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Podcast #141 – Thoughts on the “Bachelorette” Finale, Hannah & Tyler Moving Forward, & a Chat with Haley Stevens, Jed’s Ex-Girlfriend

A lot of stuff yesterday that I thought about after I posted the column, or was at least able to give more thought to, so I start off today’s podcast with thoughts on that. Hannah & Tyler, Jed’s friends, and how much different the show is now and it’s not changing. I think there’s a few things now that will be part of the norm of this show going forward that we’ve just never seen before. Every season I feel like we say “this is a first in show history,” and without knowing what it will be, I can guarantee you they’ll be another “first” next season. Happens every season now. There’s a reason why there are story editors on this show. We’ll get something next season. Just know it’s coming. Then Haley Stevens, Jed’s ex-girlfriend, joins me again for a brief chat about what life’s been like since she told her story and how it feels to unfortunately be the reason Hannah and Jed’s engagement ended. Much shorter this time around, about 25 min, just because there was no reason to conduct a full interview again. But Haley definitely has some thoughts on what’s happened since and I appreciate her taking the time to talk about this again. As always, if you’d like to respond to the interview, please include Haley’s Twitter handle (@SweetLeahMusic) in your replies. And unfortunately I realized too I screwed up in the beginning when I was talking about Jed’s friends and Jed’s reaction on social media yesterday I was calling him “Tyler.” Too late to correct and re-record. Dumb mistake on my part. Enjoy…

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A few thoughts on the “Bachelorette” finale including my thoughts on Hannah and Tyler going forward, Jed’s friends reactions online, and social media changing the way the show is viewed and how the show is embracing it. Then Haley joins me to talk about what her last month has been like since she came forward with her story (23:58).

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