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Podcast #174 – Interview with Cortney Hendrix of “Married at First Sight” & Final “Reader Emails” of the Season

Been a while since we had her on, but Cortney Hendrix from “Married at First Sight” joins the show to talk about her engagement that became public yesterday. Cortney describes how it all came about but then takes a very introspective look on her marriage to Jason that ended in 2018. You don’t usually hear someone talk about an ex-husband the way Cortney talks about Jason and what their issues were, how they were handled, and her role in all of it. Very refreshing to hear actually because, by the sound of it, Cortney realizes the mistakes she made in the marriage and is only trying to get better from it, which is really all you can ask for when moving on to a new relationship. I think a lot of you will be surprised about how Cortney views her marriage to Jason now and how she even talks about Jason now after he recently got married in January. As always, if you’d like to respond to the interview, please include Cortney’s Twitter handle (@KortKneee_Rae) in your replies. Wanna thank Cortney again for coming on and speaking so candidly about this. For the first 15 minutes or so I talk about some topics in Bachelor Nation and we have an update from Chris Harrison on Clare’s guys. And also, your final “Reader Emails” for a while is below to read. Enjoy…

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I begin the podcast by talking about a few things in Bachelor Nation including Chris Harrison’s comments about Clare’s men, the negative stories I was already hearing, and would they swap out “Bachelorette” for “Bachelor” if the shut down lasts into September. Then Cortney Hendrix from “Married at First Sight” joins me to talk about her engagement which became public yesterday, when her relationship with Jason ended, why it ended, how she looks at that relationship now, and what she’s done to improve as a person because of it (18:30).

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Reality Check –

Now lets get to your final “Reader Emails” for a while…



Although I didn’t start watching until Arie’s season, I have been a fan of you and the work you do ever since. I could not disagree more with what Chris Harrison said, as my friends and I all enjoy the season much more when we read your columns and know everything that takes place before the season actually aires. I honestly didn’t think I would be able to finish watching this season because it has been brutal to stay engaged without the ending being spoiled, and I know plenty of others feel the same way. I guess I just wanted to write you to say that in my opinion, you bring the show more publicity, and more viewers, and all in all, I think the work you do helps this show a lot more than it hurts it. Thanks. I agree with you, as I think a lot of people do. Hell, I think even Chris does but he can’t publicly support me so I get why he does what he does. Doesn’t make it any stupider though when he says it. Especially what he said about crapping on people’s work. Please. The whole internet craps on your show, not just me. That’s why the show is so popular and trending on Twitter every Monday night. It’s not called Praise Tweeting. Hate Tweeting is actually a good thing for this show, Chris. You know that. It’s when people don’t care either way is you’re your show is in trouble.
In regards to this season, you sure as hell did not get credit where credit was due. We’ve known who the final two were since before the show even aired (at least from what I can remember), and those of us who read your columns and tweets during filming, can attest to just how much you have been able to spoil this season. So, I just wanted to say thank you for all that you do for those of us that love this show, but depend on you for making it what it is. Im a college student, and my friends and I watch together every Monday in our tiny little dorm room. We read your columns and tweets together every time they’re posted, and even send each other the updates you post throughout filming in real time. The work you do truly brings us a lot of entertainment, and as I said, the show simply would not be what it is without you. I just wanted you to know that all of your hard work and effort does not go unnoticed to most, and the crazy fans from this season should probably hop off your ass and let you do what you do best!

Comment: Well thank you. I appreciate it. I know what spoilers I put out there all season long before they ever appeared on screen. But people have short term memory when it comes to that stuff. And when they’ve been “spoiled” for so long and gotten everything so immediately, something like this season really draws their ire. Which basically just proves to me how reliant people are on me when it comes to this show. I do what I can. No two seasons are the same. Like I said, anyone on the planet could’ve posted that Peter got engaged to Hannah in Australia, or what Chris was saying to Peter at the final rose ceremony, or who Barb was crying about. Anyone. Not one person did that I know, yet, I get yelled at for not having that until the day of the finale. Makes no sense really.

