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Podcast #178 – Interview with Jenna Cooper

To say today’s guest would be someone you thought you’d never hear on this podcast would be an major understatement. Back in 2018, I reported a story on Jenna Cooper that essentially ended her engagement with Jordan Kimball. It posted the morning their finale of them getting engaged was set to air, everything got blown up, it became the biggest story in Bachelor Nation at the time, and for the last 18 months, Jenna has never done an interview to speak on it. Until now. Sure, she’s sent out some tweets and Instagram posts and given a quote here or there through attorneys, but she has never done an interview telling her side of the story until today. A lot of you may not remember details of the story, and I don’t blame you – I really didn’t either until I was refreshed on it. Well, there’s more to the story that you, and I, had no idea about. A very interesting conversation today for sure that I think many of you will be a bit surprised by. Been doing this a long enough to know that sometimes stories come around that you never thought you’d talk about. Or never thought you’d bother addressing publicly. Today is one of those days. Give a listen and let me and Jenna know what you think. She doesn’t have Twitter anymore but you can reach her on her IG (jennacooperfit). A solid 90 minute convo that dives into everything that was going on back in Sept of 2018. Enjoy. And I thank Jenna for coming on.

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We jump right into things as I recap the story from Sept of 2018 and address where it’s at now, Jenna talks about her timeline (5:56), Jenna coming to me 2 ½ weeks ago (16:26), what I re-remembered after digging through old emails (24:54), why bring it up now (30:24), is there a definitive answer as to what went on (44:46), who came to me to let me know Jenna wanted to speak with me (52:10), talking about some of the information that has been gathered over the last 18 months (55:46), how the story snowballed (1:03:01), her pregnancy and her life now (1:10:20), and having a peg pig (1:15:24).

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