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Final “Reader Emails” of 2019 & Yesterday’s Cancelled Date

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1. Does the show make contestants post about the upcoming episode? Seems like the lead or the contestants always post something the day of or night before of what’s about to happen on the next episode. Make them? They highly suggest it. Not to mention even if they didn’t, these contestants want you talking about them and the show because it gets them more engagement with followers, so it’s not like you have to twist their arm.

2. Do you think the reason why production didn’t tell Connor to wait an extra 25 minutes to wait for Whitney was because after the rose ceremony that night it was all about taking the next big steps in the established couples relationship? All while the two just met on the show. I think they just wanted to do something different and make it seem like they juuuuuuuust missed each other. It was all a set up by production.

3. JPJ & Connor both came off as that they came to BIP to only find love and not some ulterior motive unlike some of the other contestants. Would you say that’s accurate?

Comment: I wouldn’t necessarily say that’s the cast. They ALL have ulterior motives.

Hey Steve,

Do you find it a bit weird how much Lauren Zima is involved in the Bachelor Nation now? I know she’s dating Chris and all all, but have you seen her instagram? She comments on EVERY contestants pictures like she’s their best friend. To the point where it’s almost creepy. I don’t know i just foud it kinda weird and wanted to know what you thought. Maybe i’m just being weird about it. Love your stuff. Keep it coming!

Comment: Yeah, it’s a bit much if you ask me. But I guess that’s her thing.

Hi Steve! Did you see this? Pretty funny!

I don’t watch DWTS but of course there are already rumors about Hannah and her partner falling for each other. All of your recent podcasts have been very entertaining! We now watch so many of the same shows – Bachelor, the 90210 reboot, Big Brother, Temptation Island, and Survivor. I am behind on the reboot but just saw the episode where Andrea walks into the Peach Pit and Kelly, Brenda, and Donna are sitting at a table. For a second I thought it was a clip from the original! They really managed to make them all look like they did in HS! It was really impressive. I am also so confused by the Andrea/Emily storyline. They were both in love with Brandon in HS! Maybe they have that storyline because people have speculated that Andrea was gay? Didn’t they make a joke about her pantsuits? Yeah, I think they kinda insinuated it back in the day, but in this reboot, considering everyone else’s stories took actual stories from their real lives over the last 20 years, it was just so bizarre that THAT was what they used for Gabrielle’s.

My main questions for you are about Big Brother and what’s happened since your podcast (mainly the fight between Michie and Tommy). Depending on what Tommy tells the jury about the fight, Michie may have totally ruined his chances of winning, don’t you think? Juries typically vote based on their emotions rather than based on game play. I think Holly and Michie will make it to the final two and Holly will win. Then Michie will be furious! A showmance has never made it to the final two so it would be interesting to see them have to explain to the jury why they deserve to win over the other. Michie pretty much guaranteed that Tommy will win the America’s Choice money so that’s good! I hope you have Holly on your podcast at some point to talk about her experience. Do you think you will? This season has been bland overall but the past two episodes have been more like what the show is normally like. Many years ago, one of the best seasons was when everyone was paired up, but everyone was told they were the only pair in the house so they had to keep it a secret. I think next summer will be an all star season and it would be interesting if they had pairs from the past seasons. My friend thinks they should have everyone who has won America’s Choice over the years, which would be interesting too.

I am sorry I am constantly emailing you! I’m a stay at home mom of two wild boys so TV is my escape. And I love listening to your podcasts on my very long days spent with kids. So thanks!

Comment: I will absolutely ask Holly to come on once she’s out of there.

I don’t know enough about the show’s history to know how juries tend to vote. Yes, Michie has pissed people off, but he’s a comp beast and I think there are people there that will respect that and vote for him. I also think the fact he wasn’t aligned with anyone other than Holly for the last 8 weeks or so, and everyone knew he was the #1 target, yet he STILL is probably gonna make the final is impressive. But I really don’t know which way the jury is leaning with him. Will they reward comp domination or social play and likability? I don’t know.

STEVE! do you know if the cast writes the proposal speeches?? Or is this scripted by the production team?? Chris has a great speech!

Comment: I’m sure they’re helped with things they want to say, but ultimately it’s up to them.

Last night while watching After the Final Rose, I literally had to rewind to make sure I heard what I thought I heard. Then I rewound again, and wrote it down, stopped, and immediately emailed you to make sure you caught it too. Caelynn saying, in response to text messages Blake released, “I’ve never felt, like, so exposed or violated in my entire life.” Really Caelynn? Really? Over text messages about hooking up? When you/re a victim of sexual assault? And THIS is what has made you feel the most exposed and violated ever? Seriously? And don’t get me started on her crying into Dean’s chest that Blake never apologized for releasing the texts (insert eye roll here). Just wanted to see if you caught that and what you’re thoughts are.

Comment: Oh I heard it. And mentioned it the next day. Like I said last week, I’m glad we’re done with her. However, if/when she and Dean break up, I could totally see her back on BIP next season if she’s single. She wouldn’t pass that up.