Hi Steve,

Long time reader, first time emailer. Love your work.

Here in NZ, we are halfway through our current season of The Bachelorette. At the beginning, the ages of the men ranged from their early twenties to mid thirties (the bachelorette, Lesina, is 32) so it got everyone thinking that the number of applications must have been so low they were basically taking men of any age. Two weeks into the competition a second bachelorette (Lily, 22) entered the mix and it was a total shock. No leaks, no spoilers, complete bombshell. Now there are 8 guys left and half are Team Lesina and half Team Lily so it’ll just play out til the end.

Do you think there’s any possibility of this happening in Clare’s season? Could it explain the age difference in contestants?

Comment: No, they won’t do that to Clare. However, I will say that I don’t know a thing about NZ “Bachelorette” and even I’d read somewhere that Lily was getting brought on mid filming before it happened. So by the time it aired, I gotta believe locals knew or had at least heard that it was a possibility, no?

Hi, Steve! I think this WTA with Peter’s women was the worst I’ve seen yet. They didn’t really dive into the deeper issues. Why weren’t Victoria P., and Sydney in the hot seat? They didn’t address Victoria P., seemingly orchestrating all or the drama. They didn’t address the allegations that Sydney lies about being bullied? They should have brought Hannah B., out to get her opinion on what school was like with Sydney. Why didn’t Peter’s ex come and explain herself and her allegations against Victoria F.? If there were multiple relationships why didn’t they bring one of them out to talk about it? They brought out DeMario’s girl on Rachel’s season so why not? Why didn’t they ask Victoria F., about how she felt about the magazine not printing her cover or why she chose to model for a company called “White Lives Matter” when she most likely isn’t all the way biological white? They didn’t ask about how she really felt with the Chase situation or what their actual relationship status was? Was it a relationship or a hookup like he said? I wanted to know how she met the man. Why didn’t they really try to figure out what really happened between Victoria P. and Alayah pre-show? When did MyKenna and Kelsey get so close? They didn’t seem to have that close of a relationship on the show. They didn’t really let Tammy explain her behavior. She went from being the comic relief to the most hated in the house and we want to know how she felt about it and what happened. I just felt like they didn’t talk about anything that we actually wanted to know about or interested in. They promoted Kelsey and didn’t even choose her for Bachelorette? (SN: Did those Champagne people have to sign a waiver? Because Kelsey said it was painful?) Kelley and Natasha were the only girls who seemed to have a realistic opinion about things and they weren’t even there. Even the bloopers weren’t as good and that’s my favorite part! They also should have addressed the obviously edited butts on the swimsuit date. We all knew it and it was widely talked about. On an episode of Roses and Rose with Lauren Zima she mentioned that they don’t ask the “follow up questions“ on this show and I completely agree. Now that they are a couple, I would love to see Chris and Lauren cohost the WTA and ATFR. Or, maybe even Lauren by herself. She’s been following the show with her job for so long, she could definitely do it. I just feel like she would dig more than Chris does. I just wanted more from this. I was hoping that the WTA was going to make up for the fact that this season hasn’t been quite as interesting as previous seasons, but it just fell flat. You’re preaching to the choir on this. It’s why the WTA sucked so bad. They addressed none of this. Granted, I know they were gearing people up for the explosive finale, but they totally skated on so many issues they had during the season.

It was kind of awkward when Chris said “we wanted to talk about racism so we brought out the only black person we know. Give it up for Rachel!” I was glad it was addressed but it just seemed like an “I’m not racist because my friend from high school is black” moment. Very awkward.

