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Final “Reader Emails” of 2019 & Yesterday’s Cancelled Date

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Don’t you just love how we’re less than a week into filming and already something has happened that we’ve never seen before? If you were following along on Twitter and IG yesterday, you saw that yesterday’s group date at the Avalon Hollywood was cancelled. Women showed up and the premise of the date was, Peter’s name is “4-Pete” because in case you didn’t know, he had sex 4 times in a windmill with Hannah. Not sure if you knew about that. Anyway, so the date yesterday was the women were supposed to tell a strange/embarrassing story about themselves (mostly sexual) in front of an audience. A ton of people who replied for the date to be in the audience never showed up, so they had to start recruiting people off the streets to join. Whatever the case, after hours of waiting, the audience was told that Peter was feeling very sick and they had to cancel the date, and everyone was sent home. Those that stuck around were given $20 gift cards to Starbucks for their inconvenience. Wow. How considerate of them. Sooooo yeah, that’s what happened on yesterday’s date. Now, I don’t know what happened after that since people left, but knowing this show, you can probably bet your ass that once they got back to the mansion, production convinced one girl to leave the mansion to go visit Peter at his place to see how he was feeling, thus pissing others off. C’mon, you know that’ll happen. They’re not just gonna cancel a whole date and not have any drama surround it. We’ve seen leads cancel dates before and just lay low in the past, but they were always 1-on-1’s. I remember Ashley did and JP just came to her place. Ali was sick and Chris Lambton came to her place. Then last season with Hannah and Connor are ones that immediately come to mind. But never on a group date before have we seen this. Wonder who the unfortunate sap is that probably got talked into going over to his place last night to check on him, thus enraging all the other women? I mean shit, I could write the show at this point.

A couple notes from yesterday:

-It was revealed that next Wednesday’s date in Cleveland on Oct 2nd will be a concert date by Chase Rice. It’s on my Twitter and IG highlights if you want info on how you can go. Just be prepared for a long night of waiting around for hours on end, only to have Peter and his date show up past midnight for about 10 minutes then leave. That’s how these concert 1-on-1’s work.

-Although the date never took place yesterday, the women were seen arriving at the venus on a party bus and getting out. Ones I’m told were definitely there were Sydney Hightower, Alexa Caves, Lauren Jones, and Natasha Parker. There were others that I can’t quite 100% confirm so I’ll leave those names out as to not confuse anyone. But those 4 were definitely on this date.

-Courtney Perry info has been added to the Peter’s Women. She’s turning 27 soon, and she’s a hairstylist at BT on the BLVD in Sarasota, FL. She also used to work at Winghouse in Gainesville, FL and competed in their “pageants.”


This is the last “Reader Emails” of 2019. The rest of the year will just consist of spoiling the “Bachelor” and posting about it whenever it’s relevant and of course your weekly Thursday podcasts. I might bring back “Daily Links” on occasion if not a full time basis throughout the week. I’ll decide in the next week or so if that’s happening. But for the next few months, your up-to-date spoilers will be happening on my Twitter and IG and then will be posted here the following day. So if you need to know everything as it’s happening, my Twitter and IG stories are where you’ll see the latest breaking news on Peter’s season, so follow along there. Lets get to the final “Reader Emails” of the season, shall we?

One of the many questions I have about the whole Demi/Kristian everything but also.. If they are engaged, why is Demi moving into her own apartment in LA instead of moving in with Kristian in LA…? Am I missing something here? Wondering your thoughts.

Comment: I don’t know their living arrangement. Maybe they’re close enough where they don’t need to live together right away. I don’t know any details regarding it.

Hello Steve,

I’m a great fan of your work.

Do they pick the leads for The Bachelor and The Bachelorette in time to pick 30 contestants that are compatible with the lead? Or is that even a consideration?
For example, did they pick all the Bachelor contestants to be compatible with Peter Pilot or was it already too late? Certainly it will be too late by the time it is public, but if they had him in mind already in July, maybe they chose contestants based on him. They’re casting all throughout the year for a television show, not for the lead.

On Bachelor in Paradise, it seems that candidates need to go to Fantasy Suites or leave. So is it truly “take me to bed or lose me forever”? These contestants seem to have access to the “boom-boom” room so they can have sex virtually any time.

