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Podcast #182 – Interview with “Back From the Future” Author, Brad Gilmore

Going full geek out mode today talking about arguably my favorite movie from the 80’s, if not my favorite film franchise of all-time, “Back to the Future,” with Brad Gilmore, a radio host and author of #1 selling recent release, “Back From the Future: A Celebration of the Greatest Time Travel Story Ever Told.” So much fun to completely nerd out for an hour on this week’s podcast with Brad, who I was introduced to by friend podcast guest, Jenn Decker. Brad is a super fan like myself, even having a “Back to the Future” podcast, and he tackles the movie from a lot of different angles. If you’re a casual fan of the movie (since it’s on cable a lot and you’ve probably come across it numerous times) I guarantee you’ll learn stuff about the movie today you’ve never heard before. You’ll hear theories, you’ll hear a plot point that’s always grinded my gears over the years, you’ll hear some of the actors and actresses who were up for this role, and much, much more. Brad is an encyclopedia when it comes to the backstory and ins and outs of this film. Such a great time dissecting this movie, which Brad calls the “greatest movie trilogy in history.” Might sound hyperbolic, but listen to his explanation and I think you might come around. As always, if you’d like to respond to the interview, please include Brad’s Twitter handle (@bradgilmore) in your replies. Thanks again to Brad for coming on. And thanks to me for not making this a 5 hour podcast since I could talk this movie all day long.

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I open by talking about Josh Gad’s YouTube video posted this past Monday (which I embedded in today’s column on my site) that reunited the “Back to the Future” cast. If you’re a fan of this movie, you’ll love this reunion. Then Brad joins me to talk about the origin of his “Back From the Future” book, my love for the franchise, hypotheticals in the franchise, why Brad thinks this is the greatest movie trilogy ever, why the movie still has staying power 35 years later, and we end by talking about WWE wrestling without fans (5:25).


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