Hi Steve! Hope all is well. A few questions for you.

1. I had heard on another spoiler site that Hannah wanted to bring Peter to the final two. But production told her to send him home in the 3rd place cause they wanted him to be the bachelor. That Tyler wouldn’t have gotten it anyways cause he did some modeling contract. And that Peter signed his bachelor contract the day of ATFR. Do you know if this is true? If so, it would explain why she was so sad sending Peter home and not that sad sending Tyler home. The second I read “I had heard on another spoiler site,” I tuned out. I don’t care what other spoiler sites say.

2. Why do you think they cut the part in the tell all where Blake mentions caelynns assault? Or the part where Kristina calls out caelynn for hooking up with that guy? Not sure. There’s a lot that was cut out.

3. Also, why would they cut out the Nicole/clay convo? I feel they cut out so many confrontations. Another thing that didn’t make sense.

4. What is your opinion on which of the engaged couples do you think will last? I really don’t think any of them will actually get married. I’d be pretty surprised.

5. When can you start bringing people from Colton and Hannah’s season on your podcast? I know they have their contracts but it would be so nice to hear from recent contestants. It’s hit and miss. I never know. Trust me, I’d like to. But these contestants have so many other safer options now in their head, they don’t want to rock the boat by coming on with me.

6. Speaking of, which one of Colton’s girls would you like to bring on? Oh geez. Quite a few. But again, we’re dealing with people that probably wouldn’t do it.

7. Have you heard anything about any of Pete’s other girls having boyfriends/husbands? Other than jade and alayah? Alayah doesn’t have a boyfriend. They were broken up I believe in July, no bad blood, it had nothing to do with her coming on the show, and he’s got a new girlfriend now I believe. I’ve heard other things, yes. But nothing too serious as of now.

Thanks for all you do. Sorry for the long email. Can’t wait to read all of Peter’s spoilers. Hope this next season is good. Don’t know if it’ll top Hannah’s season.

Comment: Tough to say. But I can guarantee we’ll get something this season we’ve never seen before. If one rumor I’m hearing is true, I can already see it happening, but that’s down the line. But something will definitely happen we haven’t seen before because it does every season. I don’t know what it is yet, but I never do any season, and something does. So bank on it.

I’m glad Blake didn’t apologize to Caelynn for releasing those texts. She was dishonest about the entire situation situation. She has tried to assassinate two people’s character on these shows at this point (hannah b and blake). If you manipulate and misrepresent what is happening on TV, it is absolutely 100% fair to show text messages to exonerate you from the FALSE accusations being made. It was so sad when Blake looked around and said “does no one see that if I didn’t do this, then no one would believe me?” The cast had no spine taking her side.. they knew they would look “good” especially Derek and Mike.

Also Caelynn saying he released “perfectly hand picked texts that make him look good…” Sorry but if texts that made you look good existed, you would’ve released them an hour later!!

Comment: Not to mention Blake saying on Rachel and Ali’s podcast how many people in Bachelor Nation weren’t against him posting the texts privately. But then take a different stance publicly. Sucks to be betrayed like that.

Hi Steve,

Hooray! It’s over. Thanks for the great recaps and all the tea. Hope you enjoy your “off-season.”

One general comment: I know that the Demi/Kristian scenario was contrived in a pretty ridiculous way. But like some of your other readers have said, I don’t think that outweighs the positive benefits that come from showing a lesbian relationship on a mainstream show in such a positive light. Among other things, the other cast members were seen being supportive. They could have created a plot that showed some of the cast members feeling uncomfortable with the relationship, but they didn’t. I’m the mom of a bisexual teenage girl, and it makes me happy to know that there are more and more representations like this. Similarly, it’s great that the various interracial relationships on this show weren’t even called out as such. The show isn’t progressive enough to bring us a black Bachelor (sigh), but at least there’s that. I do agree the relationship itself had its positives. We just don’t see same sex relationships like that on network TV. So for that, progress was great. But there is a separate issue of how everything came about. I think it’s possible to separate the two and have opinions about both.

A few questions:

Is it possible that producers encouraged Blake to make his texts from Caelynn public? I mean, that was his decision regardless and the consequences belong to him alone, but I wouldn’t put it past the producers to persuade him that sending those texts would lead to public redemption. I’m sure he discussed it with a producer or two. If he talked to Dean and Caelynn about it, yeah, I can see him talking with a producer about it too.

After Katie dumps Chris B., if she hasn’t already, do you think we’ll see him again next year? I would think he’s done at this point.

Are we done with Wells? Do you think they might replace him someone like Jordan? I don’t know if Wells and Sarah have set a wedding date, but if they’re married by next summer, you’d think he’d just stop doing this. But it’s easy money for him, so maybe he continues. I don’t know.

Do you think Valerie Malone will ever make an appearance on BH90210 if it returns, or is that bridge burned?

Comment: I really, really, really hope she does. It’s been years, ladies. If there is bad blood, work it out for the sake of the franchise. The fans want it.