Hey Steve,

Moving on from Peters shit show of a season, I have a question about Clare! So excited it’s her, I think she will be fun and refreshing. Anyway, I know she’s been on your podcast twice and she follows you on Instagram (maybe twitter too? I didn’t look.) so producers must know she isn’t “scared” to associate with you like all of the newer contestants seem to be (based on contracts I’m guessing). She must like you and what you do enough to participate in your podcasts and follow! It makes me so curious to wonder what kind of ultimatums they might be giving her about no contact with you, etc. It seems so clique nowadays for Bach nation people to have anything to do with you. It seems only older contestants are okay with being open about reading your column even though we know they ALL do. Which seems so silly. With social media getting bigger every season it seems like the contestants followings get bigger post show, you and your column get bigger and more relevant and therefore the show gets more views. So many people wouldn’t even watch the show if you didn’t spoil it. Seems like the show should be cutting you a fat check and not for the reason people think i.e. “holding out” the spoiler until last minute. So silly. Anyway thanks for all the spoiling! Well, I haven’t heard from Clare in a long time, and I’d rather not get involved and go down that road. She has her season to worry about. There’s nothing I really need to contact her about. But yeah, it is weird that someone I actually had spoken to beforehand actually became the lead.

One last thing non bachelor related, I’m a HUGE survivor fan and I know you are too. Are you loving this season so far? Any disappointments? I know you said you want Yul to win but who are you not wanting to win? I personally can’t stand Sophie and I think someone like wendall or nick would be a lame ending to such an epic season. I like Jeremy and Kim and lots of others but I think it would be epic to see someone like Rob or Parv win a season like this when all these people know what they’re capable of and have them still pull a win. Anyway let me know your thoughts!

Comment: I want Yul to win, and maybe they’re doing a 180 with his edit, but he seems to be getting a really good edit right now. But I’ve had this discussion in the past where I can’t read the “Survivor” edits like I can read the “Bachelor” ones, so I could be way off. There isn’t anyone that I particularly don’t want to see win, but, if someone who just won recently does, I think that may be kind of a let down. But maybe not. I’d have to see the whole season play out and how they won. This season has lived up to every expectation I had and then some. Loving it.

OMG I just listened to you read and answer your “Reader Emails” and I have never enjoyed them more ? I haven’t listened to many of your podcasts so I don’t know if you’ve read them out loud and answered them before but seriously, you should do it more often!

PS: You’re the best.

Comment: I think I’ve done it maybe 3 or 4 times total since I started the podcasts. I do them on occasion if a guest cancels late and I can’t find a replacement, so it’ll happen occasionally more in the future, but it’d never be a weekly thing.

Hi Steve,

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m a big fan. I’m the person that WON’T:

1. Bitch about what day you choose to provide information
2. Email you about a rumor I heard that is circulating like wildfire all over the internet, especially after I’ve heard you refute it.
3. Complain to you about “making” me wait for information. You don’t owe me anything.
4. Bitch about the fact that what you provide is a GIFT. I will appreciate what you choose to provide. I’ve never had someone give me a gift and say, hmmm couldn’t you have gotten me something bigger/better? ?
5. E-mail you about how you’re holding out on information.
6. Give you shit about ANYTHING. Because again, you are not on my payroll, you owe me nothing.

Thank you for the info you provide. I love your podcast, your column, all of it.
Thanks for listening. I’ll be the one over here not bitching.

Comment: Thanks. I know there are a lot of you out there like this. And most of you just stay quiet and don’t say anything because you don’t need to. You appreciate the work and you accept it as is.

Hi Steve!

Curious if the leads ever have details about their cast before night one? Ie the other day you posted some of the social media information of Cameron Duffy, and Clare’s season hasn’t started filming yet. Are leads normally privy to this amount of information?

Comment: I believe Cameron’s intro video was filming the Sat before Monday’s finale. So I don’t know if Clare still had her phone or not and saw that. Guess we won’t really know. But considering the situation we’re in now, and we know that Clare has her phone back, I gotta believe she’s looked at every guy and vice versa. How could they not?

Hi Steve,

Do you think production is annoyed when someone like Madison refuses to follow their timeline and halts production? It seems like it could be a royal PITA, but maybe they didn’t mind because they have a unique ending to sell.

Comment: No. I’m sure the second Madison showed hesitation, they knew they had a possible new storyline that had never been done before, which was one of the final 2 leaving at the end.

