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“He Said, She Said” Podcast with Ashley Spivey – Episode #24, That First “Bachelor” Promo of the Season, & What To Expect Tonight

Because it’s Thanksgiving tomorrow and I’m in such a giving mood, I’ll be double dipping today. Since I figured not many would be listening to a podcast on Thanksgiving day, I thought I’d release my weekly Thursday podcast a little early. Below is Episode 24 of the “He Said, She Said” podcast with Ashley Spivey along with some notes regarding the first “Bachelor” promo of the season that ran Monday. Then later tonight, I will be releasing my regular podcast with the first half dedicated to some “Bachelor” spoilers this season, and the last hour will be a talk with Kaci Campbell, our weekly “Temptation Island” podcast guest from last season, who joins me for the first time since March to talk about what to expect for the remainder of this season’s “Temptation Island.” I have seen the final bonfires AND the reunion episode. So I know what happens the rest of the way. We don’t give specifics and go over each couple and what happens, but you will know plenty of what goes down the rest of the way. There is SO MUCH MESSINESS let me tell you. If you don’t want to be spoiled, just know, you’ve been warned. And let me be perfectly clear so there aren’t complaints afterwards. I’m not giving “Bachelor” episode-by-episode spoilers tonight. Or who the winner is because I don’t know yet. I’m just gonna be filling in some things and some storylines that happen during the season off of my notes, some of which I’ve shared over the past two months but definitely some other stuff that I’ve yet to share up to this point. It’ll kinda be all over the map. Just want to be clear on that because the second I say “Bachelor” spoilers, people just automatically assume they’re getting the ending since they know a lot already. Not happening tonight. But you will get some stuff I have not shared yet, so look forward to that later tonight and I hope you have a great Thanksgiving tomorrow.

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Ashley and I first start talking about how I don’t understand the NY street system and that I think I’d get it if I looked at a grid. Then caller Rachel in NY joins us to talk about how financially caring for her mother has started to set her own life back (8:52). Then Renee in Fresno joins us to discuss how a DUI she got last year has completely turned her life upside down (44:31). Original theme music provided by Kate Bass and the song is titled “Blink.”

A couple things to discuss “Bachelor” related before you get more stuff tonight. Some of this will be repeated in tonight’s podcast, but I will give you some other spoilers in that as well along with Kaci and I talking about what to expect the rest of the season on “Temptation Island.” More of an outline of what you’ll see without giving specific names. Anyway, lets show you the first promo that ABC ran for Peter’s season this past Monday on DWTS:

Once it aired, even though I’d given people the warning for the last two months and again earlier Monday, of course many of you still asked about Hannah Brown being on it and what not. I’ll keep saying what I’ve said for two months. She is not a contestant on Peter’s season. How could she have been, she was filming DWTS since early September. I wish people would use more critical thinking before firing off emails and DM’s asking the same exact thing, but, oh well. Hannah shows up on the first night out of the limo, but never enters the mansion or speaks to anyone other than Peter. In episode 3, Hannah plans one of the group dates, meets the women and tells them they need to write a sex story to share with Peter. When the women separate to write their story, Hannah speaks with Peter, and that’s where Peter gets discombobulated and has the momentary feels for her. He comes back to the group and cancels that portion of the group date. They told the audience in attendance who was set to watch this date that he had food poisoning, which was a complete lie. They just didn’t want the audience knowing it was because of Hannah. Anyway, Peter still had a night portion of that group date where he explained to the women that seeing Hannah like (even though he’d seen her on night one) brought back some emotions he didn’t think he had, so he just needed to clear his head.

Now, you see in the promo a voiceover of Peter saying, “What I’m about to ask you is extremely crazy…what would you say if I asked you to come…” (all voiceover), then we finally see him physically saying “be part of that house.” We really don’t even know who he’s saying it to because she’s out of frame. Whoever it is wears a lot of rings on her hands, and I’m not so sure that’s Hannah. And lets be honest, would he really ask Hannah that (if that even is his complete sentence to her), knowing she was filming DWTS and wasn’t just gonna out and out quit the show to join his season? So yes, these promos every season are tricky editing and it’s pointless to try and figure out what he said in that moment, versus what was used from previous conversations. There’s A LOT of voiceovers used in that promo to try and fool the audience, not to mention things shown out of sequence. What I do know is in the clips of Peter and Hannah sitting close to each other, the only words we physically see him say to her are “Hannah Brown…” before he moves in face-to-face with her.

I will say the same thing I say every season when the first promo is shown: I can’t tell you every single detail of that promo, what it matches up with, and who is who in every single frame and what the cicrumstances are. What I do know is that without fail, things in that promo will be completely shown in a different context once the show airs, and there will be stuff in that promo that never even makes Peter’s season. It happens EVERY SEASON. I can’t tell you what scenes it’ll be, but just know it’ll happen. So yes, you do know a lot of the spoilers already this season and some of the stuff clearly matches up with what I’ve given you. But all the Hannah stuff is definitely a ruse because she’s not a contestant on this season, nor do I think Peter actually asked her to come on a be a contestant. That makes no sense. So just take that promo with a grain of salt, I will save it for when the season is over, and you’ll see how much stuff, whether it be voiceovers that weren’t said in the context they made you think in that promo or stuff just being left out altogether, will be different once it’s all over. Gotta trust me on this one.

Speaking of Hannah, congratulations for winning DWTS. Now, is it too much to ask she takes a break from our TV for a while? Obviously we’ll see her on Peter’s season but that was filmed in September. I’m talking about going forward. Because lets face it, there’s a bit of Hannah overkill at this point. At least for me. She’s had an incredible year. She’s been on three consecutive popular shows. We’ve seen her cry more times than we can shake a stick at. Take a break. Go on vacation. Recharge the batteries. Just don’t jump right in to something else on the TV side. I said the same thing about Colton after his season and he seemingly has gone away. He hasn’t done much in the public eye, which is good. One weird note about Hannah that I noticed was that the DWTS tour was announced along with who would be appearing. Maybe the schedule isn’t finalized and she’ll be appearing in more dates, but this is like almost an 80-90 city tour. That schedules shows Hannah is appearing at ONE of them, Jan. 28th in NY. Is that right? She just won the season. You’d think a lot of people would want to see her and she’s showing up once? Like I said, maybe the schedule isn’t complete and they will add her to other dates, but I found it strange that the defending champion is showing up once in an 80-90 city tour.

So those are just a few things I wanted to cover before tonight’s podcast. I’m not sure what time it’ll be up yet. I’ve already recorded the “Temptation Island” part of it and the spoilers with Kaci, I just need to record the first half where I go over a few of the spoilers for “Bachelor.” I’m telling you, “Temptation Island” is going to be such a whirlwind with these last few episodes and the reunion show, you’re not gonna know what to do with yourself. It’s almost inexplicable. You’ll know what I mean when you listen tonight.

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