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Podcast #197 – Reader Emails Answered (Column)

A very fun podcast today as I answer the emails you’ve sent me over the last two days since I began asking for them on this past Tuesday’s live IG with Ashley Spivey. I usually do this once or twice a year where I’ll make my weekly podcast a chance to read emails. However, I’ve also answered your emails in written form below. I think there are some I answered in the podcast that aren’t in the column, but not too many. And my answers in the podcast were a tad longer probably than they were in the column, but, we haven’t had a “Reader Emails” in almost 5 months, so figured it was time to do one. There is a mini spoiler in them as well as I let you know who Tayshia gave her first impression rose to and how far that guy lasted. These emails were a lot of fun because it’s not all centered around Bachelor related stuff. In fact, I’d say 90% of them have nothing to do with the “Bachelorette” season, which I liked. You will get your spoilers within the next couple weeks like you do every season. Nothing’s changed. The show may have filmed in one location all season, and that may have made it harder to get daily spoiler updates and prevented any public dates from leaking, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be any spoilers. Trust me. When I have everything, you will too.

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(SPOILERS) I begin by talking about filming on Tayshia’s season, who received her first impression rose, and what the “Bachelorette” schedule should look like. Then I answer your emails covering topics like trolls, Bachelor Nation couples, my relationship with Kat, Uncrustables, Olive Garden, Star Wars movies, chores, favorite meals, and all sorts of other things – most of which are non-Bachelor related. A great group of questions you can also read the answers to in today’s column.

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A couple notes regarding Tayshia’s filming:

-From what I’ve been told, filming wraps on Tuesday, Sept. 1st. So only a few days left.
-I mentioned on my live about knowing who got Tayshia’s first impression rose. That went to Spencer Robertson. And he didn’t even get to her final 4.
-The show still hasn’t officially announced when the “Bachelorette” will begin airing, but we know it’s on Tuesdays this season. Nick’s GOAT episode is on Aug. 31st. Juan Pablo’s is on Sept. 7th. I’m pretty sure the “Bachelorette” will premiere the following week on the 15th. Makes the most sense. Be shocked if it wasn’t. 22nd at the latest. But I would prepare for her season to premiere on the 15th. UPDATE: Was officially announced today Clare’s season begins airing Tuesday, Oct. 13th. Much later than I thought. Basically means this season will be airing well into December, but, also means that there will be way less time between “Bachelorette” ending airing and Matt’s season of the “Bachelor” beginninig airing. Maybe a couple weeks, since “Bachelor” always premieres first Monday in January. As long as his filming doesn’t get shut down by COVID or anything, I expect it to start Jan. 2021 per usual.
-Matt James’ season I’m being told got pushed back a week or so and will begin filming the first week of October at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in PA. More on that in the podcast and today’s “Reader Emails.”

Lets get started, shall we?

Have you used an Olive Garden breadstick as a hotdog bun?

Comment: No on the hot dog. But I have had their chicken parm sandwich where the bread is the breadstick. Good shit I tell ya’.

Questions for the podcast.
What do u know about

Garrett/becca? That she never wears her ring anymore, she hasn’t been seen with him in over 2 months, they don’t post about each other, and they don’t live together anymore. Besides that, things seem to be going great for them.
Tyler/Hannah? Really?
Nick viall dating who? I thought I saw some paparazzi caught him with some 21 year old IG model. Is that who he’s dating?
Chris soules/Victoria Nothing other than what they’ve said and posted.
Andi dating/ why did she move? No idea.
Have u met Cody and Jess yet? No.

Question…who is the one person in Bach nation you didn’t have the best opinion of but have changed your mind about after getting to know them or seeing how they have handled themselves post show?

Comment: Jordan Kimball was one. Then Colton recently. Those are the two that immediately jump out to me.

Steve. You can’t forget Ashley’s due date again it’s literally 2-1-21

Comment: Ahhhh, very easy to remember now.

Hi, Steve! Question for your podcast episode. After reading a few Bachelor-behind-the-scenes style books, I can’t quite get a handle on the typical “salary” for the show lead. What’s the usual range these days, and what factors determine it? Thank you for all your content; I’m a big fan!

Comment: The men get in the $100-120k range. Women get less. I wanna say between $60-80k. But its not universal. Depends on how good of a negotiator you are and how bad they want you.

