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“Reader Emails,” Ratings, “Love Island,” & “Paradise Hotel” Winners on the Podcast This Week

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I’m sure you know by now I enjoy reality TV. I don’t take it seriously as most people as you can probably tell by the tone of my columns, but it’s mindless entertainment. I’m only watching “Big Brother” this season for the first time ever (outside of the two celebrity editions) because Holly Allen is on and I wanna see how she does, but I’ve just never been interested in committing three nights a week to a reality show. Well, then “Love Island” drops in our laps last night, and dammit, I’m interested…for now. For those that don’t know, CBS picked up “Love Island” for 22 episodes and they are running them consecutively. It’s on 5 nights a week for a month straight (outside of Sat & Sun). That’s a hell of a lot of commitment you’re asking for TV watchers. No reality show has ever done this. Also, every “dating” reality show that’s come after the “Bachelor” has failed miserably. Now you’re telling people to watch every night for a month? I mean, I’m interested now. But in 2 weeks will I be? I don’t know. I wanna see where this goes, but it’s awfully similar to “Paradise Hotel” so far. Same exact concept on the first episode. You immediately have to choose someone strictly based on looks. I just don’t know how this will be sustained over a month EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. Speaking of “Paradise Hotel”…

This week on the podcast, I spoke to both “winners” of PH, Tatum Smith and Bobby Ray – separately. And there’s a reason they’re on separately. They don’t speak to each other anymore. You can listen to the episode and determine why you think that is. Tatum said it’s all because of Bobby Ray and what he did but wouldn’t go into detail, and Bobby Ray says it’s because Rosanna came and visited him for a weekend and Tatum got upset. I don’t know what to believe but they’re both interesting interviews I’d say. What went into Bobby’s decision to drop at $200k? Did Tatum ever think he’d drop? What was her thought on it when it happened? Could she still have seen herself dating him post show? Would Bobby have dropped if Tatum never made out with Carlos? Why did Tatum make out with Carlos? All questions that will be answered tomorrow. I enjoyed talking to both of them. Look forward to you hearing it.

Wanted to give an update that I got on Monday night. Former podcast guest Craig Robinson texted me to let me know he is now 1 year sober. That was awesome news to hear. If you haven’t, I suggest listening to Craig’s interview from a few months back. You won’t be disappointed. To hear where he was at his lowest of lows to now seeing him send me a picture of his one year sober coin was really cool to hear. I’m rooting for the guy as most of us should be. It’s not easy I’m sure. Any day anything can trigger something to make someone relapse. It’s a long process and I just hope Craig stays the course. 1 year is a big accomplishment for someone that was in as deep as he was. I hope it continues this way for a long, long time.

We spoke yesterday about Jed’s IG post from Monday night. I wanted to address what I tweeted shortly thereafter. This is what I tweeted in case you missed it:

Reading some of the responses to that, it seems a lot of you thought I was addressing Jed in what I said when talking about blaming me. I wasn’t. I was talking about the IG commenter who was saying I should be held liable for whatever she was babbling about. That’s so utterly preposterous there’s no need to explain it much further. However, just wanted to make it clear I wasn’t responding to Jed, nor did I think Jed was referencing me in his post. I have not asked, poked, prodded, or told anyone to verbally attack or harass the guy’s family. If you do, you’re a loser. Be mad at him, form an opinion of how you think he handled the Haley situation, hate the fact he broke Hannah’s heart by doing this, but lay off the threats and harassment. That’s just stupid. Jed made his own bed, now he’s gotta lie in it. As for that commenter, I mean, there’s not much you can say to that much stupidity. The logic behind that comment is far off from reality, I think you can all see it. Just wanted to make clear my comment above the retweet was to her, not Jed.

Ratings are in from Monday night and again, the show set it’s highest ratings of the season with 5.99 million viewers and a 1.5 rating. Becca’s hometowns last season drew 6.31 million and a 1.6 rating, so it’s pretty much the same. Outside of the MTA, these last couple episodes will definitely be in the 6 million range and could reach 7 million, which has been standard for “Bachelorette.” I’m really curious to see and waiting for the “Love Island” overnight ratings to come in. Won’t be anything close to “Bachelorette,” nor do I know what CBS expects or is hoping for. I’m gonna guess 2.5-3 million viewers with a rating close to 1.0. Lets see if I’m close. Next Tuesday I’ll update everyone on the ratings for the episodes that run this week. The key won’t be initial ratings. It’s how the audience holds over the next week or two.

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