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Podcast #186 – Interview with Lacey Mark

Back to talking some “Bachelor” this week as we’re joined by Lacey Mark from Nick’s season and BIP 4. She wasn’t around too long on Nick’s season, but she made it to the end of BIP in a relationship with Daniel Maguire – or so she thought. She rehashes what happened, how they were an “item” before the season even began, and what changed during their overnight date among other things. A lot of fun getting caught up with a contestant from the past that hasn’t done many interviews in a while. Before her, I discuss a few things going on in Bachelor Nation including my thoughts on Rachel and Becca’s podcast earlier this week. There are so many good podcasts out there now discussing the racial divide in this country, and hopefully next week I’ll be back talking about it with a former black contestant from this show. But wanted to take a break for a week to talk to someone I’d never spoken with before. As always, if you’d like to reply to Lacey’s interview, please include her Twitter handle (@laceymmark) in your replies. Thanks again to Lacey for coming on. Enjoy…

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I begin by talking about how you can purchase KN95 masks, the ratings for “Bachelor: Greatest of All-Time,” Rachel and Becca’s podcast this week, and the Bachdiversity Instagram account that started up this week. Then, Lacey joins me (14:16) to talk about her very brief stay on the “Bachelor,” her relationship with Daniel on BIP 4 & how she felt betrayed, her being very naïve to the whole process, her love for Harry Potter movies, and more.

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