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“Reader Emails,” Paradise Episode 4 Mini Recap, Hannah/DWTS

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Like everyone else who emails in, long time reader, appreciate what you do, blah, blah, blah. I was inclined to email in for the first time for several reasons. I will preface this with that I did not watch tonight’s (Tuesday’s) episode.

1.) Tyler and Hannah. Ugh. I am glad he finally posted something in his stories about how his BFF needs to stop starting crap on Instagram regarding his relationships with Hannah and GiGi, and I’m glad Hannah did end up taking the high road, too, when she asked people to stop tearing GiGi down. But, I really feel Hannah dug herself in a hole with her response to Rachel on the Podcast. I love her, but she is so impulsive sometimes. She needs to wait an hour before responding to things that make her emotional. The Luke Twitter exchanges, the questions regarding Tyler…they certainly remind you of her age. I imagine the backlash she received is why she posted about not doing well. Poor girl. I didn’t see what Tyler posted. And yeah, Hannah has been taking some heat since her season ended. But all leads do for the most part. She’s gotta not pay attention to what people who don’t matter say to/about her. If she doesn’t, she’ll constantly be in this state. It’s not healthy.

2.) This situation with Caelynn and Blake is crazy. In my opinion, Blake was justified in releasing those texts. I totally agree with so much of what you said in your post today (Monday). Caelynn told everyone who would listen on that beach awful things about Blake, potentially destroying the chance of him being in a relationship that could have gone somewhere. Further, when she pulled Blake aside, it was obvious she was lying not only by his reaction but also the fact that she refused to stick around and talk when he kept asking her not to go. Clearly, he wanted to find out where he went wrong, but she had no interest, likely because she didn’t want him to reveal something that would make her look bad. He even tried to talk to her again at the rose ceremony, and she was so dismissive. Then her making out with Cam? Bad look all around. Like you said, it was obviously just to get a rose. I don’t know why Cam ever thought she was serious about him. I also saw Caelynn’s Instagram reaction, which just continued many of her lies, but I also don’t know why she didn’t just say some of the stuff she said after they slept together was sarcasm. I can totally see that some of those messages about being fine and whatnot were sarcastic, if they really had been talking on the phone like she mentioned. That’s her only real defense, in my opinion.

3). Dean speaking out saying exposing those messages is a form of slut shaming? Is he insane? At no point did Blake say or even imply that Caelynn is a slut. He actually told people to stop attacking her. Sit down, Dean. I’m shocked he is capable of caring about someone besides himself so much to even make a comment. I imagine him sticking up for her certainly doesn’t buy her any respect. It’s his current girl. Of course he’s gonna say shit to defend her. Nothing else he could do and it was fully expected.

4.) I am shocked Tanner and Nick came out saying all that stuff about Blake. Is that because they’re so far up Dean’s ass? Even if all the Blake stuff were true, I’d still respect him more than Nick and Dean…combined. There are cliques in this franchise. And those cliques stay together. Simple as that.

5.) All that being said, I do want to say that it is ridiculous how people are attacking her for having sex because she’s a sexual assault survivor. I’m so happy you spoke out to say that last week. She’s allowed to be a sexual being. As a victim myself, I know that there are usually two extremes people take afterward: they don’t want sex at all or they want sex often. For myself, I know giving consent became a huge factor in me getting past the situation. It probably seems weird to a nonsurvivor, but taking the power back was hugely helpful in my healing. I’m not saying Caelynn is in the same boat; I’m just saying that I totally get being a victim and still enjoying casual sex. They are not mutually exclusive things. I have no problem with her wanting sex. Or even coming on to Blake for it. That’s not what I took out of the texts anyway. It was more about how on TV she’s saying how disrespected she felt by him and being ghosted, but there she is AFTER being ghosted wanting to sleep with the guy? Then she’s whining about it afterwards? Makes no sense.

6.) I actually cannot believe Hannah and Dylan get engaged. I think it is so obvious she isn’t actually into him; she’s just getting bullied into being with him because her friends think he’s a good guy. He seems so obsessive and insecure to me. I don’t see them lasting very long at all. They’re definitely still engaged and doing well. So I guess we’ll see. It’s only been a little over a month though. Who knows.

