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I’m just curious… Hannah S. posted on IG a picture of herself with golf clubs. Captioning it saying her goals for 2020. Didn’t Peter get hurt playing golf during the season? Any connections?

Comment: Yes! Totally! You solved the ending the season!

Hey Steve,

Long time fan here! I have a question I would be interested in your thoughts on. In today’s column, you laid out the traditional 6 ways a season could end. But I had a thought- do you think there’s any chance he got to the end and still had feelings for Hannah Brown he couldn’t get around? And perhaps since she wasn’t there it wasn’t physically possible to film the finale then? Just curious your thoughts. Thanks for all you do!

Realize this is a wild theory but had to get it out there – what if Peter told both women “thanks but no thanks” and is with Hannah B. and that’s why he couldn’t be happier?

Don’t think it happens, but if it does, I said it on January 2!

Excited for this season of spoiling.

Comment: Those are just a couple of the “Hey, do you think he ends up with Hannah Brown at the end of this” emails I received. Multiply that by 100. It’s been non stop. I’ll just refer you to yesterday’s column for my thoughts on that.

Hi Steve!

This is all kind of exciting!! So different. But… I’m confused why ABC would delay a final rose ceremony when we’ve heard a TON of former cast say on podcasts and in interviews that once they go home and get out of the “Bachelor Bubble,” they realize they weren’t actually in love and move on pretty easily (especially with all the opportunities coming at them). It seems like with knowing that, ABC/production would be taking a huge risk letting the girls spending approx 4 months @ home first. What are your thoughts on that aspect of it? Or do you think them still having the “potential” of being the winner is enough to not burst the Bachelor Bubble while even still at home? Do they still have a producer with them?


Comment: Who says that’s what they’re doing? I haven’t heard that.

Hi Steve,

Hope you had a lovely holiday and a solid NYE. Was wondering if the story you mentioned was not your place to break was about what JP is going through with his health or if there is another story out there.

1) Do you have any idea what Dylan was referring to with his “if you only knew” comment? It was apparently in response to something re: Jed, but I don’t know. No.

2) Is there any tea pertaining to Dylan / Tyler unfollowing Hannah B?
Comment: If there is, I don’t know about it.
There have been numerous examples of “too quick” decisions resulting in a relationship with the runner-up:

* Jason and (Melissa-oops) Molly
* Arie and (Becca-oops) Lauren
* Prince Lorenzo and (Jennifer-oops) Sadie

Compatibility, as we all know, is determined over time. Lust, good conversation and soaks in a hot tub are not sure indicators of future happiness.

So… how do you insert “real life” into the process? You say that the girls won’t accept Peter dating both of them after filming, but it isn’t up to the girls to make the rules. It’s not even up to Peter. What if the show added in a “real world” component ala “The Biggest Loser.” Though Peter wouldn’t be left solely on his own to pursue both girls.

Perhaps in Australia, Chris Harrison tells the girls that there is a twist this season, that the show wants to create lasting relationships and they’ve added a “test drive” period of time, with only occasional filming, and the official choice will take place at “After the Final Rose.” Snippets of the two vacations/happy couple visits are shown to the audience. Perhaps we are shown a private break up with the person he does not choose, or Peter and his “runner-up” break up backstage. Finally the “winner” is brought on stage for a proposal. A reunion show is added, if warranted, to check in on the couple at a future date.

Is this scenario difficult for the final two? Sure. Does that matter to the network? We all know the answer to that.

Comment: I don’t believe that’s what happened at all.

In your Temptation Island podcast from two weeks ago, Sam mentions “a dark day” on the show where it’s implied they didn’t film the day before the dates the next day. Is that something that happens on Temptation Island and other reality shows where they have a down-day with no filming? Did the singles interact with the boys/girls that day or are they kept apart?

I’m assuming it’s similar to travel days for the Bachelor, but curious how it works when everyone is living in the same house.


Comment: I’m sure they got to hang out even though filming wasn’t taking place. And on the “Bachelor” when it happens, the contestants just get to hang with each other, not the lead.

Hi Steve,

I’m curious as to who you think (maybe the top 3 candidates ) will be bachelorette after knowing the order of the call outs and other details about the women? With Maddie and Hannah Anne as F2, do you think either of them will automatically be it (especially if there’s some “overly dramatic ending” with the proposal)? What are your thoughts to how the woman will be chosen for bachelorette?

Thanks! I know you have a lot to read, but I’m curious about this now.

Comment: We’re way too early in the process to know that. We all know what they look for and who usually is up for the “Bachelorette” gig. Outside of last season, it’s always been someone in the top 4. So start there. Then I guess as long as Hannah Brown is single, since ABC can’t get enough of her, we can never rule her out.

