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Bachelorette Clare Spoilers

Some “Bachelorette” Spoilers

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The 7 guys from that list Clare eliminated on night 1 were:

AJ Yalawan
Chris Conran
Jeremy Higgins
Jordan Manier
Mike Tobin
Page Pressley
Robby Stahl

There were only 2 other rose ceremonies that Clare was a part of. 7 guys were eliminated during those rose ceremonies. They were:

Blake Monar
Brandon Goss
Garin Flowers
Jordan Chapman
Tyler Smith
Yosef Aborady
Zach Jackson

And technically Yosef was eliminated before a rose ceremony because he gets into it with Clare about one of the group dates he wasn’t even a part of. For a guy with a daughter, he sure sets a horrible example this season. I’ll be curious to see exactly what they show of his conversation with Clare (some of which we’ve seen in the promos), but I’ve been told it wasn’t pretty, he called her names, and all around rude to her, so she kicked him off the show. Lets see exactly what they show. Yesterday in his 30 minute reveal video, Chris Harrison definitely set us up for Yosef being one who’s involved in “controversy” and “if something is on his mind, he’s gonna say it.”

The transition from Clare to Tayshia as the “Bachelorette” I don’t have every exact detail of. We’ve gone over this ad nauseum over the last 2 months whether it was on my podcast or my IG lives with Ashley Spivey, or even in the few columns I’ve written. People are going to believe what they’re gonna believe, but the reports about Clare refusing to film, locking herself in closets, and quitting the show to be with Dale aren’t correct. This is the first time in “Bachelor” or “Bachelorette” history the lead of the show EVER got to see their cast before filming started. Clare had 4 months. Granted, not all the guys released back in March were brought back, but 17 of them were, and if you heard Clare on Rachel and Becca’s podcast, she admitted she absolutely snooped the guys’ profiles and IG stories over those 4 months. Clearly during that time, she fell for Dale. Reports are they were talking were at first debunked by Michelle Money, and then confirmed by me. There was no pre-show relationship, talking, texting, etc between Clare and Dale. Again, I know people will choose to believe what they want to, but that’s what I was told and I believe it to be true.

So what happened? Well, as mentioned, Clare clearly had a front runner in her head going into filming, and that was Dale. Once filming started, it was apparently evident to everyone there that she was most into him and was impossible to hide. So I guess the question comes down to, what would you have rather her do? Fake it for a whole season with guys she wasn’t nearly as into, or, decide to leave with Dale once they realized they wanted to be with each other? Damned if you do, damned if you don’t I guess. People scream every season about too much drama and no love story. Well, this season you’ll get a Clare and Dale love story, but then probably question it. How about actually just waiting until the episodes air before determining what you claim to already know about their relationship? None of us have seen anything. I do know they’re still together, and probably engaged. Do I know for a fact they’re engaged? No. But I assume they are based on things I’ve heard.

Which then brings us to Tayshia and how she fit into all of this. When Clare was announced as “Bachelorette”, as with every season, there were people upset. “Oh, she’s already had 4 chances,” “Oh, she’s too old,” “Ugh, why her” on and on and on. We get it every season no matter who is named the lead. This show will never do the 2 “Bachelorette” thing again like Kaitlyn and Britt just because it’s an awful look to pit two women against each other like that. However, I do think that this season they knew what they were doing. Based on the timing of when we heard Tayshia was headed to La Quinta to begin quarantine then film (it was 9 days after Clare’s first night), I can report to you that this was in productions plan before Clare’s season started. They knew Clare would be removed at some point during this season and replaced as the “Bachelorette” by Tayshia. Did Clare know? No. Did the guys know? No. But production sure as hell did. So Clare falling for Dale early, something production had a sense would happen due to conversation with Clare pre-show and them knowing she was into him, this was gonna be their “twist” from this season.

Can I prove this? No. Will the show ever admit it? No. But plenty of stuff I’ve told you throughout the years I can’t prove, but I know happened. So the reports that came out during filming of production being caught off guard, Clare putting them in a tough spot, they didn’t know what to do, etc. is all BS. They knew they were brining in Tayshia to take over as “Bachelorette” at some point during the season, before filming even started. Clare didn’t put them out by falling for Dale, or screw up productions schedule. If that were the case, filming would’ve stopped at some point, and Tayshia wouldn’t have been brought there only 9 days into filming. You realize Tayshia was there quarantining while Clare was still going on dates. Huh? Maybe one of these days I’ll be able to share how I know they knew Tayshia was planned before the season. Whatever the case, that’s what happened. Production “knew” Clare and Dale were gonna end up being a thing based on pre-show conversations, knowing that this season might be boring because of the one location shoot, they decide to have Tayshia “ready” to go once Clare and Dale went down. In reality, they knew what was happening the whole time. It wasn’t even Clare’s decision to end the show with Dale. It was productions. They were the ones that went to HER bringing up the scenario of basically, “what do you think of ending this now with Dale.” They both agreed and, whaddya’ know, they already have Tayshia there on standby. Look, I’m pretty sure the show is gonna dispute this and make backhanded comments in interviews they had no idea going in what was gonna happen, but as always, I stand by my sources on this one.

Now, lets get to Tayshia’s part of the season, where things get a little murky…



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