Can you get a “troll” or two or three on to interview? Not that I want them to get their 15 minutes of fame but I really would like to know their motivation behind their nasty comments on social media and why they hide behind the anonymity of being able to do so. I bet they all think they are “good” people.

Comment: I would LOVE to do this. But I think the whole point of trolling is these people don’t want others to know who they are for fear of retribution, which is highly ironic. They just want to be able to say all the nastiest, racist, rude, derogatory, etc things they want – they just don’t want anyone to know who to attribute it to. So I would think it kinda defeats the purpose.

However, if ANY troll wants to contact me to come on my podcast and face the music sometime, I’d welcome it. Because yeah, I really do think a lot of people wanna know what motivates someone to sit nameless and faceless behind a computer screen and hurl nasty things at people. I sure do.

If you weren’t in the business of spoilers, what would your dream job be?

Comment: I don’t know. I don’t really have one to be honest. All I wanted in high school and college was to be a sports talk show host on the radio. Then once I was in it, I didn’t see myself doing it full time. I enjoy what I do now though. And podcasting is definitely something I love doing too.

Steve, do you like Carabba’s? Why do you prefer Olive Garden over Carabba’s? (Other than price)

I like Carrabba’s, but I worked at Olive Garden for 3 months before my junior year of college and loved it. All I did was host too. Never served. But I ate it so much for lunch and dinner (employee discount baby) that it’s always stuck with me.

Question everyone is wondering. Are Kat and Luka soulmates? Totally.

And are you jealous that Luka’s new favorite is Kat? I love the fact that Luka loves Kat. Lets be honest, if someone didn’t like dogs or care for Luka and just tolerated her, I could never be with them. Kat was so excited to throw a party for Luka’s “Gotcha Day” two weeks ago, that was really cool.

How much do you like Star Wars? What do you think of Trilogy 1 with Natalie Portman? Trilogy 3 with BB8. The prequels all sucked, so I’m not ranking those. Grew up a big Stars Wars fan. ESB is probably #1 on my list. And I liked all the ones that came out recently that blended old school cast with new school cast. After ESB, it’s tough to rank 2-6. The prequels were garbage.

Rank the robots from best to least best? (BB8, R2D2, C3P0.) R2D2, BB8, C3PO. Jar Jar Binks blows. But that was in the prequels, so it’s like it basically never existed.

Rank your favorite characters. Storm troopers included. Impossible since I liked mostly all of them.

Is Italian food your favorite food? Duh? Obvious? Fo sho.

What do you think of conspiracy theories? What are the most funny ones you heard from Kat? Are there any that you think might be true?

How will Kat react to a conspiracy theory debunked? I’m amused by them. We never get to deep with those. I find them funny and don’t really think too much of them.

You said you are a private person, how are you dealing with people asking you about personal questions about you and Kat? Which is worst, stupid comments or the personal questions? I get that there’s an interest in Kat and I, but it’s not like I’m gonna share a whole hell of a lot. We’ve spent more time together than pics we’ve shared, and that’s the way it’ll always be. We don’t document every time we’re together. Hell, I don’t think we document every 3 or 4 times we’re together. That’s the way I like it.

I have noticed some of the podcasters have producers, like Demi and Nick. Why is it necessary and do you have one?

Comment: To each their own. Some don’t want to edit their stuff, so the producer handles it. Some have the producers book their guests. Some have the producers as part of the show. Like Nick. And we all saw how that went with me. But no, I don’t have one. I record and post my own, and I book my own guests.

Hi Steve,

I have a couple of days and on questions for your podcast on Thursday.

what is your dream fast food meal?
One entree
Two sides
One Drink
One Dessert

Ummmm, In-n-Out burger, Raising Cane’s fries, KFC mashed potatoes and gravy, coke, and a Sonic/Dairy Queen Banana Split.

For example mine is the following:
Popeyes spicy chick sandwich
McDonald’s fries
Sonic chili cheese tater tots
Taco Bell Baja blast
Dairy Queen Oreo blizzard

Close runner ups:
Arby’s curly fries, raising canes Texas toast, sonic cheddar bites, McDonald’s apple pie

2) have you ever considered getting a personal assistant? No. Don’t need one. Wouldn’t have enough work them to do to keep them busy.

Are you still a dodgers and lakers fan? Yep.



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