Hi Steve!

Just want to offer a quick (apparently unpopular) opinion on Dylan. It’s nice that he’s so committed to her but I don’t understand how Bachelor Nation is so into him. He barely knows Hannah and seems possessive and controlling. Hannah can make her own decisions and doesn’t need him to come rescue her on that beach. She was a willing participant in that. The point of paradise is to explore relationships and she is not in a committed relationship with Dylan. Pull back the reins bro. It’s especially weird after everyone was all about Hannah making her own decisions and empowering women etc. As an aside, my husband thinks she looks 14 and it’s like when your younger sister starts developing and all your friends think she’s hot but you’re just creeped out… because it’s your 14 year old sister… long story short he is not into her lol.

Also thankful for Jordan and Demi for providing the needed levity. Please have Jordan back on your podcast to discuss this season! I’m so sad he leaves so quickly.

Comment: I hope to have Jordan on again in the future. I think he’ll do it.

Hi! Your site is my guilty pleasure and I look forward to it weekly.

This season of Paradise has not been enjoyable to watch in my opinion! I was a huge Hannah G. supporter but can’t say that I am anymore. My question, do you think she’ll redeem herself as the season goes on?! I don’t understand how we’ll get to an engagement at this point.

Thanks for all you do!

Comment: I mean, after the next rose ceremony where she makes her decision to be with Dylan over Blake, and then gets engaged at the end, I’d say people will forget these last couple episodes.

Hey Steve!

I’ve been a longtime reader and huge fan of all you do, but this is my first time writing in. After this week of BIP, I can’t shake the shady feeling Caelynn gave me back on Colton’s season and even more so now. Girl. Is. Sketchy. If you’re ever able to spill more tea about her, I’d be here for it.

I’m wondering if you know if there’s any drama to come between Caelynn and Katie during BIP based on their history during Colton’s season (mainly the details Katie shared during the Women Tell All), or if it’s water beneath the bridge? I didn’t hear anything in regards to those two.

Also, what are your thoughts on how “in” on the whole Demi plot Derek was? Demi has been throwing up red flags left and right thus far, but it seems like Derek is a bit more genuine in his interest. He wasn’t in on anything as far as I know.

Thank you for using your powers for good! I look forward to reading and listening every week.

P.S. You gave me the smallest glimmer of hope for Clay as the next Bachelor, but we all know by now it’s still a bit of a toss up.

Comment: All I mentioned was if we’re gonna consider Mike a candidate, you gotta consider Clay. But he’s probably not getting it.

Hi Steve,

Cannot stand Caelynn since she was brought on to Colton’s season. Love Dean. Kristina. And everyone on season 4 of BiP. These new kids are terrible. Any hope of a dean/Kristina reunion? Upsetting that BIP didnt show them at all when he arrived. You know we all wanted to see some sort of interaction!! What is their status? And why doesnt BIP show any Wells? What is the point of him being there then?!

We need to bring Peter Kraus back into the mix.

Thanks for the spoilers!

Comment: Dean and Kristina? For both their sakes, I hope not. And he’s with Caelynn. At least for now. Kristina would be the dumbest human on the planet if she ever went back to Dean.

Steve, you made a comment that you thought Clay would make a good Bachelor. I could not disagree more. He is so wishy-washy and boring. He shows no personality. He had a chance to be with beautiful Angela and dropped her to go on BIP. Well, crash and burn, you are too boring buddy. Steve, did you change your mind after seeing gim on BIP?

Comment: That’s not what I said. I said that if you’re considering Mike, then you have to consider Clay. And obviously you hate Clay and are completely biased for whatever reason, so nothing I say will matter to you anyway. You sound like a friend of Angela’s or something.

Hey Steve,

I’m not sure if you know the specifics of how production came to the decision to send both Christian and Jordan home, but I was wondering if you could just speculate on whether or not you think they would have been sent home if one of them had a real substantial connection with someone. Obviously Jordan was going to be sent home at the rose ceremony and most likely Christian too, but say Jordan had a real connection with someone.

