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“Reader Emails,” Some “Bachelor” Notes, & Which of Clare’s Guys Have Been Married/Engaged?

Steve, thanks for all you’ve done for both Clare and Matt’s season so far! You have your work cut out for you! Damn COVID.

I may have missed this but is Uzoma (who was released in March) actually Eazy? Yes.

Do you know if Clare kissed more than Dale and Blake Moynes on the first night? Typically there are kisses that don’t make it on air. And I realize that it doesn’t matter as she is 1000% into Dale. You’re correct. There’s always plenty of kisses that don’t get shown on the first night. I’m sure she did, but I don’t know who.

Any reports that Dale and Clare have been having happy couple visits since her season ended? I can’t imagine she’s doing hair in California. Yet Dale is be-bopping ND, NY, etc and posting on IG. They’ve had Happy Couple wknds, yes.

My prediction is that they will get married on ATFR in December. She will have shown Dale the video from her dad this fall (of course a production crew will capture the moment(s)). Hearing anything of the sort? No.

And I’m thrilled for you and Kat. Loved your podcast together. She’s so playful and you are calculated (yet I think it’s adorable.) Have your sister and her family met Kat?

Comment: Yes.

Hey I just read your last two updates and started reading Reader Emails so I apologize if this gets covered and I missed it, but are you in the loop any more than other media outlets on what’s the latest in the Cassie/Colton drama? Are you aware of him commenting at all yet? And anything new beyond the court extending the protection order to November? Just seems like it was screamin’ news for a while and has quieted down. Thanks!!

Comment: Nope. I don’t know anything more than what’s been reported. Probably a good thing it died down. It was becoming much too divisive and a lot of misinformation and horribly formed opinions coming from people who clearly didn’t read the TRO.

Hi Steve,

Maybe I missed something but I don’t remember reading anywhere how they were potentially making Dale appear as the “bad guy” of the season (ie. he’s different in front of the cameras, he isn’t who Clare thinks he may be). What have you heard about this? Is there any truth to what they are saying? Or is just pure hate because everyone knows their connection and isn’t too happy about it?

Comment: I have a feeling that’s editing. I know that the guys were aware that Dale was the favorite from the get go. If that leads to “hate,” then that’s standard. We get that every season. But I have a feeling editing is having a little fun with the voiceovers and the guys aren’t necessarily saying that about him.

Hi Steve,

I’ve written a few questions over the years that you have always answered. However, I’ve asked this non-bachelor related question twice and haven’t seen it answered, so I will try for a third time:

Can you rank your favorite Taylor Swift albums from favorite to least favorite?

I ask you because you get partial credit for making me a fan, so I would love it if you answered it!!

Comment: Oh geez. You gotta remember, I’m a late bloomer to T Swift. I have not been with her since the beginning. So I’ll only do the last 5:

(Tie) Lover, Red

Hey Steve,

I have a few questions for your next reader emails.

1. Loved the podcast you did with Kat. I dont Watch big brother so didn’t know who she was before y’all started dating. She has the absolute best personality so I can see why you wanted to date her. What I want to know is- does it surprise you that you ended up dating someone in the reality tv world that is such a public figure? A little bit. I knew it’d never be anyone from the Bachelor franchise. But Kat happened out of nowhere. Neither of us were expecting it. So in that aspect, I’m surprised. But it’s weird, because I don’t look at her as “Kat Dunn from Big Brother.” She’s just Kat to me. I could care less she was on Big Brother.

2. I know that all of the cast and crew for the bachelorette were tested and quarantined for filming. My concern is what did they do with all of the resort staff? I have stayed there before and it is quite a large property. They would need housekeeping and groundskeepers and food service. Did they not let those people go home at all during filming? If they did- I would be very concerned that they would bring covid back to the resort. Glad production never got shut down but that would be a very worrisome issue if I were Producing the show. No, they were tested but allowed to go home. I just don’t think they interacted with the cast at all. Kinda like what happened down in the NBA bubble in Orlando. Those players were tested every day, but housekeeping and groundskeepers came and went. However, those people never interacted with the players, so it was fine.

3. Have you heard if Clare is considering moving for Dale or him moving for her? I don’t see a long distance relationship working very well for anyone coming out of this franchise.

Comment: LDR’s are not the easiest, especially when it comes to this franchise. I have not heard what the situation is between them. But judging by social media, seems like Dale is the one who has more flexibility when it comes to moving. Clare has a mom in a nursing home. I don’t see her moving anytime soon.

Your podcast with BachelorClues was hands down one of your best. To the point of I would recommend doing something with them on the regular.

The podcast was an excellent balance of humor, discussing Bachelor content and energy that was contagious. There is something there with the three of you that you shouldn’t overlook.

Here you are in a timeframe of not having the same volume of spoilers you normally have. But you accomplished a highly interesting discussion on all of the other bullshit that takes place within Bachelor nation. The three of you really hit it on the head. Thank you. It really was one of my favorite interviews to do. They present a completely different way to look at the show, and after 40 seasons, you kinda need that.

