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Podcast #174 – Interview with Cortney Hendrix of “Married at First Sight” & Final “Reader Emails” of the Season

Hi Steve,

I love reading your thoughts and insights! I appreciate what you do, and it makes watching the bachelor even better knowing everything that goes on!

I have kind of a random question…when do they film the ITMs? Like last night when Peter and Madi got to the place they were going for their date and Madi did her ITM talking about how she felt they weren’t compatible. Or when they had their dinner on the fantasy suite date – one ITM she was talking like “we’ll see what happens” and the other she was crying like she already had the conversation with Peter. I guess I’m wondering – do the ITMs get filmed after everything happens or do they pull them aside to film them during their dates? Sorry, I know that’s a totally random question – just interested in how it all works!

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on tonight’s dumpster fire!

Comment: Yes, they are pulled aside before, during, and after the dates.

Hi Steve–

First, thanks for all you do. I doubt very much if I am the only one who would have stopped watching the Bachelor franchise shows if it weren’t for your spoilers, sarcasm, and honesty about what goes on behind the scenes. What they do is actually kind of sickening, but it makes some of these people make a lot more sense! I also appreciate it that you call out people for bullying and double standards, and have been doing it much longer than the show has.

Now for the questions:

First, I have seen several places that there is a chance or it is in the works to have some sort of merging of the Kardashian family and a Bachelor franchise show. What is your take on that? Is it something that really might happen, or just clickbait? I think the most interesting angle, should they do that, would be to have Kaitlyn Jenner as the lead, but that’s just me. That’s not gonna happen. The Jenner/Kardashians don’t need the Bachelor franchise for anything. I think they’re doing just fine with their own brand.

Second, do you think they have had a difficult time finding contestants for Clare’s season, given the short time frame? It seems like men in their 30’s-40’s are more likely to be pretty settled in their careers and might have a harder time being able to get away for such a potentially long time. Do you think they could possibly do something like they did on Jillian Harris’ season, where they brought in some new guys later? (I think it was just later on the first night, but maybe they could do it on the second episode–now that would create some drama in the house! This was covered yesterday and in the beginning of today’s podcast. Definitely looks like we’re gonna get new guys.

I would love it if you would provide links to the podcasts Clare came on, or at least give a time frame or approximate podcast # range to make it easier to find them. She was on in February & May of 2017. On any podcast platform, you should be able to scroll back and my podcasts are in chronological order.

Finally, with all the attention drawn to the girls’ shredding of the English language (Ling-erie, finasco, like), why hasn’t anyone pointed out Peter’s “suaded” when he meant swayed? He did it twice, either in 2 episodes, or in one episode and one interview, so it wasn’t just a slip of the tongue.

Thanks again for your hard work!

Comment: Damn. I missed that.

Hey Steve!

(Not sure if there will be another reader email column or not, but figured I would send this anyways.)

First off…at the end of this monstrosity of a season I just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work and awesome reporting. Always very much appreciated!

I know you have mentioned a few times that Peters season was comparable to Coltons season in regards to ratings. Personally, I wasn’t a fan when they selected Colton as the bachelor but was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed watching his season. With Peter, it was the opposite. I was thrilled he was chosen and couldn’t wait to watch his season. But MAN HAS IT BEEN BORING. Again, I know ratings are similar if not identical, and people are going to watch no matter what and I freely admit I am one of those people. But I was just curious how you felt in regards to Peters season actually being a decent season, from a viewers perspective? I feel like it’s all been quite the $#it show haha

Thanks again for all you do, looking forward to next season!

Comment: It was a shit show. HE was a shit show. But also, that finale was TV gold for them because it drew such a reaction from fans. And that’s exactly what they want.

Hi Steve!

First time writer but long time obsession reader! I don’t think I have ever been so invested in a season before this and I have watched since the 1st season. I also don’t think I have ever googled a persons name (yours!) so much in my life. If the feds knock on my door they might serve me with stalker papers! Ha. Ummmmm, thanks?