You obviously have no way of knowing for sure, but just knowing what you do about the bachelor world, do you think production still would have sent them home?


Comment: Maybe they have the same rules as the Challenge where if there’s fighting, you’re done. We’ve legitimately never seen a fight like that on Paradise before. I can’t even remember if we’ve really seen one like that on the “Bachelorette” either. I don’t think we have. So it could just be that.

Hi Steve

First time writing but just curious on your thoughts about the Demi/ Derek relationship. To me it looks almost forced and fake, and not just on her part but his too. It happened very quick and I don’t know, I just don’t see her as his type. Nothing like who he was with before. It seems he is known as this nice guy in the franchise and she has a weird rep, I don’t know. It all just seems fishy to me. And given what we know happens next, do you think this could be a total set up? That they are playing this relationship up for the camera, all the while knowing this girl is coming in? Even with the talk they had tonight, he didn’t seem surprised. And so much time is being given to this story, we seriously saw her have the exact same convo with 2 different people. It just screams over produced to me. Thoughts?

Comment: I don’t think Derek knew her girlfriend was coming in. Well, at least before the show he didn’t. Once Demi told him she was seeing a woman pre-show, if Derek still didn’t think that woman would eventually show up, then he doesn’t know how this show works. I think Derek just likes who shows interest in him.

Hey Steve!

So ive never emailed you before but have read your column a lot, but i just noticed something this week in regards to the Caelynn/Blake mess that peaked my interest: I noticed that NEITHER Cassie or Colton have commented on the storyline or their feelings towards it. Realistically yes i know Blake is friends with Colton and Cassie is friends with Caelynn so maybe they just want to stay out of it but if Blake treated Caelynn SO horribly and she was telling the truth wouldnt Cassie come out to support her close friend Caelynn, especially with her being dragged online!?!? Just a thought. Interested in your thoughts!

Comment: Probably because they don’t want to set off one side by saying anything. So they’re staying neutral. Kinda like Demi.


I am a long time reader and long time bachelor/bachelorette watcher – in fact I’ve watched every season. You can guess my age – I won’t reveal it! The way the bachelor is chosen has definitely changed over the years and I think the door has opened for potential wild card bachelors, so I’ll throw a name into the ring, Derek!!! He handled Demi’s coming out in the best possible way and was looking extremely attractive while being a gentleman and supportive all at the same time. I think he would make a fantastic husband and seems serious about finding a wife as we saw with his previous engagement (he’s definitely not a player like some of the other guys in this franchise) if they are looking for someone that might actually marry their final pick he may be your guy and what a story – the guy who lost his girl to a girl!

I liked your thoughts regarding Clay for Bachelor too but I’m still more into Derek. If they want more diversity they should pick Mike, he seems like a great guy and he is very well liked and would also make a great bachelor, but he would be the predictable choice and I feel they aren’t going that route very often with Bachelor picks anymore. Nick for bachelor, really?!? After he was already on two seasons of the bachelorette and bachelor in paradise? I think that was my least favorite season, but I watched (to your point that no matter who they pick we will watch) and he, for sure, was not the predictable pick!

I might be the only one out there saying this, but this is my campaign, Derek for Bachelor!!

Keep doing what you do and I’ll keep reading! Thanks!

Comment: Derek is not going to be the Bachelor.

Hi Steve,

I’ve been a reader for awhile and really like your spoilers and general opinion about everything bachelor nation. I’m sure you’ll address this at some point but I had a thought while watching tonight’s BIP episode. Why is it okay for Demi to go on paradise while she is dating someone at home? From what I can tell it doesn’t seem like her relationship with the woman is over and yet she came on paradise. In the past it’s been THE MOST frowned upon thing when a woman or man went on a bachelor show and turned out to that someone back home. (Ex: Jed this past season, Jenna on BIP). I’m just curious what ur opinion on the whole thing is and the fact that Demi has received no criticism for having someone at home. Idk just a thought.

Comment: Because Demi is protected by production, they love her, she gave them their first same sex relationship that they will promote the hell out of, and she does what they want. That’s why.

