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Podcast #162 – Interview with Samantha Hoffman and Dominique Price of “Temptation Island”

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Got another good “Temptation Island” podcast for you this week with two of the singles this season, Samantha Hoffman and Dominique Price. Both were heavily involved in some of the bigger storylines this season, and yet again, we have guests that reveal stuff you didn’t see air on TV. Samantha really explains what happened in that “threesome” with David and Payton and how it came to be, plus she elaborates and goes over the whole timeline of her relationship with David post-show that he flat out denied even happened during the reunion. Dominique’s story is just as interesting because, if you watched this season, the editing made his relationship with Kate seem pretty one sided. After listening to Dominique, it doesn’t seem like it was that way at all. Dominique shares very intimate details on what happened during his overnight with Kate, how their relationship post show went, and where they’re at today. As always, if you want to respond to the interview, please use both Samantha and Dominique’s Twitter handles (@samcakes90 & @Dpricesright) in your replies. Thanks again to Samantha and Dominique for coming on and sharing their stories. Enjoy…

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Samantha Hoffman first joins me to talk about her journey on “Temptation Island” including being involved in the infamous “threesome” and what exactly happened, why she thinks David immediately went to Toneata after that, what happened with her and David post filming, what did she tell Kate, and much more (6:05). Then Dominique Price joins me to talk about his time on the island with Kate, what happened on their overnight date, why editing showed a completely different side to their relationship, what happened with him and Kate post show, when was the last time he spoke to her, and much more (52:53).

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