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Podcast #175 – Interview with Larry Mollin, Executive Producer/Writer of “Beverly Hills 90210”

It’s all 90210 all the time. Oh sure, I will start today’s podcast with some thoughts on Bachelor Nation stories right now – namely Colton, Hannah B. & Tyler, and Peter and Kelley being seen together in Chicago yesterday. But while in the midst of giving you 90210 recaps on the site for the next few weeks, what better person to talk to than the guy who was the executive producer/writer for all 128 episodes of the show during their 4 years of college, Larry Mollin. So much to talk about with Larry and a lot of great stories he shares from his time writing and producing one of the most popular and buzzy TV shows of the 90’s. As you know, the college years were my favorite years, and we dissect all the big things that happened to the show during that time. There are a few audio issues, so I’ll warn you ahead of time, but over the course of about 80 minutes with Larry, it’s pretty minimal. If you’d like to respond to the interview, please include Larry’s Twitter handle (@mambochicken) in your replies. Such a fun trip down memory lane with Larry and I really appreciate his candidness about his time working on the show that basically shaped my college life. Enjoy…

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I begin by giving some thoughts in Bachelor Nation right now on Colton having the coronavirus, Hannah Brown and Tyler, and Peter and Kelley seen yesterday in Chicago. Then Larry joins me to talk about how he got started writing for the show, having 32 episodes a season, Shannen Doherty’s departure, pitching the episodes to Aaron Spelling, bringing Tiffani Amber Theissen on the show and making it “sexier,” Jamie Walters character (Ray Pruit) getting written off the show due to public outcry, introducing the Peach Pit After Dark and music acts in season 5, my favorite season being season 6 and why, Luke’s last season on the while Larry still worked there, did he know senior year of college would be his last, the reboot “90210” show in 2008, the 6 episode Fox show from last year, and Luke Perry’s death (13:36).


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  1. mgb970

    March 26, 2020 at 8:16 PM

    > Peter and Kelley seen yesterday in Chicago

    Well, I guess we know Kelley isn’t as smart as we thought.

  2. lubozz

    March 27, 2020 at 1:38 PM

    Not sure I am going to get hate on this but my thoughts about how the media has picked up on Colton and not on everyone else (as much) my 1st thought was – wow he has a book being dropped this month? We all know these people have PR people out there. Hate to think that his whole “I have the virus” thing is fabricated but I wouldn’t put it pass anyone (in this franchise) to do something like that for another 15 minutes of fame.

  3. dogmomma

    March 28, 2020 at 12:29 PM

    I don’t get why Steve doesn’t get the whole Hannah/Tyler thing. People love watching them be goody and they are always happy and having fun. What is there not to understand. They are getting attention, which is the main reason people go on the Bachelor shows. The more popular they are, the more opportunities that could open up for them.
    And when I see comments about the Peter/Kelley hook-up in Chicago, they are all very negative. People are blasting them for being out in public during a quarantine, and people are blasting her for hanging out with him after the mess he created on the Bachelor, where she was girl #5. The commenter above was spot on…..I guess she isn’t as smart as we thought.

  4. ctrealitygirl

    March 30, 2020 at 8:21 AM

    What bugged me most about the Instagram pic with Peter, Kelly and Dustin was how irresponsible they were, mostly Peter as he flew to Chicago to hang out with them when the rest of the nation is staying put for the most part. I can see the Bachelor nation folks who live near each other meeting up, so long as they practice social distancing, ala Tyler, Hannah and crew. But that was a brazen move Peter made. I could really care less if he’s seeing Kelly. Like mgb970 and dogmomma commented, if she’s that naive and wants to date a guy who clearly does not know what he wants and just ended relationships with his final two women, then so be it. Peter is a mess…wish he would take a break and go live in the shadows for awhile.

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