guys faces, screaming, pointing fingers, and just generally acting like an immature ass. One could argue that Luke is the person who turned the arguments into physical threatening and bullying, and guys much bigger than him have backed down to his challenge. Perhaps the height comment from Tyler was just pointing out the ridiculousness that Luke feels empowered to act this way, and was indirectly actually pointing out his emotional immaturity. It seems Tyler is more intelligent than he is portrayed. Or maybe Tyler was just sick of it and it was an off the cuff remark. Regardless, no one owes Luke any modicum of respect since it’s not even remotely mutual, IMO. If Luke was directing this verbal abuse toward females, I doubt anyone would think twice about any insult returned. Disagree on that one. Tyler specifically stated before he dropped the 5’8” comment that usually villains are bigger more intimidating guys. So he was definitely referring to his height, not any sort of empowerment or emotional immaturity.

2. Speaking of Luke, I just don’t get it. Hannah continually ignoring the enormous red flags, and the fact that they spend 1/2 their time together discussing his poor behavior is cringe worthy. I have to believe she cannot be that blind and keeps him around per production’s encouragement? Really a mute point since he goes home next week, and deservedly so, but damn. I am shocked that the hometown date with the uber religious theme and the holier than tho family didn’t have her running from that house like her hair was on fire. To each their own, but I’m struggling with this one. Why go on a reality dating show, assuming you know the show history, if you’re that dead set on your definition of morality? Seems a little phony all together and maybe he’s using his religion as a prop to stand out. It’s definitely unique as I don’t remember many, if any, others from the franchise history being that (allegedly) devout. Because Hannah is very much into her faith as well is a major reason why she kept him around. I think their connection to their faith was way stronger than any of the other guys had to theirs. And she kept going back to that I’m sure. Not to mention, she’s said she’s always been a fixer in her past relationships. I’m guessing that was her mind set with Luke as well.

3. The Haley/Jed spoilers made watching his hometown even more fascinating. I also wondered how the family didn’t know about Haley and I was questioning if that was why they weren’t super supportive of Hannah. Maybe he’s not that close with his family and they don’t know he was dating someone prior? But then that doesn’t explain why they were fairly cold to Hannah? Makes sense if they knew about Haley. Makes sense if they are protective of Jed maybe. But neither seem to be the case and that whole scenario just seems off. Yet another red flag Hannah ignores. I’m 1000% sure his family had never seen any texts he’d ever sent to Haley or the extent of their relationship before Haley posted them. And oh yeah, they DEFINITELY haven’t seen the texts he sent to the girl he had sex with the morning of the Super Bowl either.

4. Speaking of Jed, I agree with the others that he can’t sing. If he did go on the show to further his career, I doubt that will be nearly enough. Especially now given the latest revelations about him being such a DB. Also, how ironic the sneak peeks for next week show Jed complaining about Luke being a toxin in the house and how offended he was that Hannah appeared to be unable to choose between them! I’m no Luke fan, but wow. I don’t remember seeing this preview before this week. Was this just added in response to the Haley thing? Or do you think it always existed and just coincidental? Knowing how it plays out, thanks to your spoilers, is like watching a trainwreck/dumpster fire love child. Pretty much.

5. Okay, that’s way more comments than questions. So, here’s one. What ever became of Peter Kraus? He was one of my favorites. Any chance he will show back up as The Bachelor sometime? If not, will we see him anywhere in the franchise or is he done? And/or too far removed (and forgotten) now? I doubt we’ll see it, but you can never count anything out in this franchise considering they brought Arie back out of nowhere. Guess anything’s possible. But he was very difficult to deal with last negotiations, so my guess is they’re done with him.

6. Is it just me or does Hannah look like a cross between Jojo and Kaitlyn? Not a bad thing. They are all lovely and good Bachelorettes. They just seem remarkably similar IMO.

Okay, done rambling. Thanks again for what you do! I love listening to your podcasts also and that was never my thing before. Keep up your hard work!

Comment: Looks wise, or personality wise? I’m assuming you mean personality because she doesn’t look either of them – combined or separately.

Hey Steve, I hope all is well.

In regards to your tweet yesterday about that woman thinking you’re stirring the pot and dragging people, namely Jed… I don’t think you would have ever come out with that information about Jed had the spoiler not changed to him being with Hannah, and to me it shows that you’re completely just protecting Hannah wanting to get all of the information out there. I think back in the day, yeah you would have drug cast members through the mud, but as all the recent reader emails state, you’ve definitely grown from then and I don’t see that in you at all now. in fact you could have done him a lot worse by releasing those text messages. For sure. That’s why that tweet was so ridiculous. And absolutely back in the day I would’ve posted those texts without thinking twice. Now, believe it or not, I actually think sometimes. I know. Amazing.

