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Podcast #197 – Reader Emails Answered (Column)

What is the best gift you’ve received? A video my high school girlfriend gave me for Xmas.

What is your biggest pet peeve? On the podcast, just know I went on a rant about 4 way stops in strip malls. So that’s one of them.

If you were ruler of your own country what would be the first law you would introduce? Ummmmm, if you throw a fit over someone going first at a four way stop at a strip mall that wasn’t supposed to, you should get fined or ticketed. So dumb.

1. If Arie wanted to come on the podcast to clear the air, would you be willing to have him on? Sure.

2. When Demi came on your IG live, she said that she wanted you to come on her podcast. Whatever happened with that? Haven’t hear from her or her production team since.

3. Do you think Nick has remorse for talking to you like he did on his podcast, after seeing how the majority of listeners felt about how he treated you? Absolutely, 1000% no. Not in the least bit.

Hi Steve!

I hope you are doing well. I’m a huge fan of yours. I’ve been reading your blog for years and love your take on everything. My question from you is: since you started your Reality Steve podcast/column, what is the coolest thing that has manifested as a result? Like what are the coolest people, events, experiences that you have gotten to meet and attend?

I think COVID will screw up some scripted TV Shows, like This is Us. It happened during the Writer’s Strike. It will still be good but not as good if COVID wasn’t around. Planned story lines and executions of it will probably have to change. A little bit sad but they could only do the best they can do. What is your take on how COVID affect scripted TV?

Comment: The “This is Us” creator did an interview saying they will incorporate COVID into season 5 storylines, but overall, it’s not going to affect anything long term. They still know where they’re headed with every major character, it’s still slated to end after season 6, and nothing that COVID has done has changed their end game, which they’ve known about for a while.Comment: I think she was happy as a clam to even get the call to be “Bachelorette” mid filming and I doubt anyone in that position is making demands.

Hi Steve,

I hope this is early enough for your podcast. I love all the podcasts you’ve done, but really, I loved listening to your podcast with FP Santangelo, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on the MLB season so far. I think most people already thought the Astros were getting away with a lot, but now they’re not even getting live fans booing them in the stands, which is pretty disappointing for me. Anyhow, what do you think of this format? What of these changes do you think might stick around in the long run for the MLB?

Comment: I just can’t get into it. No one will really recognize a 60 game regular season world series champion. Sure, it’ll be in the record books but everyone will remember this season was unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

I think the DH will stay and so will runner on second to start every extra inning. I thought I was gonna hate it, but I love it. And stats have proven it’s been way more exciting because teams aren’t really playing for 1 run.

Hey Steve!

Question for this weeks podcast. What’s one thing you thought you’d really miss when the quarantine started but now you don’t miss it at all? I’m not sure. But I do know I miss the hell out of Vegas. I love the vibe, I love the ambience, I love the restaurants, I love just shooting the shit in the sportsbook with other sports fans, etc. It sucks that I had to cancel my March Madness trip and my Fan Appreciation Party this year. Really bummed about that. But I think I will go there before the end of the calendar year. I’m still booked to go in 2 weeks for opening week of NFL season, but I’m probably gonna cancel that. The excitement isn’t there like it usually is for that opening weekend.

Hey Steve, just a few questions for your podcast.

I’ve always wondered since you got Luka, did you name him after Luka Doncic? Me and my husband are huge Mavericks fans. Were not from Texas, we are from Arkansas. Nope. That was her name when I adopted “her.” I know, I know. I think it’s a unisex name, but so many people think she’s a him. Luka is a girl.

Also, did you see Casey and Morgans videos about what a pos evan is. I had to quit following him. What a douche. Yes. Watched all their videos and still chat with Kaci regularly. Unfortunately it really seems like Evan has some major issues, one of them being a compulsive liar. Not good.

Hi, Steve!

I’ve been a following your site since the first season I watched, Andi’s season, and love your work!

What are some of the most shocking things that have happened in Bachelor Nation from your point of view? What did you never see coming in a million years? Could be a relationship that lasted or didn’t last, a lead sending someone home early on or keeping someone a super long time, any tea or drama that’s come out about someone, etc. You have great insight and never seem very surprised about anything in Bachelor Nation, so I am curious!

Comment: Hell, I think the fact that Clare is a two week “Bachelorette” this season is pretty shocking. Nobody could’ve predicted that before the season started. Sure, now you can say, “Oh totally makes sense they’d bring Tayshia in.” But I’m sorry, no one for 4 months while COVID was going on was saying, “You know what I think will happen once Clare’s season starts? She’s gonna fall for a guy after two weeks, they’re gonna let her end the show with him right then and there, they’re gonna bring Tayshia in, she’ll be the Bachelorette, then some guys will get brought in just for her that had to wait around for 3 weeks…” Just stop. No one predicted that.

Also, do you ever seek out spoilers for other reality shows that you watch just for your own knowledge/pleasure, not for work? Or do you prefer to be unspoiled on everything else in your life? No. I don’t want to be spoiled on anything else in my life. Only this show because I don’t care what happens at the end since it usually ends up in a broken engagement anyway.

Hey Steve! I just caught your live on IGTV and have a question perhaps for your podcast this week. If not, feel free to throw it on Reader Emails. You said a while ago that you have a list of questions ready in case you ever interviewed Chris Harrison; and this week you mentioned Elan would never come on. Are there other people internal to production who you keep a list of questions for besides CH?

No. Just Chris Harrison or Robert Mills. Those are the only ones. And they’d never do it for the same reason Elan wouldn’t. They would never open themselves up to the accusations I’d throw at them.

Who do we think the ‘difficult’ bachelor and bachelorette leads were? I’ve heard many podcast hint that some where very difficult to work with from the production side – but never heard specific names?

Chris Harrison has said he never vibed with Charlie O’Connell and they butted heads. He also said that Prince Lorenzo was the worst Bachelor. Then again, Lorenzo came on my podcast a couple years ago and said he hated Chris Harrison, soooo.

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