Just had a few quick questions that have me stumped. How did it go from reporting all season long that this wasn’t a typical ending with an engagement to now the possibility of Peter proposing to HA?! Also why would Peter say the end couldn’t be spoiled if it really was a typical ending where he proposes to someone and how in the world did none of your sources not know this?! Are you frustrated with your sources for kinda being all over the place with what really happened or is it like this every season but you are able to put the pieces together more quickly? Finally it dawned on me today that I bet Peters family was so apprehensive about Madi when Peter mentioned she was F2 because she didn’t drink at their vow renewals which is why Barbra brought up his lifestyle choices. Totally changed my opinion of her after watching…..And now it all makes sense why Peter falls for the girls he does….drama and tears it’s what he has seen his entire life! So sad!

Thanks for listening and thank you for all you do! Can’t wait for BIP spoilers 🙂

Comment: I really don’t know why Peter said what he did this season. And he’s never addressed it since. Probably because it ended up being spoiled. But until he says something about it, I guess we’ll never know why he said that.

Hi Steve- great job this season! One observation I don’t know if you noticed is that Hannah must have watched Jason’s season on Netflix because she said almost verbatim the same thing to Peter that Melissa said to Jason during their break up.

I’m not saying she wasn’t genuinely upset but she said all the things Melissa said.. “You took that from me” “I trusted you” “you should have just let me go”… literally it’s like she rehearsed Melissa’s speech on stage. Lol not sure if you noticed that or not.

Comment: I remember thinking things sounded somewhat similar, but, didn’t realize it was exactly word for word. However, I mean it does all fit in her scenario and she had every reason to lash out at him so I’m fine with it.

So. I know. You must be receiving a ton of these right now, and mine is likely to be deleted. In the midst of it, still want to say/ask 4 WTFs…

1) WTF YEAHHHH MY BOY STEVE WAS VINDICATED!!!!!! I’ve been a loyal follower for years, but to be honest, thought you were wrong this season. I didn’t see at all how Hannah Ann and Peter could get engaged after last night. Your spoiler on that and everything else were proven correct. Long live the spoiler king. (Remember how Chris Harrison said last night, “If you think you know how it ends, you don’t?” or something to that effect…? well yeah Chris, we did. Can’t think of anything we were shown that was outside of the spoiler realm.)

2) WTF re: Hannah Ann. What caused the demise of their relationship? Shit, I’ll ask who, what, where, why, when, how? Feel like I have to ask all the questions because we got a terrible lack of insight here (at least we knew a bit with Arie and Hannah Brown). Yeah, I don’t think anyone still really knows, even Hannah Ann probably, exactly why they broke up, when we knew nothing about their relationship.

3) WTF re: Barb and Madison. Tbh I was thoroughly entertained because Barb doubled down, but I also suspected a bit of fakery. Were Madison/Peter/his family all acting? Have you heard the relationship is actually OK? (Or on the contrary, is what we saw tonight re: Barb’s feelings towards Madison true?) Well, clearly this email was sent before last Thursday.

4) WTF re: producers. Seems like it would have made sense to end last night at the Hannah Ann proposal. I didn’t get a chance to watch last night’s episode yet, but based on your spoilers, I estimated that tonight would be 30m Peter + HA, 30m the breakup, 30m him + Madi, 30m him + Clare. Do you know if some of Clare’s men were waiting in the wings? If so, it’s solely the fault of production for them not making air tonight. Both finale episodes were terribly edited time-wise (and content-wise too). I don’t know if there were plans to bring out any of Clare’s guys. 3 seasons in a row they’d done it, so I don’t know why they’d screw her out of that. But I guess we’ll never know.

Wowwww is all I can say after all that.

Again, congrats to you, bc I was sure this was the 2nd time (after Des) you were wrong. And I am feeling like all this was scripted bc it was a mother**king weird finale, which is undoubtedly why it was mother**king weird to spoil.

Sorry so long. Thanks for all you do.

