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“Reader Emails,” BIP Episode 6 Thoughts, & DWTS Cast Announced

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Well, it’s official now as the DWTS cast was released this morning. You know what’s funny? Every season we hear producers of that show touting the fact they’re gonna have this unbelievable cast, and every season it’s basically the same type of people. Athletes, someone from a Disney show and/or child actor, a few reality show people, a pop singer, then throw a few older contestants in there, and also someone usually from the political world who is usually out early. Same thing, different season. Tell me how this season’s cast (which is rumored to being DWTS’ last season) is ANY different from any previous seasons? Athletes? Check. Former child actor? Check. Reality TV contestant? Check. Pop singer? Check. Older nostalgic contestant? Check. Political contestant? Check. They act like they’re casting A or B, hell even C listers when they really aren’t. Oh sure, I’ll watch like I do every season, but stop trying to pretend you have this boffo cast every season that people are dying to see. The pro dancers have become the actual “stars” on the show now. And we all know how much of a popularity contest it’s become anyway (see: Bobby Bones). Just looking at this cast, I would be shocked if Hannah didn’t at least make it to the top 5, if not make the finals.

So, here we are. In the middle of a new campaign. You know, the “Derek for Bachelor” campaign. However I fear what’s happening, yet again, is just recency bias. Derek is getting all this praise for handling himself so well last night but, ummmmm, are we congratulating people now for not flying off the handle after getting dumped? I don’t think how Derek acted last night was any better or any worse than when Peter got dumped by Hannah. Or Mike got dumped by Hannah. Or Tyler got dumped by Hannah. Remember that? I know it was a such a long time ago (a month), but after each one of those guys were eliminated, people were saying the exact same thing of how well they handled it, and man, that must mean they’re gonna be the next “Bachelor.” Derek is just the most recent one to get dumped, hence why this campaign has started up again.

Is he in the running? I mean, I guess. But I don’t even know what “in the running” even means anymore. One guy will get the role. Others won’t. And the show will justify their decision with whatever reasoning they want, and they’ll never say why others WEREN’T chosen. So to me, it doesn’t really matter who’s in the running or how close they were to getting it. By next week, Derek will be feuding with JPJ and be accused of how he treats women. Will people be screaming then for Derek to be the “Bachelor?” I don’t know. I don’t think so, but lets see it play out. I just don’t get how people so quickly forget and were so convinced Mike would be the “Bachelor” after the “Men Tell All.” Then a week later, they were convinced Peter would be the “Bachelor” after the “After the Final Rose” taping. And now Derek is the new Flavor of the Month. Same shit, different season.

I’ll be honest, last night, I got tied up on a phone call during the second hour of the show. So when I was off the call, I still had an hour left, and that’s when the Demi/Kristian storyline started, and I fast forwarded through a lot of it. Obviously I knew what was coming, I listened to a few things, but I think you know my thoughts on all this by now. It’s such a hard topic to talk about, because the second you say something negative, immediately people start thinking you’re bashing the LGBTQ community and what not. That couldn’t be further from the truth. From the second you first heard of this Demi storyline here on this site back on June 18th, you’ve known my feelings. I have zero issue with Demi and Kristian being in a relationship. Good for them. Hell, after watching them last night it’s pretty clear they’re really into each other. My issue is with how it was explained on the show, how Chris Harrison tried to pretend he had no idea about Kristian til Demi told him, how Chris then proceeds to say shit like “Well, I’m here to do what’s best for you” like he went and called up Kristian on his own and brought her down to the show because Demi missed her, to Demi pretending like she didn’t know this was all happening. Just all too phony to me.

The bottom line is, you wouldn’t let a straight contestant bring someone they were dating back home (gay or straight) that no one’s ever heard of onto the show, and let them stay even though Bachelor Nation doesn’t know who they are, unless you knew exactly where this relationship was headed, which is an engagement. I’m glad Demi and Kristian decided they want to be together. But the song and dance behind all of it coming together is just too much for me. And others, as you’ll see in a few of the emails today. It just doesn’t make sense. Having Kristian come on the show is fine, but completely changing the rules for them, having her stay, because you know you have an engagement coming at the end so you can promote the hell out of it and pretend you’re so pro-LGTBQ is nauseating to me. The show cares about one thing, and that’s ratings. And this story is being picked up by news outlets that don’t even cover reality TV, which I told you would happen and is exactly what they want. People in the LGTBQ community aren’t happy with the way it’s being portrayed, so I think that tells you something. The whole thing is a charade and we have 6 more episodes of it, so get used to it.

Did anything else happen last night? Oh yeah, Jen arrived to throw a monkey wrench into the Chris/Katie relationship. After a day on the ocean of throwing up, Chris brushed his teeth and got some make out time with Jen in the pool. Since we all know how this ends up, there really isn’t a whole hell of a lot to add to this storyline. Although for once I’m with Dean on something when he talked about Jen. She’s easily top 3 in this franchise history. Hands down. And might be #1 when it comes to just her IG page. Good Lord.

I’m still trying to decipher the argument that Kristina and Caitlin had. So Caitlin was basically telling her she’s not allowed to give friendship roses on this show? And Kristina’s defense is she can give or receive any roses she wants, it’s up to Blake what he wants to do. I think I’m siding with Kristina on this. If Blake wants to give his rose to Caitlin at the next rose ceremony, he will. If he feels his connection is stronger with Caitlin than it would be with a friendship with Kristina, then Caitlin would get the rose. Caitlin should’ve worried more about connecting with Blake than confronting Kristina. And we all know how that one ends up as well.

Since hour #2 was all Demi/Derek/Kristian stuff, not a whole hell of a lot else went on. So, lets just get to your “Reader Emails” beginning on page 2…



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