Of course she should get shit for coming on with a woman she was clearly into and was all set up beforehand, but she’ll get a pass because she’s Demi. Some people in this franchise just get better treatment than others. Demi is one of them.

Dear Steve,

I have so thoughts on things that occurred on BIP on Tuesday night and a few other questions. I started watching BIP this season really liking Hannah G. I thought that she was very sweet on Colton’s season. However, I do not like the way she is toying with Dylan’s feelings by making out with Blake right in front of him. I know that they obviously have moved past it because they are now engaged, but I can’t imagine that it is easy to relive when it’s shown on TV. Probably not, but like you said, they’re still engaged, so I guess it doesn’t matter. Really no different than a Bachelor/ette season where the final couple has to watch episodes back and see the lead make out with a bunch of other different people. Outside of Andi/Josh, the person who “won” seems to get over it pretty quick. Oh, I guess Lauren wasn’t thrilled about Ben and JoJo too.

Regarding the Caelynn and Blake drama, I totally understand why Blake released the text messages. He had to clear his name when false accusations are being released to the public against him! I am not excusing him fooling around with Tayshia, Hannah, Caelynn and Kristina at Stagecoach and then continuing that on BIP, but it appears that he has learned from his mistakes and feels guilty about them now. I agree with what you said in your column about Caelynn always being involved in drama whether it be with Hannah B Or now with Blake.

1. My first question for you is, out of all the couples who are engaged, who do you think has the best chance to get married? I originally thought Hannah and Dylan but after seeing more of them together, I actually think Katie and Chris have a better chance at getting married. He was so respectful to her when she was having her meltdown on Monday night. I wanted to know if you thought the same? I need more time. As of now, Id go with those two as well.

2. I heard in an interview with Extra that Chris Bukowski now lives in Denver. I was curious what city Katie lives in? I don’t remember it being mentioned at all. Katie lives in LA I thought? I could be wrong, but I think that’s where she is.

3. I saw that DWTS promos have begun. With that being said, have you gotten any information on whether or not Hannah will be on it? Nothing has been official yet, but I fully expect her to be on this season.

4. I promise that this is the last question! Would you ever be open to having Rachel and Bryan on your podcast together? Sure, why not?

Why haven’t we seen a single interaction between Kristina and Caelynn? It seems that Caelynn spoke to everyone on the beach (about Blake) before actually speaking to Blake. You’d think the show would want her to compare notes with Kristina and essentially have them team up against Blake. A girl chat with Hannah G., Caelynn, Kristina, Tayshia seems like it would be good TV, I’m just surprised the show isn’t making this happen. Kristina threw some shade last night at Caelynn for what she said in case you missed it:

I know you won’t but I wish you’d listen to Dean on Ben and Ashley’s podcast last week and share your thoughts- some interesting insights and behind the scenes bits (he urged Blake not to release the texts etc.) I realize he is Caelynn’s current boyfriend so have to take it with a grain of salt. I do appreciate Dean’s willingness to acknowledge editing & producer manipulation, Ben and Ashley are far less willing. I remember when he made some headlines for saying on a podcast that majority of franchise relationships are fake for PR stunts. Last week, Ben asked him why he continues to do these shows when he seems like someone “who would rather be climbing mountains” and Dean admitted “doing these shows is what allows me to continue traveling and climbing mountains” acknowledging paradise as a source of income rather than pretending it’s actually about love.

Thank you for being you!

Comment: Well, I’m glad some contestants do. And I’m glad he admits he does the show for money. More should admit that. Other than that, I don’t really care for what he has to say about anything.

Hi Steve,

I don’t know if maybe I’m wrong/confused, but it seems to me like the Caelynn/Blake situation is pretty black and white. I think the confusion stems from the timeline of this all and the texts he released putting people off that timeline. Caelynn has been clear that the relationship she is talking about in which Blake ghosted her was long before stagecoach. They talked a lot, he made her seem like they might be an item and forego paradise, and then he ghosted her.