Do you think the drama surrounding the end of the season this year will overshadow the Victoria F drama and she won’t get hit as hard on social media because of it??

Comment: No. She’ll get her fair share of social media barrage of trolls, for sure.

Hey Steve,

We know the ending is different and possibly/probably not finished yet. If Peter and Hannah Brown end up together because Peter picks Hannah Brown over Madison and Hannah Ann, and they end up getting married, will they get a wedding gift? I know you get gifts when the lead marries his final choice (lucky for you, you haven’t had to spend much money because of all the break-ups), but how would you handle this one IF that’s the case?

Your column is great aside from all the pop-ups and my browser crashing most times I read it, but it doesn’t stop me from re-opening and finishing the article! Thanks for your work!

Comment: I would. But as I stated yesterday, I just don’t think that’s the case.

Hey Steve,

Hope I’m not too early for reader questions …

On your most recent Podcast, thanks for including the extra option (dating both women), I was about ready to ask you about this as another option after your first few examples.

I mean, perhaps that’s just too insane even for this show, but who knows. It’s not like everyone is actually there for love.

Another question, meant to ask this last season. I’ve heard (from you?) that leads get $60k+ – sometimes maybe $100k.

And you’ve spoken before I think, about how cheap reality TV is to make. Well if they want low costs why do they pay the leads so much? I get Harrison likely demands a huge salary as he’s the face of the franchise, but the leads? It’s not like they are struggling to get people to take the role for $0 or $10k or whatever. Considering how much money the show makes, paying it’s lead in the high 5 figures, low 6 figures, that’s not much at all. For two months of filming, sure it is. But when they could pay them so much more, they’re getting a deal. And they know they can because they know others would do it cheaper.

Final question, can’t find it but read a quote from Peter somewhere where he called you out by name … If that’s the case, is he the first lead to call you out by name?! Better beef up your servers for some extra traffic if so 😉

Comment: Yes. While the show was airing? Absolutely. People reference me a lot post-show, but no lead has ever done it during the season.

Top Ten conspiracy theories as to why you have no final spoilers for Bachelor Peter season

1. You are taking money under the table from ABC this year to withhold the information.

2. President Trump has declared your spoilers to be a violation of the 1917 Espionage Act and has threatened to send you to Gitmo.

3. Peter has recently become a Fundamentalist Mormon and asked Madison and Hannah Ann to become sister wives.

4. The final rose ceremony will be Madison vs. Hannah Ann live Super Smash Brothers challenge match live from the ESPORTS Arena in Las Vegas.

5. You had a Buddhist epiphany and finally realized that spoiling the Bachelor is bad karma and will never get you to Arahant, the fourth level of enlightenment.

6. You had a Scientologist epiphany and finally realized that spoiling is “out-ethics” and will prevent you from reaching Operating Thetan level 8.

7. Nancy Pelosi says the House will impeach you if you keep spoiling the show and Mitch McConnell says he has the votes in the Senate to ban from the “InterWebs” if you do not cease and desist from all spoiler activity.

8. You have never needed things to have happened to spoil them. All along, future Reality Steve has been sending Bachelor final results through a time traveling vortex to current day Reality Steve so you know exactly what the results are. But this time, future Reality Steve can’t tell you because, if he does, then it will cause a cataclysmic time paradox resulting in a gravitational singularity in the center of the earth that consumes the entire planet. Future Reality Steve escaped the planet on a giant space ark and is hoping he can change the past by not spoiling the season this time.

9. Hannah Brown called and said she will meet you inside a windmill if you don’t spoil Peter’s season.

10. Luka ate the spoilers.

Comment: Good stuff. I enjoyed that. The conspiracy theorists love #1. I hear that all the time even if it’s not pertaining to spoilers. If peole only knew how uninformed and ignorant of a statement that is, they’d never utter it again. But they like to think they know stuff, so they throw garbage like that out there. Pretty humorous.

Hi Steve,

In your January 2nd article, you state that there are 6 possible outcomes to this season.

I think you’re missing a 7th: Peter is not single and is with someone other than the final 2.

In my opinion, after watching this first episode, it’s plausible he’s with Hannah Brown.

Consider a few other pieces of evidence:

1) Hannah was extremely sensitive during her stint in DWTS;
2) her pro partner has gone out of his way to fuel the rumors that they’re dating… could he be doing this to run interference to help Hannah and Peter conceal their relationship?

I admit that this is a far-fetched, but the scene tonight with them talking about her season made it seem like they both still have very strong feelings for each other.

Comment: Or they got Hannah on a real bad day.



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