Comment: It’s going to be a question I’ll probably not have an answer to anytime soon unfortunately, and that’s why did it take until the night of the finale for me to find out Peter and Hannah Ann got engaged in Australia. Yeah, I was told a couple times over 3 months “Peter is with Hannah Ann” but 1) was never told anything about an engagement, and 2) “with Hannah Ann” was never explained either. Oh well.

Hey Steve.

Just this once….

If Peter and Madi did get engaged….

And walked down the aisle….

Would you make an exception and send them a wedding present….

But put it in c/o Barbara.

Asking for a friend.

Comment: Oh I absolutely would’ve. I did for Jason and Molly and that was basically the same scenario, even though Jason and Molly didn’t get engaged until about 10 months after his breakup with Melissa happened.

Hi Steve,

You know how contestants should have known that its possible to get hate by viewers if they sign up for the show? Do you think it pertains to Barb? And all the other family members of the contestants? No one deserves to be cyber bullied but they put themselves to be in that position by signing up. It pertains to anyone who appears on this show. The second you open yourself up to the TV viewing public, people are gonna have opinions and say things about you, good or bad. There’s no way around it.

Congratulations on getting the spoilers out there. Do you feel gratified? They tried hard but still you managed to get the spoiler out. Do you doubt it will be that hard again on Clare’s season? I can’t say whether it will be or won’t be. I just don’t know. But considering how many seasons I’ve spoiled long before the finale aired that ended up being right and this was the first time this had happened, I think just the odds are that this was an anomaly.

Since you had Clare on your podcast multiple times, do you feel a bit happy for her? I’m sure you just wish her the best in everything,

Comment: Yeah, I do. I’ve always liked Clare. Do I think she never should’ve gone back for BIP 2 and Winter Games? Yeah. But it is what it is. Her life, her decision. I just hope she knows what she’s in for getting back in bed with these people for a 5th time.

Hi Steve! Thanks for this season. Glad it’s over, though!

A few things:

1. Makes sense now why Jason’s season was the only one on Netflix. A preview of what was to come. Lol. Or they could’ve shown Arie’s season.

2. I get parents voicing their opinions on this show. We’ve seen it many times. But more times than not, by the end of the whole thing, they’ve changed their tune and go with it (even if they still don’t agree or think their daughter/son won’t last with the person.) So… WHY is Barbara so hellbent on voicing her disdain for Madison? I know it’s probably not as calculated as I’m making it out in my head but could it be to take heat off Peter? Peter has been drug through the mud online. Everyone pretty much is in agreement that he’s the worst bachelor. With his mom being so awful to Madison and being negative so publicly, it almost makes you feel bad for Peter. Makes you have some sort of compassion and want you to root for him and Madi to prove his mom wrong. I don’t know, it’s just wild to me that someone would be THAT rude and that open so publicly. Could it just be that she really hates Madison that much she can’t hide it?? I think the reactions were over the top because she’s a drama queen. We clearly saw that during the season.

3. Do you think Hannah Ann will now go on Paradise? Her flight and room reservation is already booked. Probably will be the first one down there – if there even is a season.

4. Lastly, why was Kelley in the audience and why did Chris Harrison shine a light on her being there? There were rumors Peter was dating her. Was it to make up for not being at the WTA?

Comment: Chris’ post show interviews he said it was to “fake people out” or throw them a curveball. There may be more to it than that. Kelley has denied she’s dating Peter. Then again, the interviewer didn’t really ask her anything other than that, so, even that answer can be left open to interpretation. We don’t know.

Hi Steve!

Absolutely love your site, the podcast, the works. Random question for you regarding the initial preview of Peter’s season from back in January. In part of the clip, someone references Sydney having sex with Peter in a hot tub. Am I crazy? Was that never shown on the show, never happened, etc?

Thanks for reading!

Comment: It was editing. They made you think that’s what happened. It didn’t. He never had sex with Sydney.

Hey Steve,

Any idea why Neil Lane was at ATFR with the briefcase if Madi and Peter were nowhere near close to getting engaged?

Comment: I think it was to tease people into thinking something was coming. Even though they said even they didn’t know what to expect that night, I’m pretty sure they didn’t think Peter was proposing to anyone.

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