My final thing is about Olivia’s podcast. I didn’t listen to it for a while but after you had her on I just went to her page and looked at a couple of the episodes and definitely was interested so I started listening. I definitely noticed that she has formatted her podcast now the same way that you do when you interview past contestants. She now asks them how they got cast and who did they think was their competition on night one and I know that’s a question you always ask people. when I listen to her show when it first came out she never asked those questions so my feeling is that she definitely was inspired by your podcast. So my question is, does that bother you?

Have a great week!

Comment: Not at all. You’re saying she didn’t do that before and now she does? I mean, whatever works for her. In the ones that I’ve listened to, I guess I never noticed it.

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  1. KitKat101

    July 10, 2019 at 5:30 PM

    I just have one question to the “Plane Man” emailer… What does Hannah having green eyes have to do with anything?

  2. elizabethhalloran

    July 11, 2019 at 5:11 AM

    Hey Steve!
    Am I the only person who remembers Haley telling you that Jed’s mom knew he was going on the show to promote his career? That, in itself, leaves her wide open to backlash. Albeit, not physical violence or threats, but still….

    Anyway thanks, enjoying this season!

  3. justsaying

    July 11, 2019 at 7:38 AM

    I would LOVE it if Hannah scolds Jed profusely during the ATFR. Telling him how dare he not accept full responsibility for his actions and how dare he said he has his side of the story. How dare he, how dare he, how dare he. Hannah should tell Jed to seek therapy, to learn remorse.

    As for Jed’s family, bravo to the mailer who called them out. Why continue to enable a cheater like Jed?? Paying his rent and covering up for him. Appalling!

    You know what Jed, you are not at the same level as Luke. At least Luke said on social media something along the lines it’s been a learning lesson for him. And Luke did not make his family put up an act for him.

    As for everyone wanting Hannah to get back with Tyler, I don’t think it’s going to happen. Base on my observations, she only has physical attraction with him. I find Tyler very mouthy too, he’s not all innocent.

    The two guys she felt strongest for were definitely Luke and Jed, unfortunately. Hannah will probably get back with Luke first before even considering Tyler.

  4. dogmomma

    July 11, 2019 at 8:37 AM

    “The two guys she felt strongest for were definitely Luke and Jed, unfortunately. Hannah will probably get back with Luke first before even considering Tyler.”

    After reading that comment, it does make sense. Maybe she was into Jed because he portrayed himself as being the next famous singer and some people might be attracted to the stardom aspect of that. With Luke, she may initially have been attracted to the fact that they had similar backgrounds in their faith. Maybe if they had met under normal circumstances and not on a TV reality show, they might have had a chance. But I think Hannah was going through some self-discovery with her sexuality and this show was like being a kid in a candy store. She said that she didn’t have a lot of experience with boyfriends before the show. Now that she’s had her fun, maybe she’ll learn from this and maybe Luke will do the same thing. And maybe somewhere down the road they could reconnect….. Or maybe she will move to California and start selling gummy bear vitamins and Diff Eyewear. Time will tell.

  5. ctrealitygirl

    July 11, 2019 at 10:04 AM

    Funny, dogmomma, I emailed RS last week and mentioned that I thought it was more likely that Hannah would get back with Luke after her break-up with Jed rather than go after Tyler. It’s obvious to see that she has deep feelings for Luke and basically only a strong physical connection with Tyler. But RS said she’d NEVER go back to Luke. I’m not saying she would immediately, but I could see it happening down the road after things have calmed down.

  6. dogmomma

    July 11, 2019 at 3:31 PM

    ctrealitygirl, I agree… she wouldn’t go back to him right away, but given some time for things to cool off and emotions to settle down, I could see them spending time together. I don’t think she’d do it publicly and not right away because of the backlash she’d receive after how they portrayed him.

  7. ctrealitygirl

    July 12, 2019 at 6:30 AM

    Exactly! She’s going to feel badly enough having to face Jed’s deceptions, so I doubt she’d risk any more bad press by dating Luke. Plus, she’ll be reeling from all the controversy, disappointment, etc. All the drama of this season really seems to have affected her. I’ve never seen a bach-ette lead show signs of wear before, at least they haven’t shown it. I’ve noted how many times she commented to the guys that she was calling it an evening because she was tired..and all the cancelled cocktail parties too – although those might have been producer-induced. I will say though, that with Hannah, we finally saw a “real” person emerge!

  8. dogmomma

    July 12, 2019 at 7:06 AM

    Agreed! Hannah definitely broke the mold and I ended up liking her much more than I thought. I’ve been watching since season 1, and I watch even when I can’t stand the lead- I just fast forward through those seasons a lot more. I was hoping that Hannah would find her happy ending as so many of the other bachelorettes, but who knows, maybe she did in a different way.

