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“Reader Emails,” BIP Episode 6 Thoughts, & DWTS Cast Announced

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Hey Steve,

Really enjoyed your insights into Demi after the Monday night episode. The way I see it, ABC is running two shows this season. One is the usual Bachelor in Paradise with the contestants seeking out love and so far it has been a good season in my opinion. The second is the Demi “We Woke” Miniseries, a carefully crafted but obviously scripted show in which ABC gets to showcase their first lesbian relationship on BIP. Of course we know this through your excellent spoilers and commentary plus those telling tweets by Tanner that started a firestorm of denial by Demi on Twitter. “There was NO PLAN!” Yeah, right. ABC and their producers must think the majority of people who watch their show are too stupid to recognize their disingenuous ploy, but they have been getting their fare share of blowback on their BIP Twitter posts. People aren’t as dumb as they thought. You basically have two types responding: the ones who recognize the scam for what it is, and the others who don’t want to because their agenda overrides their sense of honesty and fairplay. They wanna be woke, too.

Regardless, this has been a circle jerk from the start where all the ABC execs and producers sit around the campfire turtle-waxing their gonads and puffing up their chests at how sensitive they are. And they must have promised poor Derek a shot at the Bachelor because he’s on an apology tour sucking up to Demi, ABC, and anybody else who’ll listen. Any normal guy would have been pissed at being cucked by Demi, but not Derek. Geez, I hope this feckless wimp is not the next Bachelor.

My question to you Steve is this. Do you think we’re looking at a one-off here or is this the new norm? And are we going to have to put up with Demi as their behind the scenes commentator for seasons to come? God forbid, I hope not.

Thanks for all your hard work!

Comment: No, I don’t think this is the new norm. They caught lightning in a bottle with Demi and they took advantage of it.

Rapid 10 about Luka

favorite food and treats? Greenies.
favorite game? She don’t play games.
favorite toy? Hmmmm, probably her ball shaped thing that looks like a raccoon. Need a new one soon. This one’s head is just about been ripped apart.
favorite spot inside n outside? Inside is squeezed next to me on the recliner. Outside is either at the park or in the backyard sitting on her hind legs observing…nothing.
favorite thing she does? Gets excited when it’s time to eat.
funniest thing she does? Attacks my nephew every time she sees him.
Where do you walk Luka? (neighborhood, park, hiking trail, creek, beach) Neighborhood.
What is your favorite memory involving Luka? Impossible to pick just one.
What is the favorite thing your nephew and niece like to do with Luka? Nephew likes to sleep with her when he stays on the couch. Niece doesn’t see her much. She’s 15 now. She has much better things to do than hang with her uncle. Remember years ago when I used to do the video chats that she occasionally came on I said that was gonna happen? Well, it’s happened.
What is your favorite thing you like to do with Luka? Have her with me when I watch TV. It’s pretty much the thing we’ve done the most of.

Hey Steve,

I was wondering what your thoughts were on the interview Mike had with Lauren Zima if you had a chance to watch it. She asked him who he thought was going to be the bachelor and he said Peter and then went on to say multiple times that he was the safe choice and seemed to be what I thought was insulting the bachelor producers for who they’ve picked in the past.

I have liked Mike up until this point, but that interview felt to me like him trying to put Peter down and almost shame Bachelor producers for picking someone white in an effort to propel himself as the Bachelor. Might have just been me, but I just got that vibe and was wondering your thoughts if you saw it.


Comment: I didn’t see it, but if that’s what he said, I take it more as he’s just being humble. I don’t think anybody in that position would say, “I think I’m going to be the Bachelor.” So he pretty much HAS to say someone else.

Hi Steve!

Couple questions:

Have you heard much about the girls from Colton’s season in terms of cattiness? Are they worse then other seasons? I just find so many of them so immature and unlikeable. All kinda the same stories every season really. I don’t see them as being any worse or any better really.

Overall it’s hard to enjoy this season of paradise because Im not invested in anyone because they’re all so mean to eachother!! Even last year there villains kinda redeemed themselves (Krystal/ Chris).