Quick question- I listened to this when I worked. I can’t seem to find the part where they pissed on your interview with Nick. I really want to hear that….used to be such a fan of his, gave him the benefit of the doubt, then listened to the interview he did with you.

He made an ass out of himself in my opinion and I can’t listen anymore.

Anyway if you happen to know when that was broken down and you have the time for a fan, let me know.

Comment: It was their July 16th podcast. It’s a must listen if you heard me on Nick’s podcast.

Hi Steve,

I hope all is well with you! I loved your podcast you did with Kat! I listened to Kat’s first and then re listened to it when you released it today so I could support both of you. I think she’s the funniest person alive. Lol.

My first question for you is, are you excited to watch Tayshia when she becomes the Bachelorette? I was honestly so excited for Clare, I’m sad we won’t get to see a full season of her. Let me know your thoughts. I don’t have too much level of excitement for any lead, so I can’t say I’m yay or nay on Tayshia. I’m just whatever at this point.

My second question to you would be, who has been your favorite podcast guest? I’m not sure if you’ve answered this before, but if you have I’m sorry! I loved when you had Luke Parker on. It’s really hard to answer because I think there are so many that I loved and thought were interesting. Impossible to nail down.

My last question to you is, how long do you spend during the day writing or researching bachelor things? I feel like it’d be a lot!

Thanks for keeping us entertained!

Comment: Depends. For the last 6 months, not a whole hell of a lot. But now in season, with “Reader Emails” on Tuesday, I usually start answering them at some point over the weekend and try to get most of them done. And any that come in on Monday I try to answer Monday night or Tuesday morning before I post. Then my recap column I start writing right after the show and then wake up Wednesday morning to finish. Thursday is just the podcast and whenever that can be recorded. Sometimes it’s a week in advance, sometimes it’s the day before. Like this week, I’m gonna record on Wednesday for this week’s podcast. But then I’m recording Thursday for next week’s podcast.

Hi Steve

I just listened to your podcast with Clues and Lizzy. It was so interesting. You had mentioned the Peter/Kelley relationship and I feel the same way you do, there is something about it that just seems ‘off’ to me. Everything they post together, Kelley is always hanging off Peter or if she is the one filming, I sense this conceitedness to her filming her daily outfit etc.

But what I really wanted to send you an email about is something that struck me funny.

On Tuesday nights Premier of Clare’s season, a drive-in watch party was held in LA and it seemed to be by invite only.

I saw on Instagram that some former contestants had filmed their arrival in their cars such as Becca Tilley and her friend Tonya as well as Becca Kufrin arriving at the drive-in.

It truly was a drive-in situation where they were all dressed in demin or something casual because well, it’s a drive-in where you sit in your car all evening.

What cracked me up and was borderline cringey was Kelley Flanagan announced a few times that her and Peter were attending the Premier (Peter also made sure to announce they were going) and here is Kelley mid day putting out a story asking if anyone knew any good glam artists in LA!

I couldn’t help but think, who in the world do these people think they are? I mean, come on! Kelley was treating this event like she was some high fluten celebrity going to the Oscar’s!! Lol. Seriously, who hires a glam team to go to a drive-in theater to sit in their cars all night??

I really do think both Peter and Kelley do believe they are these celebrity icons. Of course, the stardom fame also was passed on to Peter’s family because just watching Barb aka Sweetnums posting stories to all her fans and doing sponsorship posts is double the cringe!!

Anywho, thought you may get a kick out of this. I wonder if others felt the same way who follow them?

Thanks Steve, I love what you do. I really enjoy your lives with Ashley too.

(Oh before I sign off, maybe you will know the answer to this. I listen to your podcast on apple or spotify but I have a Samsung phone. I have wanted to leave a review many times however there seems to be no way to do that on Spotify and I do not have an apple account. Hope this makes sense, but how do I leave review when each podcast platform doesn’t allow me too? I’m guessing that by emailing you my thoughts does not cut it where I can leave a 5 star review to benefit you. Maybe you’ll have the answer for me. I just cannot figure it out.

Comment: I think I liked this email because someone used the phrase “high fluten” to describe a contestant from this show. That’s gotta be a first.

You should be able to review and leave a 5 star when listening on Apple Podcasts. Go to the Reality Steve Podcast, then keep scrolling down all the episodes and it should appear.

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  1. angelfish

    October 20, 2020 at 4:53 PM

    The word is “highfalutin”. If you’re going to use a word you don’t know how to spell, just Google it please.

    Steve definitely looks better than he has in years. The last few seasons he’s looked a bit frazzled, but he looks happy & healthy. Great for him & Kat. It’s nice to see.

    I’m not interested in Tayshia or her “journey”, so I hope they give us as much Clare as possible. Even knowing what we know, I’m enjoying her self confidence and upbeat demeanor for as long as it lasts. I am looking forward to her verbal beatdown though. We haven’t had a really good one since Emily.

  2. crushonspivey

    October 21, 2020 at 8:54 AM

    The dodge ball game was something else. Sexist as he!!. Can you imagine the lead being a guy asking the girls to strip down like that as they played in 2020? And then some dudes just whipping out their privates? That is pure trash.

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