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Bachelorette Clare Spoilers

Some “Bachelorette” Spoilers

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Lets immediately start with what I know most of you are expecting: every spoiler to the season. I don’t have them. If I did, I’d give them to you. But I do have some spoilers to give you to hold you over until more comes. As I mentioned on my podcast last week, I don’t think I’m going to have the “winner” until after the season starts. I’m just not getting the sense I’m getting it before Oct. 13th. Maybe I will, but I doubt it. It’s a day-to-day thing with me. I’m hearing a lot of things (some of which I’ll go over today), and we’ll take it from there. And when I say “winner,” I’m not talking about Dale Moss. Still an absurd amount of people out there who don’t have the slightest clue about Dale, about Tayshia replacing Clare – any of that stuff. You should see some of the responses I got yesterday after promos and the cast list came out for Clare’s season. So, portions of today’s post will absolutely 100% be repetitive to things I’ve said over the last 3 months. And I feel I need to by the amount of people that DON’T follow spoilers, have completely shut off their brain since March when it comes to Bachelor Nation, and don’t have the slightest clue what’s going on. I’ll try and catch everyone up as best I can in today’s column, plus add some things I have yet to talk about. Lets get going…

So back in July, ABC released 42 men who would “possibly” to be on Clare’s season. Well, only 31 of them ended up meeting her the first night, which I tweeted out and put in my IG story yesterday morning, then ABC released the cast bios, and, Chris Harrison did a live announcement of Clare’s men on the Bachelorette FB page and Twitter account. Here it is in case you missed it:

So lets break down the 42 men given to us in July right before filming started. Here are the 31 men that met Clare on night 1. If you want to put names with faces, either click on the links in the previous paragraph, or go to the “Highlights” part of my Instagram page to see them there:

AJ Yalawan
Ben Smith
Bennett Jordan
Blake Monar
Blake Moynes
Brandon Goss
Brendan Morais
Chasen Nick
Chris Conran
Dale Moss
Demar Jackson
Ed Waisbrot
Garin Flowers
Ivan Hall
Jason Foster
Jay Smith
Jeremy Higgins
Joe Park
Jordan Chapman
Jordan Manier
Kenny Braasch
Mike Tobin
Page Pressley
Riley Christian
Robby Stahl
Tyler Cottrill
Tyler Smith
Uzoma Nwachukwu
Yosef Aborady
Zac Clark
Zach Jackson

Then there are at least 4 guys who never met Clare and were ONLY brought on for Tayshia. They are:

Spencer Robertson (he got her first impression rose)
Montel Hill
Peter Giannikopoulos
Noah Erb

So with the 31 guys who Clare met, and the 4 guys as of now that I KNOW only met Tayshia, that leaves 35 guys total who definitely appear this season. With 42 given to us back in July, who are the other 7 and where are they accounted for?

Well, we know 5 guys for sure NEVER made it on the show because they teamed up with guys originally listed as possible contestants in March’s release of men to call themselves the “Gettawayz” or however the hell they spell it (Ummm, wait a second. If they never appeared on the show, which they didn’t, and Clare never got a chance to meet them, kind of presumptuous to refer to yourselves as basically the “ones that got away,” hence the “gettawayz.” Whatever. I’m not gonna try and logically explain that one. Anywho…). Those 5 guys are:

Alex Brusiloff
Collins Youngblood
Ellis Matthews
Josh Elledge
Tien Yang

So add those 5 to 35 accounted for above, and that now brings us to 40 of the 42 guys originally cast are now accounted for. The only 2 I don’t have a status on are:

Gary Briggs
Karl Smith

So Gary or Karl either never made it on the show at all, or ONLY were brought on for Tayshia because they weren’t part of the 31 guys announced yesterday as “Clare’s Men.” As far as I know, no guy that Clare eliminated herself ever came back and showed up as part of Tayshia’s season. If they did, that’s news to me.

Got it? Good. So who did Clare eliminate, how many rose ceremonies did she have, and what happened with her, Dale, quitting, etc. More on that on Page 2…



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