It’s clear who had the power in the Dean/caelynn relationship. His jokes about going on dates just shows he knows how much he could crush her… I would never want to cross caelynn- that girl is MEAN to the others!! Like I said, I can’t wait to see who fires the first shot once she and Dean are done.

You’ve commented a lot on Kristina being desperate to stay in the franchise but she’s certainly not the only one to appear on so many shows/do everything publically… Is there more to it then that? Wasn’t there a time you guys were talking and it seemed like she was going to be on your podcast? There was? News to me.

And lastly what did you get Rachel and Bryan for their wedding?

Comment: Nothing yet because I haven’t seen their wedding registry. If someone knows it and wants to send me a link, I’ll get them something. Otherwise, I have no idea what to get them or where to send it.


Two questions…..

1) does Chris Harrison have any actual say in the decision making of the show? They make it seem like he does but kind of don’t believe it. Of the lead? A minor say. Anything else? Not really a ton.

2) not sure if this is something you’d be interested in but personally I’d love to hear Sex with emily on your podcast! She goes on a bunch of different podcasts and I feel like sex has been a big topic on your page before so just thought I’d throw it out there.


Comment: Who’s “Sex with Emily?” Never heard of her.


I rarely comment on any of the ‘reality’ series and take them with a grain of salt as entertainment. However what is your opinion on letting a ‘non’ bachelor/bachelorette onto the show? Why didn’t Demi just leave the series as others have done in the past instead of bringing her girlfriend on the show? What is ABC trying to prove or show case?

Comment: You’re asking a question I’ve been asking since June 18th when I broke the story. I have no idea. Makes zero sense for Demi and Kristian to continue dating on this show UNLESS they knew exactly what was coming at the end. And they did, so that’s why it was allowed. Any reports to the contrary are just people trying to cover their own ass.


1. I perfectly agree with you re your tweets about blake. You can tell there was genuine shock in his face when she brought this up. My question is where do you think Caelynn goes from here, because its clear she lied? Saying she’s moved on from everything and doesn’t want to dwell on the past. She’s happy with Dean and wants to continue to look forward and not backwards.

2. I know you said a couple weeks ago you heard your first negative thing about mike. On Ashley I’s podcast she also said she met him once and is not a fan. Can you give us any insight as to what its about? No. Because it’ll get blown out of proportion. I don’t know what Ashley heard.

3. Do you expect Bryan/Rachel, and Garrett/Becca to get married, it seems as if Becca and Garrett are really happy. Bryan and Rachel’s wedding is this weekend, so yeah, that’d be reeeeeaaaallly shitty if it didn’t happen. Becca and Garrett do look happy. Good for them. Time will tell.

4. Can you give me any hope as to if Mike isn’t the favorite for bachelor? Id much rather it be Clay or even Wills. I know theres so fuel for Derek also, That would be cringe but i see why they would do it.

Comment: There’s no such thing as a favorite when it comes to the Bachelor. We all know who’s in the running. Someone will get it, others won’t, and there won’t be a detailed explanation as to why they went with who they did, so there’s no point in ranking who finished where.

Hey Steve!

Any word on a connection between Dylan and Hannah before Paradise, given that they have the same PR rep? They had met each other definitely. Not solo date, nothing like what Blake did, but they absolutely had met and hung out in a group setting pre-show. I’m guessing that’s where Dylan developed his infatuation feelings for her.

Is Derek now in contention for the Bachelor? To me, the possible pool seems like Peter, Mike, Derek, and a far stretch for Clay. I’m going to hurl.

Will you be watching Hannah on DWTS? I will be watching DWTS like I do every season it’s been on. Hannah will just happen to be a part of it.

Did finals weekend happen yet?

Comment: Yes.

Hi Steve,

Just watch episode 6. I have to say that was some bad acting and you know as i do it was acting. Cringeworthy dialogue, who wrote that stuff.

Demi and Christian awful, and then you ad Derek to the mix, so bad. How can Chris Harrison say he is proud of that rubbish. I am talking about the plot, you can’t do it like that. First find a girl we know from Bachelor Nation, pay her to take a dive, that makes more sense than some random person. Steve I am rolling here, WWE writers that’s what they needed. Beyond ridiculous to think anyone would believe the storyline. A new low for Bachelor Nation, shame on them.

