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“Reader Emails,” What Pre-Season Interviews Reveal, & Ratings

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Hi Steve,

First off – big fan. Thanks for all the time and effort you put into your blog and gathering the spoilers. I love reading them.

So I was just curious – because it seems you get the inside scoop on all the current relationships (like JPJ and Tayshia etc.) I was wondering if you’ve heard anything about Kristian and Demi. I guess I was just always a little skeptical of their relationship given the pre-planned, scripted info you mentioned about the whole thing, and it made me wonder if they were just doing it more for publicity. However, as the show went on I totally became a believer and their relationship and connection seemed so genuine. But now, it’s been a week post-show and hardly a trace of them spending any time together. I follow them both and there were multiple Instagram stories of Kristian out with her friends the last several days, but no Demi. And I noticed Demi’s ring isn’t always on. Just made me wonder if they aren’t as stable as they portray. Maybe they just want to keep things private – which is fair. But you would think if they are engaged and had to be in “hiding” for the last few months, they’d be excited to be in public together more and share that. Anyways, wondering if you’ve heard anything.

Thanks again

Comment: It’s apparently against internet rules or something to ever have anything negative to say about Demi because she’ll immediately take to social media and whine about it. Here’s all I’ll say about Demi. I think she’s lost and I feel sorry for her. The end.

Hi Steve,

Can’t believe we’ve already gone through an entire Bachelor/Bachelorette/BIP cycle for the year. Time flies! Not sure if you’ve answered this before but I’m curious as to when they shoot “in the moment”. Is it taped moments RIGHT before/after whatever they’re shooting? Sometimes I notice the lead/contestant will have on the same outfit but with slight variations such as straight hair during the scene but wavy hair for ITM. Or in BIPs case, they’ll be wearing entirely different outfits for both.

Btw major props for all the work you do for us!

Comment: ITM’s are taped at all different times. If you really wanna break it down, just look at their outfits. If it’s a 1on1 date and every outfit you see them wearing is from that date, then they were taped before, during, and after the date on the same day. Although, there are instances where they tell people to put on the same clothes they wore for a date, later on in the season, and film an ITM of a date that happened previously because maybe the sound didn’t work or whatever. But for the most part, the ITM’s are shot before they leave for the date, stepping away during the date, and after the date.

If ABC offered you a deal for you to promote The Bachelor like you do Temptation Island, would you stop spoiling the franchise?

Comment: I don’t do well with hypotheticals, so here’s the easiest way to shoot that one down. ABC would never offer me a deal to promote the Bachelor. I already do just by the nature of my job, so they wouldn’t even need to.

Hi Steve

I just read what you wrote this morning about how you found it odd that Hannah was only scheduled to appear in one of the DWTS tour shows, even though she was the mirror ball winner. I don’t know if you watched the show on Monday night or if you’ve been following the comments online about Erin Andrews very obvious displeasure when they announced Hannah as the winner. Before I saw any of those Instagram comments online, I had thought the exact thing watching the show. When they announced “Hannah and Alan” as the winning couple, Erin stood there dumbfounded with a scowl on her face…not one person went up to the couple to congratulate them right away, and finally Tom Bergeron handed Erin the mic and she turned toward Kel and Whitney, the 2nd place couple (who it was apparent Erin was rooting for) – and she congratulated them but never even turned around and looked Hannah’s way. She caught a lot of sh*&%t online for her unprofessional behavior and she defended herself saying that she needs to be careful not to show any favoritism, which is a load of BS! After Kel & Whitney’s freestyle dance she couldn’t stop gushing about it saying she thought it was the best freestyle dance ever. Len only gave the dance a “9”…pointing out that it was too similar to his earlier dance (I thought the same thing)…and that it didn’t show enough versatility. Was it good? Hell yes. The best ever, hell no. Len was right…only one lift and all hip hop…break dancing, Chicago style street dancing. Not a hint of ballroom anywhere. Was Hannah the best dancer? Probably not, but she was close. This year was tough because there were so many good dancers and very evenly matched. Ally was probably the best dancer overall – but she has musical/dance background. Kel was definitely the most improved and one of the best dancers. But Hannah was consistently good and she also got criticized more than anyone else, which I think adversely affected her performances in the middle of the season…but she got back on track at the end and finished strong. But, I really do feel that no one on the show was happy that she won. I read a article where they interviewed Carry Ann and she admitted to being surprised that Hannah won and it sounded like she wasn’t pleased about the outcome.

