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The Latest on “Bachelorette” – What To Believe?

Here are some other smaller things I’m aware of about filming:

-We know back in March they released 32 guys for Clare’s season. Of those 32, only 17 were asked back and were part of the 42 guys released in July. So 15 were never asked back for whatever reason. We know those names already by process of elimination. I can tell you that Clare’s season started with 30 men. Only problem is, I don’t know which 12 men who were part of the 42 that were released in July never made it to night one. A few of the 12 I know never got cast this season were ones I’ve mentioned before: Alex Brusiloff, Tien Yang, Collins Youngblood, Josh Elledge, and Ellis Matthews for sure. That still leaves 7 guys from that list that never made it. I’ll find those out in due time.

-There were 6 men eliminated on the first night of Clare’s season. Pretty sure I know 5 of them. AJ Yalawan, Page Pressley, Chris Conran, Jeremy Higgins, and Jordan Manier. Still trying to figure out who the last guy was.

-The early season villain is Yosef Aborady. From what I’m hearing, the guy had some choice words for Clare. Not sure what about, but it’s not going to look good. And yes, he has a daughter, so lets keep that in mind when this plays out.

-There was a report that Clare never had a 1-on-1 with Dale before her “Bachelorette” time ended. Not what I’m told. They did have a 1-on-1 together.

One final note that I mentioned on Sunday, but thought I would reiterate here since so many people have either emailed or DM’ed me about it. This Twitter account from @bachelorsuitcaseguy:

That 9 tweet thread is all the rage now and so many people believed it. Clearly after reading what I wrote today, that Twitter account is garbage and just looking for attention. But even before today’s column, do you really think that someone from production would start a Twitter account, ADMIT they were part of production and live on set, then just tweet out spoilers as the show is going on? Really? And a 3 “Bachelorette” season at that, including one (Becca) who hasn’t even publicly stated she’s broken up with her fiancé, yet she’s going to be choosing between these men? They took the news that was being reported by outlets, twisted a few things, and created their own narrative. And if they were production and live on set, wouldn’t they literally be posting with new info every single day? It’s been almost a week since that post. Lets use our heads everyone.

So that’s where we are. Kinda crazy. And yeah, it’s really weird to think that Clare and Dale after two weeks threw caution to the wind and decided to go with this idea presented by production after talking it over I assume, but, that’s what I’m hearing happened, and not all this controversy and strife on set with Clare being essentially Bachelorette-zilla. I should know more in the coming weeks and as always, will keep you updated. Until then, follow me on Twitter and IG since that’s where I will post stuff first unless it’s a major storyline/narrative like today. See you Thursday when we have one of the more interesting podcast guests I’ve had in a while. I certainly believe some tea will be spilled.

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