Comment: The thing is, way more fans that don’t read blogs and websites absolutely bought it.

Hi Reality Steve!

Wow what a major eye roll. I’m glad to see so many people see through the BS of Demi’s story. She should have stayed home or left with Kristian. Plus the hypocrisy of what JUST happened with Jed.. “I downplayed our relationship…” “it was more serious than I let on…” At least some people see how crazy that is but ABC will just continue to pat themselves on the back for having a same sex couple on the show.

Something else I’m sure you’re sick of talking about… I’m seeing lots of buzz for Derek as Bachelor. I know there’s still time for them to decide, but you always say it’s who has the best back story and that seems to be him right now. You said it wouldn’t be Derek, but you also said that about Nick lol. People are really into how Derek has handled himself and want him to get another shot at love. And there’s no question he would take it if they offered. Do you think he now has a shot after seeing how this week has played out for him?

Comment: There’s really no point in even answering the Derek question anymore. I’ll just say “sure” from now on.

1. So…. I know this question is probably one you’ve been getting a LOT, but it’s just so weird. Demi was allowed to bring an ex/current relationship onto paradise?? You know that if it was anyone else who told someone they had feelings for someone back home, they would have been sent off Paradise. Does this show think we’re stupid and that we don’t know this was planned? It’s kind of insulting to the LBGTQ+ community. They don’t want to be a storyline on TV and used for ratings, I’m sure. Why does Demi get a pass? Is she that beneficial to keep around? I’ve already seen tweets saying this episode was “groundbreaking” for mainstream media, but it feels exploitive. I have no idea. But they have their reasons. And this relationship will be the biggest back patting the show has ever done in any season on any of their shows. They are eating this up.

2. Do you find it as annoying as I do that they refer to a day or two as a week. “Week 1” “Week 2” Does production make them do that? Yes. They have to talk in time of how the show airs, not real time. Would confuse the audience if they spoke in real time.

3. Rumors that Nick Viall is dating Rachel Bilson. Have you heard anything about that? No.

4. Lastly, are you bummed Tiffani Thiessen isn’t on the new 90210 or are you ok with the current cast? Brian Austin Green said on WWHL that it’s only original cast members, but I’m guessing she couldn’t do it because of her Netflix show.

Comment: Yes, I am. I heard it has more to do with the fact that Tiffani and the Jennie/Tori team still have beef that’s never been fully outed as to why there is animosity there.

HI Steve!

Soooo…does it seem super strange to you that the Nelson Mandela clip made it to air? I mean, after sucking Demi’s bum all season and giving her the princess edit, why would they suddenly drop in a random clip that shines such an ugly light on her? Was it the work of a renegade editor? Or did the producers do it intentionally? What’s your theory?

Comment: Honestly, I fast forwarded through a lot of the second hour so I didn’t see whatever that reference was.

I don’t understand the point of the opening theme song/creepy intros. The Bachelor/ette doesn’t do it. That being said, when a new person shows up do producers say “Now lets go shoot your intro” lol. Everyone’s supposedly surprised when a new person shows up so I don’t imagine they’re all filmed at once. They do it because BIP supposedly is a fun, summer show that doesn’t take itself nearly as seriously as the “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette,” although you never would’ve guessed that by watching this season.

Like you said in your recap, it’s INCREDIBLY insulting that production thinks we all don’t see Demi’s story as pre-planned. And annoying that Derek was basically cheated out of a chance at a lasting relationship. You don’t even have to read your spoilers to know how staged this is. I’ve seen many fans on Twitter comment on how it doesn’t seem genuine. Just watching her sit down with Chris acting like it’s the first time he found out about Kristian was irritating. I really wish more people, like Tanner, would come out and say they also heard this was all planned prior to filming.

Holy hell is there anyone Blake DIDN’T meet at Stagecoach?? Well, Jen. But he did hang out in Nashville with her in February or March I believe it was.

