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Podcast #196 – Interview with Kristen Baldwin, TV Critic at “Entertainment Weekly”

Got a fun show for you this week as I have Kristen Baldwin, TV critic from joining me for I believe a 4th time. Seems like I have her on about once a year to talk about all things going on in the TV world, and not just “Bachelor”-land. We do talk a few spoilers in the beginning if you haven’t been following along for the last month, so, you’ve been warned. She gives her thoughts on everything she’s heard going on in Clare/Tayshia’s season along with the health protocols she, and the rest of us, are seemingly confused with since no explanation has been given. Being the TV critic at, Kristen also has access to screeners of upcoming shows/docs on other networks that we also discuss, including one beginning this Sunday on HBO that I’m definitely looking forward to. Always fun having Kristen on being a TV nerd that I am, I’m always interested in what any critic has to say about the shows we love to watch. As always, if you’d like to respond to the interview, please include Kristen’s Twitter handle (@KristenGBaldwin) in your replies. Thanks again to Kristen for coming on as I’m sure we’ll have her on right when the new year turns and Matt James’ season is set to begin.

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(SPOILERS) I begin by briefly going over some things happening with “Bachelorette” filming. Then Kristen joins me (7:30) to give her take on all the “Bachelorette” news from the past month – Clare/Tayshia, how does she think they’re handling the pandemic, JoJo/Chris Harrison, how will the season hold up ratings wise, etc. We also then talk about DWTS and Big Brother filming during a pandemic, before wrapping up with her thoughts on some upcoming scripted shows she’s had the chance to screen early.

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