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Podcast #145 – Interview with “Rob Has a Podcast’s” Melissa Deni Talking “Big Brother”

Definitely mixing it up this week and doing something I haven’t done in 144 previous podcasts, and that’s talking “Big Brother.” I’ve never watched the show before this season (outside of the two celebrity editions), but because former podcast guest and friend Holly Allen was cast, I decided to give it a try. It’s definitely grated on my nerves at times (especially last night), and I think the show is ridiculously corny and annoying a lot of the time, if you take away the bells and whistles, it’s still a social game in the end. And you all know my favorite reality show has always been “Survivor” because I love how your fate is determined by the people that you inevitably have a hand in voting out. So I’ve stuck with it and I have a really good talk with Melissa Deni of “Rob Has a Podcast” today about it. I’m such a novice when it comes to this show, and she’s watched every season, so it was interesting to see how off base I was on some opinions, and some that she agreed with. Before we get to her, I go over the main spoilers from Tuesday’s taping of the “Bachelor in Paradise” reunion show. As always, if you want to respond to the interview, please include Melissa’s Twitter handle (@itsmelissaaa) in your replies. Fun talk this week. I enjoyed learning things about the show and hearing from an expert on this. Thanks again to Melissa for coming on.

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(SPOILERS) The podcast starts with me talking about your spoilers from the “Bachelor in Paradise” reunion that filmed on Tuesday. Then Melissa joins me to talk about how she got started covering “Big Brother” (12:59), strategies over the years (16:45), the corniness of the show (20:49), pre-show storylines (24:33), eliminated contestants and jury members (29:35), how likeable is this cast (33:30), who can win that’s left (36:27), how couples have done on the show (40:18), strategy going forward (41:43), Christie’s annoyance (44:00), biggest storyline on the live feeds that has been kept off the main show (45:39), who does she think has played the best game of the players left (52:50), and Jackson’s chances of winning it all if he gets to finals (1:02:16).

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