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Podcast #165 – Interview with Jenni Croft Badolato

A fun trip down memory lane today as we bring it back to probably the most controversial season (at the time), when Brad Womack’s first time around had him ending up getting rid of both women at the end. We know about DeAnna Pappas, but do you remember the other woman he let go? That’s Jenni Croft Badolato and she is our podcast guest this week as we cover all of that and more on episode #165. In addition, we talk about her pro sports dancing career, being a mom of 3 little ones, and then her desire to try out again for the Arizona Cardinals dance team as she approaches 40 years old. That and much, much more. As always, if you’d like to respond to the interview, please include Jenni’s Twitter handle (@jennicroft) in your replies. This was an interview we were set to do a few months ago, but mommy life got in the way, and I’m glad we finally got around to getting this done. Thanks so much to Jenni for coming on. I hope you enjoy.

A couple quick things that I address in the first six minutes of today’s podcast. Next week’s Tuesday recap might not be a full recap due to the fact I will be in New York this weekend as my aunt passed away this past Monday night. I’ll be heading there for the services and I know there’s family stuff going on all weekend, I don’t know what my schedule will be or if I’ll even see the show Monday night. I will have something up on Tuesday, but I don’t think it’ll be a full breakdown of the episode. Just some thoughts here and there. Everything else next week will be as scheduled.

Also, yesterday I talked about Tik Tok and golf bags in the column, then Seed to Mountain-Gate started up and I was bombarded with that which must mean Peter is with Madison. Long story short, Courtney Slovenski is the executive of Seed to Mountain Ministries, which is a charity Peter is heavily involved in. Madison is the only woman following that account and following Courtney on IG, so that had everyone freaking out yesterday why she would do that if she wasn’t with Peter. Well, Courtney (and her husband Tyler), were at Peter and Madison’s 1-on-1 date for the wedding vow renewal. Madison met her there. She’s been following her ever since she got back from filming. Nothing about her following Courtney or Seed to Mountain is definitive proof of anything. Oh and by the way, those aren’t the same golf bags, so we can get off that as well.

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(SPOILERS) I begin by briefly talking about my schedule for the next week and address how Peter’s Seed to Mountain involvement is the new Tik Tok golf bag conspiracy theory. Then Jenni joins me to talk about her life as pro sports team dancer, her recent tryout at almost 40 to do it again, her tie-in to Bachelor Nation a few years ago, how she got cast on Brad’s first season, the strange ending and if she felt she was getting picked, how she had no idea DeAnna didn’t get picked either until the ATFR, and much more (6:07).

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