I noticed when Jen hugged Dean she said “We finally meet!” Do you know if they have some kind of history prior to BIP? No. Don’t think so.

One of the {many} things I feel like they should change about the show is to just have everyone on the show on day 1 rather than have different people show up randomly. I remember when Jaclyn Swartz showed up on the last week before the finale and thought it was incredibly pointless. Everyone was paired up tightly, for one, and obviously no one showing up that late will find “love” let alone get engaged.

Comment: Yeah, it’s really tough to show up anytime past about episode 2 or 3 and really have a legitimate shot at a serious relationship.

Hey Steve,

A few sarcastic thoughts and a question… sorry for the length…

I really enjoyed your most recent podcast with Jennifer. It was a great listen! Media literacy is something we should all be educated and have a sense of awareness on. My friends are always confused by why I read your spoilers and then still watch the show —I prefer to be aware of the story line and ending so I’m not caught up in the false narratives the show tries to tease. I find I still enjoy the show even with understanding of the influence and manipulation of it all.

Also, not sure if you or any of the other readers may be true crime fans, but the most recent episode of the podcast Sword & Scale touches on the reality tv world and background check mishaps. Interesting to consider when those two worlds collide.

I’m part of the LGBT community, and embrace this show getting marginally more diverse, but it feels “disingenuous” the way BIP/Chris Harrison/Demi are broaching the topic seemingly for the wrong reasons (in popular bachelor dictionary fashion).

Lastly, have you ever attempted or considered interviewing Survivor contests for the podcast?

Comment: I have in the past. Stephen Fishbach comes on twice a year. Eliza Orlins has been on. Dalton Ross, the utmost media authority on “Survivor” coverage has been on. So yeah, they’ve been on in the past, and I’m sure I’ll have more on in the future.

Hi, Steve. I’m sure you’re going to get LOTS of emails about Demi/Kristian, but still wanted to share my perspective.

First, you pretty much covered it in Monday’s post, but this whole situation where Kristian gets to stay in Paradise so that she and Demi can explore their relationship is rediculous. If it were a hetero couple, that would never happen, they would just leave. And forcing Derrek to watch it all go down is just mean.

But after having watched last night’s episode, the depths of their exploitation and voyeurism have gone next level. They may *say* that they’re trying to be diverse and LGBTQ+ positive, but seeing two women making out on screen is simply playing into male sexual fantasies and fetishes. If it were two men looking to “explore their relationship” there is NO WAY they would a) promote it, and b) show them making out. Not in a million years.

I should probably ask you, as a straight man, how you felt seeing them make out on screen? How would you have felt if, say, JPJ had brought a male lover into Paradise and they handled it the same way, and showed them making out?

I am an LGBTQ+ ally (my sister is lesbian), so my issue has nothing to do with two women being in a relationship, it’s about how it’s being exploited for ratings. I wish them well, but it puzzles me how Demi and Kristian would allow themselves to be exploited that way.

Comment: It’s hard to answer just because I know that not anytime soon will we see two guys making out on this franchise. Just not gonna happen.

Demi and ABC are getting their asses ripped on both Twitter and Instagram. Demi posted a pic of her and Kristian on her IG page and she is getting raked. Kristian also getting grief on her IG page but she only has around 35k followers.

Thanks for being our voice!

Comment: Hope the comments aren’t delving into name calling or hate speech. You can voice your opinion of how you feel without going into that type of language.

I sincerely hope people aren’t looking to me as some leader of some sort of movement to bash these women for their relationship. Not once have I looked at this relationship from any angle other than a TV/Production side of things and how it’s being portrayed. I wish most people who are commenting negatively would just not comment at all. And if you are going to, there’s no need to attack, bash, be hateful, etc. in your comments. There’s a way to make your negative feelings about the situation known without sounding hateful. But unfortunately I just went and took a quick look over there, and yeah, the troll police is out in full force. Sucks.

Send all links and emails to: To follow me on Twitter, it’s: Instagram name is “RealitySteve,” or join my Reality Steve Facebook Fan Page. Talk to you tomorrow.



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