  9. justsaying

    July 12, 2019 at 7:58 AM

    I also want to add, if she can break up with Jed so easily and quickly, that’s a sign he’s a default choice after Luke left. She can’t have that much in depth feelings for Jed.

    Also in the previews, Hannah looked like she was crying about Luke when Chris H said he’s ready to propose with a ring, blah blah. That’s prove Luke’s who she really wanted. Not Jed.

  10. ctrealitygirl

    July 12, 2019 at 12:49 PM

    That’s great insight, justsaying!Now that I think about it, Hannah did seem really happy when she left Luke’s hometown date, stating that she was falling in love with him. She seemed very happy that his hometown went well, and I’m betting she would have picked him in the end if he didn’t slut-shame her for having sex with one of the other guys. And it’s starting to make sense with the way stuff she’s been posting. She’s coming off as angry but NOT broken hearted.

  11. dogmomma

    July 13, 2019 at 3:43 PM

    The comment section of these articles are my favorite part of the spoilers. Some very good points about Luke that are starting to really make some sense now. Plus, we don’t have a clue about what has really gone on between Luke and Hannah because we’re shown only what the show wants us to see and believe. This will definitely be interesting to watch as it unfolds!

  12. justsaying

    July 13, 2019 at 4:59 PM

    Thank you ctrealitygirl. Hannah actually slipped and said she loves Luke, not just she’s falling in love with him, I think. Huge difference

  13. susan78

    July 13, 2019 at 10:04 PM

    I don’t think she liked/lived Luke more, and I don’t think she’d have slept with Jed if she wasn’t pretty sure. Could be wrong, maybe she just had an itch that needed to be scratched, but…
    Peter or Tyler would’ve been much better choices in every way, but whatcha gonna do?

  14. susan78

    July 13, 2019 at 10:05 PM

    I don’t think she liked/loved Luke more, and I don’t think she’d have slept with Jed if she wasn’t pretty sure. Could be wrong, maybe she just had an itch that needed to be scratched, but…
    Peter or Tyler would’ve been much better choices in every way, but whatcha gonna do?

  15. dogmomma

    July 15, 2019 at 2:54 PM

    After reading the latest tweets from RS, it looks like we’re not on the right track if his information is correct. He says Hannah slept with Peter in the windmill, not Jed. And he said that Hannah went off on Luke at the Men Tell All and apologized to the audience for not sending him home sooner. So much for our theories…LOL

  16. ctrealitygirl

    July 16, 2019 at 6:51 AM

    haha, dogmomma! I was thinking the same thing last night watching the show. Hannah looked completely done with Luke and I’d say relieved as well that she finally saw for herself what the guys had been trying to tell her all along. And I’m now wondering about the timeline of the overnight dates. We know she had sex with Peter, but it appeared to me that she most likely had sex with Jed too. The way Luke was asking her about the fantasy suite dates, he kept saying it as if they had yet to happen. I’m thinking she may not have had the dates with Tyler and Jed yet, or at least not Jed. Otherwise she wouldn’t have singled out the “sex in the windmill” so prominently. Even though the guys probably don’t know what order the overnight dates go in, they must know by how long they’ve been there where they stand in the order.
    As for Pete’s ex coming out about their story, not looking good for him to be named the Bachelor, as there’d be a fair amount of flack that he wasn’t there for the “right reasons” and will tarnish his golden boy image. I still cannot believe Hannah opted not to sleep with Tyler. I’m so hoping he’s the next Bachelor…hot, hot, hot and seems pretty genuine

  17. dogmomma

    July 16, 2019 at 7:33 AM

    It sure appears that they were setting Tyler up to be the next Bachelor. He’s very popular, and after respecting her wishes in the fantasy suite, they have their story line…. he’s a great guy, he fell in love with Hannah but she rejected him, and he was a complete gentleman. Everyone seems to be swooning over this speech to her about love and respect. So I’d be surprised if he isn’t the next bachelor, unless he doesn’t want it, and if not, then my guess is that Mike would be another popular choice. It’s pretty easy to see who the next bachelor is going to be at Men Tell All…. they will definitely set up that person’s story line.

  18. ctrealitygirl

    July 16, 2019 at 8:51 AM

    From what Steve says about the MTA, Mike comes across really good. But Tyler was not present to “audition”! I’ll bet watching back the show, Tyler feels crappy seeing Hannah throw herself at both Luke and Peter in the fantasy suites when she declined having sex with him. I could see her doing that if Tyler was going to be the last man standing. She looked mighty sad when Tyler walked away the morning after. Perhaps in time she will regret choosing Jed over him…time will tell. At least it’s an interesting ending!

  19. dogmomma

    July 16, 2019 at 12:29 PM

    When they have the After the Final Rose show, they might have Tyler on and build him up to be the bachelor. But it’s looking good for Mike as well. This was definitely a different season!!!

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