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Podcast #200 – Interview with Jason and Molly Mesnick & (Column) Update & Thoughts on the Colton/Cassie Situation

I really am shocked by the amount of people who already are jumping on Cassie for filing the TRO, immediately siding with Colton, yet, I guarantee 99.999999999% of you haven’t read the full TRO and every text message Cassie provided to the courts. So get back to me once you do. All I needed to do was read it and realize what an awful situation this is. She doesn’t deserve that. No one does. Nor does she deserve a bunch of people doubting her because…why? Because you thought she was never into him from Portugal and this is a diabolical plan? Yikes. Colton is completely out of line for what he did, and now, my guess is he’s gonna suffer the consequences for it. The hearing is set for Oct. 6th, but that doesn’t mean it’ll end then. He could ask for a continuance, their lawyers could work something out before then – we don’t know. So don’t think this is all over on Oct. 6th. Chances are it won’t be. But from everything I’ve heard from those in the know, Colton trying to fight this basically would go against everything that’s happened behind the scenes.

While all of us were shocked last Friday when this story hit the media, apparently those in that inner circle have known about this for a while. It was only a matter of time before this was gonna get out. There were too many people who knew, I’m hearing Colton shared with a lot of people that he was struggling with being stalked and then later admitted that it was actually him, and now here we are. So I don’t know what his next plan of action is, but, if it’s anything other than distancing himself from Cassie, accepting whatever punishment he’s given and moving on, then he’s getting horrible advice. You heard Colton on my podcast. This show fucked him up. He’s admitted that his mental health struggled because of this show. He needs help. And I hope he gets it. He was 1000% wrong for what he did from placing a tracking device on her car, to making himself the victim in certain texts, to then MAKING UP texts from a number scaring Cassie and sending to himself. Inexcusable. Cassie filing clearly seemed to be the only way to get across to him and I hope he learns his lesson from it and gets some help. My opinion is I don’t think he’s well mentally right now, and that can be a very scary place for himself and for Cassie.

I say that from experience. My ex from 5 years ago did the exact same thing Colton did. I would get text messages from an unknown number, and it’d be saying stuff about my relationship that no random person would know. Then she’d send a similar message to herself. These messages always kept coming up while I wanted my space from her, or, we had just broken up. It was a way to lure me back in. A way of saying, “How can you do this to me when there’s someone out there stalking us?” It was awful. Making herself a victim so I’d feel sorry for her, talk to her, see her, etc. That’s all she wanted, and she knew the only way to get it was make it seem like we were being threatened. It’s a level of mind fuck and manipulation I wouldn’t wish upon anyone. It seriously messes with your head. When I read the text messages Colton faked to himself and Cassie, it brought me back to that time. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. His were bad. My ex’s were bad. There’s no other way around it. There is something mentally not right with him right now just like there wasn’t with my ex at the time. I could go on for days what with I dealt with in that relationship. I mean, I lived it and I STILL can’t believe the things she said and did. It almost seems not real. I’ve told people in my life, and even they find it hard to believe. But trust me, it happened. And I still have all the evidence in case for some reason it ever popped up again. Don’t think it will, but you never know. Basically the reason I’ve had trust issues since then.

I only tell that story because once I read everything, I knew exactly why Cassie filed the TRO. And I don’t care if it was a month later. From what I was told, this was not something she fired off in a day. A lot of thought went into it and this is what she felt was her best course of action. Her last IG post was Sept 4th and it’s beach pictures with Katie Morton. Go read some of the comments – well, at least all the ones that have posted since she filed last Friday. Disgusting. What prompts someone to go to a pic Cassie posted 2 weeks ago of fun times on the beach and just lay into her about this case? Especially the ones that say, “Look, she’s happy so clearly the Colton stuff isn’t that big of a deal to her.” Seriously? She’s not allowed to live her life, or hell, even smile ever again or else it means this isn’t weighing on her? People are so messed up. It’s kinda what I tweeted out earlier this week. I’m starting to feel this more and more now and it sucks:

I feel helpless sometimes even reporting on this franchise anymore. Because people just love to shit on everything now, and it really doesn’t matter when they see facts. Cassie presented the facts in the TRO and it’s still not good enough for some. If you’re not one of those people, I’m not talking to you. If when this story broke, the first thought that came to your head was, “I wonder what Cassie did that led Colton to act this way,” or, “she just wants attention,” honestly, there’s something seriously wrong with you. Go look at the replies under that tweet. It’s unreal. And we know those are trolls or people who just don’t like Cassie regardless, but still. The mindset that people have about this story already is mind boggling. But look, I get it, no matter what happens there will be people who are going to shit on Cassie. That’s the nature of the beast unfortunately. Doesn’t make it right though.

The bottom line is because you like Colton, or maybe have a soft spot for him, or just you hate Cassie, doesn’t mean what she filed and the evidence she gave to the courts isn’t true. I have a hard time believing Cassie would not have filed if she didn’t have any proof to back up her claims. She already gave evidence which you can clearly see in the TRO. Not to mention from everything I’ve been hearing this week, plenty of people in that circle know about this situation. It wasn’t a secret between just Cassie and Colton and it’s her word against his or something like that. That’s why the stories about “Colton hasn’t spoken to her in a month” and “they were filming a reality show together” are so non-sensical are clearly being put out as a diversion from the evidence in the TRO. Neither have anything to do with the screen shots and what was said in those texts she provided. I was a fan of Colton after I spoke to him. Realized the guy had a hard time with the show, he seemed genuine, and I just wanted honesty. I thought he gave it to me. It’s apparent now he left out many parts. Don’t be fooled. I know I’m not anymore.

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