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Podcast #138 – Interview with “Paradise Hotel” Winners, Tatum Smith and Bobby Ray

Taking a one week break from all things “Bachelorette” related to bring you the winners of “Paradise Hotel” this season, Tatum Smith and Bobby Ray. The interviews are done separately since, well, they don’t talk anymore. You can find out all about that while listening to the podcast today and draw your own conclusions. One thing I will say for “Paradise Hotel,” while it may have gotten episodes cut only a week in and didn’t do well in the ratings, like you’ll hear Bobby say in the podcast, that finale had a lot going on. Definitely was an entertaining finale with numerous twists and turns. And we’ve seen the “will you choose love or money” twist before, but the way this show did it I thought was the best version of that we’ve seen before. We go over it in the podcast in case you didn’t watch, and you’ll hear Tatum and Bobby both give very different accounts of what they thought the other person would do. Very fun stuff this week with both of them. As always, if you’d like to reply to the interview, please include their Twitter handles (@tatumsmithhh & @officialbobrayy) in your replies. Enjoy…

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(SPOILERS) Tatum first joins me to talk about how she got cast, what show she was almost on, her strategy with Jair, why she made out with Carlos, did she think Bobby was ever going to not drop the ball, what happened to their relationship post show and more. Then Bobby joins (52:14) to discuss what his thought process was going into the show, the show’s format, what he thought of the strategy to plot against Jair, how bothered was he by the Tatum/Carlos hookup, was he always planning on taking the money for himself, would he have done it if Tatum never betrayed his trust, his thoughts on what’s happened to their relationship post show and more.

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