Comment: It’s one of the stupid premises of BIP in that you HAVE to decide to either break up or stay together. Saying we like each other and we don’t wanna take over the overnight but we still wanna date is not an option. It’s dumb.

Hi Steve, do you know what happened to Kirpa and Heather? Were they planning to go on BIP but production cut them last minute? Do you think anyone else from Colton’s season like Elyse was offered a spot? Seems unnecessary to have people like Jane or Revian come on the show but I guess they have air time to fill. Do they have to resort to irrelevant first night boots because they have no other options or do they pick these people strategically?

Comment: It’s hard to say exactly what their strategy is for casting people like Jane and Caitlin, who the audience couldn’t really give a damn about, when the women like you mentioned I’m sure people would’ve been interested in. You’d have to ask them though why they didn’t do it. I don’t think Heather fits on this show so I could see her not even being asked. But Elyse and Kirpa I thought would be on it.

Hi Steve,

Here’s what I think should happen next season and every season:

Once Peter chooses his final girl and proposes, she accepts on one condition: she becomes the next bachelorette and Peter will be participating as a bachelor. If she ll choose him as well, then theyll mary. Yes?

Comment: No.

THE CHALLENGE!!! Wow. So glad Wes left. But….team USA what did u just do??!!

Comment: I have no problem with them throwing Wes in. Wes is good enough in these shows he doesn’t have to be Mr. Schemer all the time. This time it bit him in the ass. I get that’s his character, but this was US vs UK. He was a part of one of the most formidable teams ever assembled. Why go mess that up just to play your silly head games? Completely dumb move and I’m glad he got called out on it.

Hey Steve!

I have so many thoughts about JPJ and Tayshia. I just need to get them out there. I’ve heard so many podcasts that recap the show that say they don’t see her as into him at all. Let me offer a different perspective. She is soooo into him but also way too into her own head bc he is an embarrassing choice for someone like her I think.

As a woman who got into a relationship with a guy 4 years younger than me in our 20s as well, and the guy wasn’t exactly the most obvious choice on paper, this is 100 percent where Tayshia is. I bet in her mind, the Derek of the world, older, established, liked by Bach nation, & taken seriously would be the right move- not only relationally but Instagram followers/career wise as well. Then you have JPJ who is eccentric, young, on the show as a cartoonish character role. And she is INTO him, but holding herself back I think a lot bc of what people will think. 100 percent. You can see her wanting to fall but then in her head thinking of her image.

The last time I SWORE this was the case was Jared and Ashley I. Jared liked her then loved her all along but was too afraid to align himself with a crazy cartoonish character not beloved by America. If Ashley I was a “wifey” as they call them on the show I think, he would have been with her since day one. And when they ended up together my husband had to give me props.

These are the people who want to think rationally about this as a career move, which fine, they have every right to do. But then they don’t know what to do when they have feelings for someone who they think may affect that. Or might embarrass them to an extent bc of the role they have played on the show …

For those wondering (which I’m sure you’re on the edge of your seat), that guy younger than me is now my husband and we don’t even think of our ages. That’s way bigger of a deal in your 20s since they’re such a growing/developing time in your life.

One more thing- will there be any Bach Nation guests on the podcast soon? I’ve noticed it’s way less… Don’t know if they’re getting more strict with the contestants and which podcasts they do? Would love to hear from some soon!

Hope you have a great week!

Comment: To me, I don’t buy a single thing JPJ and Tayshia are selling. Sorry. But I do see what you’re saying about her. I think it definitely comes down to image.

Yes, it’s getting more and more difficult unfortunately. They have all these other options now that are show approved and are within the “family.” I’m too much of a rogue for a lot of them. Oh well. Nothing I can do but ask and hope they say yes.

Hi Steve! When a BIP couple decides that they choose to break up before the fantasy suite, it looks like they make the decision and then immediately jump into the rejection SUV. Where is their luggage? Does production already know who is staying and who is leaving to have their bags ready and put into the SUV? It appears that they don’t even get a chance to put on their shoes, or even a shirt for the guys (like JPJ). I’m sure they are driven to a hotel close by and can get a shower and change clothes. But how are they reunited with their belongings? Thank you.