At a later date, they ran into each other at stagecoach, she obviously had some sort of feelings, was drunk, and text him to come over, he let her despite knowing she was drunk “I know what you’re like when you’ve been drinking.” The fact that she text him saying it’s just sex, doesn’t mean she didn’t deep down hope that something would come of it. We’ve all been there.

The texts leading up to paradise show that he had a guilty conscience and wanted Kristina/Hannah to know etc. and they had come up with a plan to get everyone one on the same page, and yes she was completely on board with that.

But when she got to paradise there was no recognition from him of anything, and I can understand why that made her fell a bit shitty, this is a guy that:

-Made her feel like there might be a future between them and maybe she still had feelings, and
-She has had sex with

So I understand why she was pissed of and went on the defensive.

Also, the texts leading up to paradise reference several phone calls, what’s to say he didn’t say in one of them that it was a mistake.

All the texts that Blake released achieved was exposing Caelynn as an insecure person who wanted something more from a guy that he wasn’t willing to give, and if he was a decent guy, he shouldn’t have slept with her.

Just my two cents

Comment: Yeah, I couldn’t disagree more with that. There’s very little that’s black and white about this situation.

Super random question that i don’t think has been answered, buttt do you know why Garrett Powell didn’t end up going to paradise?! He seems like the ideal cast member for it. Kinda shocked haha.

Comment: Maybe because Luke wasn’t gonna be there, there was nothing for him to do.

Hi Steve!!!

How many more episodes until Caelynn is off of my tv? I cannot stand her! Get her off! It is too painful to watch! Tell her to go away with Annalise and Wills please. I am actually more into watching Demi than her, which is surprising but true. Jordan and Demi’s dynamic duo chat was actually pretty funny! Not according to Chad Johnson it wasn’t.

Nicole is really killing it this episode. She is so fun to watch with Christian and then chatting with the girls! This is what I was hoping for when I turn on BIP… the new relationships and the new excitement!!!! Enough already of all the hookups at stagecoach and the negativity. I wanna see people enjoying themselves and having fun!! Show me more spiciness like Nicole and Christian! Unfortunately, the show has lost its way.

Clay on the other hand… Boring AF! He is putting me to sleep. I cannot Steve… please don’t let him be in the running for the bachelor. I cannot see him commanding a room of 30 women….he can’t even court Nicole with any excitement. He is not good TV. Zzzzzzzz…..Steve next time I have trouble sleeping I’ll watch a clip of Clay and his ITM and it will put me to bed. Like I have a say who’s in the Bachelor running?

Back to Caelynn, if a guy told me he lives in a van I would be running far, far away. Steve, I live in Hawaii and I won’t even date a guy that lives on a boat. You can’t go #2 and flush it into the Harbor here in Honolulu. If you gotta go to the bathroom, you have to use harbor bathroom where the homeless people go. Has Caelynn considered how she would use the bathroom if she stayed over deans van? Pop a squat outside? This girl is not thinking at all. She has no standards! Find a guy who has a real job, a real home, clean toilet, and life goals!!! All valid points. Hey, that’s her deal now. You make your bed, now you must lie in it.

Hey Steve! Two questions:

1. Do you think the producers brought on Jordan just for drama and to be a narrator/color commentator on Bachelor in Paradise this year? I don’t see him putting any effort into finding a romance but he’s quite the pot stirrer and a pretty funny narrator this year, too. I’d make him the bartender next year. Have him find love somewhere else. He’s much better in the role of being a commentator and giving one liners.

2. Sorry this goes back to Hannah’s season but . . . it has bugged me how hostile Jed’s parents were to Hannah. I have never seen that before on a hometown. Is it possible they saw your spoilers before the hometown dates where you said Luke P was the front-runner, concluded Jed was not going to win and were reacting accordingly? I cannot figure this out but SOMETHING had to prompt that bad behavior, right? Most Southerners are a bit more friendly & mannered than that, and it seemed deliberately rude unless it was the edit somehow. They knew.

And one comment – Dean has won me over with how he lifted Caelynn up at her bad crying moment. I do not remember him showing that good of a personality before, but he’s showing a charming side of himself

Thanks so much, Steve!

Comment: Yay Dean! Congrats for being a nice guy.

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