Hi Steve,

Just listened to the last podcast, do like the updates over those as can listen while commuting. Couple of questions ahead of what’s sure to be insane two nights (I have no TV right now so hoping I can get it on computer).

Did regarding all the many stories you were told, do you feel some of these this season or indeed others come from the producers and other ABC employees trying to muddy the waters? No. I can’t answer that any other way than that without diving into who told me what and when.

Also, wtf did the producers fly/let Madi fly back to the US?! Don’t they normally make them stick around for a while anyway?

Comment: I’m sure she did. It’s not like she left on her own. It was still all under productions nose and they handled everything. It’s not like she left on her own accord, booked her own flight, Uber’d to the airport and peace’d out.

Just read today’s post and I just am wondering (without giving away any sources of course) how does the journalism/sourcing work for this whole thing? I am just confused as to how you put out the ending last Thursday and then all these people come forward to tell you that you are wrong with a few things? If they had this insight and information, where were they all season? And why didn’t they come forward earlier? I believe your spoilers. I believe these sources are reliable, or you wouldn’t have released that info this morning. I just can’t help but ask if you, yourself questioned these peoples credibility solely based off the information that was shared with you only AFTER you released your version of the ending! The timing seems sketchy! Like I said, where were these people all season? So without giving away the sources (I know you don’t do that) can you explain the process of this whole thing? I am beyond confused! It’s a million dollar question. I asked the same exact thing. Why they waited until the day of the finale I do not know. Don’t know if I ever will.

I know you said too, that you have received all different sorts of potential endings throughout the whole season, but I am curious if this was one of the things you had heard? Or did you find out Peter proposed to Hannah ifor the firsti tme this past weekend? I did not find out Peter proposed to Hannah Ann until late last Sunday night. Crazy. I never heard that once in 3 months. I’d heard stuff like “Peter is with Hannah Ann” a couple times, but nobody could tell me what that meant. It was bizarre.

I know you said if it was your way, you like having the spoilers from the get-go, but I can’t help but think this has done amazing things for you and your website. Many more people have been driven to your site, waiting anxiously for any and all spoilers from the beginning of the season to the very end! I know I have been holding on by a thread….even if I hear about the spoiler 12 hours before the finale airs. Hope you have enjoyed all the traffic driven to your site and throughout the season rather than one particular spoiler report and all this adds to your continual success. Thanks for all you do!

Comment: This was a great season. Traffic was solid throughout but February, due to larger advertising demand, was my most profitable month in close to 4 years. Hard to explain because it’s not like the numbers were SO much better than January, or during Colton’s season last Jan & Feb. Just all the sudden the rates for those ads grew. I’ve been doing ads on my site for 9 years now and I still don’t 100% understand how they work since none of them are private ads. If I had private ads, it’d be a whole different ballgame.

Reader/fan useless breakdown:

– people don’t realize, but they like when you don’t have all of the details on the front end or you may be slightly off in the spoiler. What fun would that be? I’m from New England and will liken it to the Patriots. I don’t care what crazed fans say, it would absolutely suck if the Pats won every year. I’m bored with them winning already, too predictable. Guess you don’t have to worry about that anymore with Jarrett Stidham under center. Sorry. Too soon?

-majority of stuff you report is spot on. When there is ambiguity? The better. Better for the reader, better for you. Creates traffic on your site and keeps your fans on the edge of their seat

-let me get this straight. People bitch to you about the spoilers? Are those idiots aware no one is forcing them to read them? That’s why it’s laughable. Not to mention it’s free to read or listen to anything I do. Now, if I were a pay site and I was providing no information worth a damn, then I would get bitching.

-and on that final note….this goes slightly off topic. Rachel’s thoughtful plea last week re: bullying online. Hmmmm…..okay yes agree, valid point. Do you think however any of them might consider just getting off social media? Wouldn’t that take care of it? Yes I understand they make money with followers. But no one is forced to be online. No one.

Comment: No, they’re not forced to. But how many of these contestants who have complained about any sort of harassment just decided to social media altogether? Exactly. Zero. So that shows how much their post-show life revolves around social media and it’s importance.

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