Comment: That’s all taken care of off camera. That SUV isn’t taking them straight to the airport. You’re right, they go back to the hotel, and the stuff is taken from their room and brought to them.

Dear Steve,

I trust this note finds you well.

I’m curious to hear your thoughts on the potentiality of Hannah Brown having a follow-up Bachelorette season à la Brad Womack. I can’t see her going on BIP but it’s clear that ABC wants her to have a happy ending.

I’m sure there will be a lot of interest in the runner-ups from Peter’s upcoming season but she is still the most popular Bachelorettes to date.

Or do you think they’ll try to milk a love story line on DWTS?

Comment: Hannah is not gonna be the “Bachelorette” again. Come next March, there will be other candidates more fresh on people’s minds from Peter’s season. I know it seems like Hannah could be now, but you’re forgetting it doesn’t film til next March.

Apparently, Bob Guiney has been spotted at the Michigan State home football game. I am surprised people know who he is. Is he considered a social media influencer??

Comment: I’d say he’s got a recognizable enough face to where it doesn’t surprise me he’d be noticed. And he’s an MSU alum I believe.

Hey Steve! This is a Big Brother question.

Now that it looks like your friend Holly will be in the Big Brother Final 2 and may possibly win the half million, what are your thoughts?

It’s so interesting that the person that got you to watch survived the whole season.

Do you think she can win? Has BB changed your opinion of Holly?


Comment: She absolutely can win. She has a 33% chance. I hope she does. And I hope the second she gets out of that house she jumps Jackson the first chance she gets. But I doubt that’s going to happen.

Hi Steve! Non bachelor related question. What’s your favorite song on T-Swift’s new album?

Comment: It’s an impossible question to answer, so I’ll answer it in reverse. There are only 3 songs on the whole album that, while I don’t dislike them, I’m just indifferent, and sometimes I’ll skip when they come on: False God and It’s Nice To Have a Friend. Everything else I could listen to on a loop for hrs on end (and I may have already).

Hi Steve,

I wanted to make some comments about Peter being the bachelor over Mike that I don’t think bachelor nation thinks of. Even though I do believe Mike would be a good bachelor, I don’t believe he would bring in the same numbers as Peter would. Everything comes down to numbers. In my field of work, it doesn’t matter how much everyone likes you or wants to be your friend, if you’re not meeting the numbers the company wants, then you’re done. If Mike isn’t brining in the ratings they want, well I know they won’t cancel the season, but advertisers would start to pull away.

The only thing I hear is that Mike should be bachelor because we never had a black bachelor. I understand that, but I don’t think just because he’s black he should get the job. I just never been a fan of giving a job to someone of their gender or race. Now, I’m not saying Peter is a great choice either. I mean he dumped a girl to be on the show.

I guess what I’m trying to get at is Peter has the more chance to give them the ratings they want. I do think it’s weird they never even gave Mike an interview. However, I think they wanted Peter as the Bachelor from the start. Wasn’t Peter scouted and didn’t apply for The Bachelorette? He fits what they look for in a lead. Those are just my thoughts.

Comment: I agree. There’s so much more that goes into it. The people clamoring for Mike, while he seems like a nice guy, what do we really know about him based on Hannah’s season and BIP? He has 3 queens in his life, he was in the military (which was brought up once and never became a narrative), and he had the heartbreak of a miscarriage with an ex (another storyline we heard once and never again). I don’t think he really jumped off the screen as this obvious candidate for “Bachelor” like those seem to be screaming about.

Hey Steve,

I was curious…is this the earliest they’ve released the girls and is Peter already sequestered so he can’t check out their profiles?

Comment: They’ve never released the women this early except for Sean’s season, which I think was like a week into filming. So yes, this is the earliest. And I brought this up on my podcast last week, but after their announcement, Peter filmed Kimmel, he traveled to NY to do Ryan and Kelly, he did Ellen, etc. So he was out and about AFTER his women were released, something that hasn’t happened before. I don’t know how they kept him from checking his phone or the internet. Maybe they didn’t.

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