Hey reality Steve,

I saw that Jordan recently bought Jojo another engagement ring because he wanted this new ring to symbolize their relationship instead of the Neil lane ring that he got through the franchise. Curious to know if that meant Jordan had to give back his Neil lane ring back to the franchise as they are no longer actively using it or wearing it (therefore, advertising it).

Comment: No. You get to keep it if your engagement lasts longer than 2 years. I think they said they made it as part of a necklace, didn’t they?

Hi Steve:

So the announcement is out – Peter is the new Bachelor – of course you were right.

I know that you said that you normally don’t listen to other podcasts – but I did catch the following.

Dean on Ali & Rachel’s Podcast speaking on his turn on BiP and relationship with Caelynn, I liked Rachel interviewing Dean, since they have history and Rachel doesn’t like Caelynn so that was interesting. I think that was the 9/11 podcast.

I don’t care for Caelynn either so I can see where Rachel is coming from,.

Blake again on Ali & Rachel’s Podcast 9/18. They run through the timeline of Blake and Kristina, Caelynn and Hannah G. They were very fair to Blake no bashing on him which I thin was fair but I think they could have gone more into his decision to release the text messages of himself & Caelynn. They said they would get into that but I don’t think they did ( maybe I feel asleep on that part).

What was interesting was the timeline with Caelynn. They mentioned that by the time of the Women Tell All, Caelynn was already “talking” to Blake and she was practically living with Colton and Cassie and yet she’s crying on the WTA like she was not over Colton. They admitted that she could have been “auditioning” for The Bachelorette. Is there something wrong with Caelynn or does she just need to grow up a bit? I just don’t get her – like Rachel says.

FYI – I like Rachel on the podcast. She may come off as “salty” but I like her questions and her take. Ali seems like she doesn’t want rock the Bachelor nation boat and wants to be liked so she doesn’t criticize too much.

Rachel had an interesting idea. She was disappointed that Mike was not the Bachelor as she had been lobbying for him all season, but she noted that if he was not the right fit for some reason then why not hold auditions for a bachelor of color and bring someone in from the outside. This is how the process used to go. I believe Sean Lowe was the first bachelor that had been pulled from a previous season. If they can bring in Kristian for Demi for BiP to showcase a same sex couple – then they can bring in a new guy for the bachelor. Maybe even Tyler C’s friend Matt. Tyler has been saying that his friend should do it. In any case, I think this is not a bad idea. I think it would even increase ratings to bring in someone new. No, Sean wasn’t the first Bachelor pulled from a previous season. Ben, Brad 2.0, Jake, and Jason were all before him. Brad 1.0 was the last Bachelor season where the lead was chosen from outside the franchise. Peter now makes it 25 seasons in a row they’ve done it. And the show is more successful now than it was then. I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Luke P on Olivia Caridi’s. This was a BIG get for Olivia. She did a good job – but she did not press him on where he got that mysterious ring that he happen to have in Greece. He answered most of her questions.

I wish these guys would come on your podcast so that you could interview them. Especially Luke P. I think you could get a good interview out him even Blake. He seems remorseful for his actions and admits the whole thing just went to his head. Speaking of Blake’s head what was going on with that on BiP? I heard hair plugs is this true?

Thanks for your scoops!

Comment: Trust me, I wish so too. It’s a case by case basis. And unfortunately, some are choosing to either wait longer or not to do it at all. Remember something: When I started my podcast in December of 2016, ZERO former contestants had podcasts. Nobody was doing a podcast that was interviewing former contestants from this franchise on a weekly basis. Now, there’s over 10. So I take that as a compliment.

Is it just me or does Katrina B look like a mixture of Kacie B from Ben Flajnik’s season and Bibiana? I can see that.

And maybe it’s just the haircut, but Hayley H looks kind of like Danielle Maltby.

Comment: A little, but I think the Katrina one is more spot on.

Hi. I am not sure if it is too late for this email but I have some questions about BIP: When Chris proposed to Katie they showed him putting the ring on but when they hugged she was not wearing a ring. A later hug showed a ring. Do you know if there were problems with the ring, maybe the fit? Also, how does it work with Wells as a bartender? Does he have certain hours that he is tending bar or do they bring him in with “thought-provoking” questions? Just wondered. Thanks.

Comment: I’m sure it was done during re-shoots. Wells is there a lot of the time and they’ll film with him when it’s necessary.

Hey Steve,

Joyce from Uganda here again. I saw that this is going to be the last Reader Emails posted for 2019 and I just had to send in an email. Just wanted to say I SEE YOU BROTHER! I see how much effort you put in to deliver us the tea. Just wanted to say thank you. You are appreciated. I am sure it’s not always easy with lawsuits against you and all that. You make the viewing process alot more interesting. I look forward to reading what you have got to say. Soooo, THANK YOU. That is all. That’s the email.

Comment: Thanks. I appreciate it. Nice to hear that once in a while.

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