I’ve been watching DWTS for years and typically the best dancer does NOT win. But last year’s Bobby Bones debacle has really had a negative affect on the show. Even though they changed the voting this year and gave the judges a chance to save one couple in the bottom two, week after week the wrong people were in the bottom two and hence a good dancer went home. And you could see the judges’ frustration. Ally may have been the best dancer but she was NOT a fan favorite and was in the bottom two three times. I don’t know what was up with the whole cast snubbing Hannah and Alan, but to me it was noticeable an GMA the next morning that the three other couples didn’t seem thrilled about her being the champion. Maybe, like you pointed out, Hannah has just been in the spotlight for so long that people are getting tired of her…but apparently her fan base is still strong as she and James Van der Bleek were the only two dancers that never landed in the bottom two. And I’ve seen ads that hint at Ally joining the DWTS tour?? Something very odd is going on. It’s common knowledge that the show’s ratings were WAY down this year after taking a season off what with all the bad reaction to Bobby Bones winning. ABC will need to make some serious changes if they’re going to make this show a hit again. But I truly think their days are numbered now that people like Sean Spicer can get all the way to the week before semi-finals before being ousted. I can’t help feeling badly for Hannah. She worked hard and deserved to be in the finals and now she’s not getting her just due. I agree with you and hope she takes a break from being in the limelight. I’ve seen people on twitter wondering if the scoop you’ve been hinting at is announcing that Hannah is dating Alan from DWTS…but I think not.

Comment: This was a deep dive into DWTS that I never thought I needed. I’m gonna sit here and talk conspiracy theories. We know it’s a popularity show and the best dancer doesn’t always win. I was fine with Hannah winning. If Ally would’ve won, I would’ve been fine with that. If James would’ve won, same. I just don’t care to get that worked up over it.

Also, Erin Andrews addressed that online after the fact and said she was never shading Hannah once they were announced. You can choose to believe her or not but she could’ve just said nothing. She didn’t.

Hope all is well with you!!

Was wondering if you knew anything about Hannah B and Alan’s relationship? They keep saying they are friends, and obviously because of the upcoming “teasers” about Hannah and Peter, she can’t say much. But, didn’t know if you heard anything about whether they are just friends or perhaps more? They def have chemistry but who knows.

Comment: I have not heard anything.


I’m sure you have noticed that Jason’s season of the bachelor is on Netflix right now. I don’t know if it’s that I know the ending already but it seems WAY more tame and obvious who the winner is from the beginning. I mean they never show the other girls having a good time other than Molly and Melissa really. And Jillian I guess. Do you think you have had a part in how much their editing has changed to attempt to keep people on their toes when guessing who the winner is at the end through the editing? I understand that is also the first season you spoiled. I’m sitting here watching now and no matter what the situation is, Melissa has every other ITM. Obviously at this point they were catering to her winning.

Comment: I don’t remember much about their season at all other than the ending, so it’s hard to say. Clearly in the last 10 years they’ve changed the way they edit and produce their show. And absolutely they’ve done it because of my spoilers. How much? You’d have to ask them.

Hey Steve!

Just listened to your podcast with Samantha from Temptation Island. Hearing about Casey’s attempts to reconcile/deny the words we all knew he said is kind of comical. The dude is playing it all wrong. Hopefully the kid will do a lot of growing up soon. With or without Ben, Ashley made the right choice ditching him.

Something I’ve been thinking about though…

I feel like the underlying objective behind Temptation Island (helping couples figure out if they’re truly meant to be or want to be with each other) would be drastically more organic and effective if they changed the format of the bonfire clips a bit. I think they should show each boyfriend/girlfriend 2 clips each week; 1 which showcases an example of the best girlfriend/boyfriend behavior exhibited that week…and another showcasing their sketchiest or most questionable actions. It seems the current format seeks only to highlight the worst things that played out, but that doesn’t offer a clear picture of exactly how each person’s boyfriend/girlfriend is conducting themselves in their absence. Give them both…the sweet and the good, along side bad and the ugly so they can be fully informed prior to deciding what route to take next.

I get it…the scandalous makes for better ratings. But organically real reality tv tends to solicit more viewers.


Comment: I think the opposite. I think when people tune into “Temptation Island,” they’re looking for scandal, hookups, and cheating. Put it this way, if at the end of any given “Temptation Island” season, if ALL FOUR couples ended up staying together (or hell, even 3 of the 4), after what we’ve seen the first two seasons, do you honestly think people would be happy? Unfortunately, I think the answer is no. People watching that show WANT to see trainwrecks happen. They want messy breakups. 4 successful couples would make for boring TV, sorry.

Just my GUESS

1. chris – farmer – frc barn
2. peter – pilot – frc private plane flying back to USA (no spoiler photos)
3. no frc at last location
4. production crew was back on SM early
5. no extra time (days) for engaged couple at last filming location
6. everybody back to USA early
7. peter engaged to Hannah Ann S. – because of TIKTOK girl
9. peter is “brainwashed” to keep season “unspoiled” – so no safe house visits
10. questioning if peter is a “mile high” club member – maybe on flight home?
11. when peter first applied – really was hoping that Hannah G was the bachelorette
12. Hannah Ann is friends with Hannah G.
13. Dylan is friends with peter
14. dylan and hannah G

i’ve only shared this guess with you and my 80 year old neighbor lady (i’m 68)

Comment: I’m totally confused by all of this.



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