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“Reader Emails,” Some “Bachelor” Notes, & Which of Clare’s Guys Have Been Married/Engaged?

You and Kat are cute 🙂

That’s all.

Comment: Thanks. I agree.

Readers emails:

Listened to your podcast with Kat and I can’t say I understand everyone’s confusion over your website. I have been reading it for many many years and I’ve never had an issue navigating it. ????? I also come to your sight for your comical witty insight on the season/episode. I’ve always enjoyed your writing even pre spoiler days. If it ever came to a point your “brand” was over thrown I hope you would continue with the recaps as that’s why I came to this site in the first place (the rest is just a bonus) I mean, there have been times when we’ve had ad problems and people getting redirected on mobile. But that’s not just my site. That’s an industry wide problem. Seems like that hasn’t happened in over a year though. Does it have a lot of ads? Yeah, it does. Because I don’t work for free. However, ever read a story on or US Weekly on mobile? I’m sure you have. Do me a favor and count how many ads you see in the middle of the story or appearing at the top and/or bottom of your phone. Bet you didn’t realize it’s pretty much the exact same as what you see on mine. It’s what the industry has now become unfortunately because most people read on mobile or tablet. In 2016, my traffic was 75/25 desktop vs mobile/tablet. Four years later, you can basically flip that. Last I checked it was 80/20 mobile/tablet vs desktop. So yeah, there’s gonna be a lot of ads on there. However, the most important thing to me is my traffic. And it’s there every season. It’s not dropped or suffered. So it’s kind of a, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” kind of deal, you know?

I’ll also have you know, someone emailed me on IG this weekend complaining about my site, we went back and forth, and by the end of the conversation, she understood. So people may complain, but I’m curious exactly what they’re complaining about. And what they believe their solution is to running my business.

2. Does it ever bother you that people excessively comment on every tweet or post you make? I can’t recall ever commenting on one of your posts but I do notice that there are people that seem to be the first to comment on absolutely everything you post. That would drive me nuts, especially when they respond to people as if they are speaking for you sometimes. No. I expect it. I just rarely ever respond. If you take how many people respond my posts versus how many I reply to, it might be .000001%. It’s pointless.

As for Clare’s season, I wasn’t really impressed. They are editing her to look a little desperate. And the driveway wasn’t very wet… They could have done better there too.


Why does Jake palveka follow kat? She did an event with him years ago.

Even though jp is no longer suffering from his illness I think overall it took its toll on their marriage

It sounded like months before jp got sick they were happy but then he probably was having problems before getting diagnosed which would put stress on any marriage as that is just what serious illness do. I am caregiver to a hubby with an incurable multiple myeloma cancer that is also a very rare cancer and he was given 3 to 5 years and is now at 10 years but side affects of all his drugs and chemo have drastically affected our marriage of 32 years. Drs says he probably had it for 10 years before getting diagnosed.

I am sure side affects of Jps illness and future have added stresses to their marriage as Ashley is a strong minded person and guys are not the easiest to be around when seriously ill. Secondly not knowing if the disease may return in the future is tough as it is a rare disease and it is the not knowing that causes problems.

She probably had thoughts of what he should be doing to recover and what to do to not have effects in the future and he probably had different ideas which would affect the marriage and cause friction even if he is recovered now but may have effects down the road

Every marriage has problems especially with kids but having an added rare disease in the mix definitely can make a marriage tough to get through.

Also medications and it’s side affects can also change anyone’s personality.

Anyways that is my thoughts as I also was shocked they are splitting

There might be other reasons but I am sure

Comment: It’s impossible to say if it did or didn’t. And I’d rather not speculate on if his sickness added to it. The bottom line is none of us know what caused it, if his sickness added to it, or there were problems long before that. We have no idea.

I think there are things you can speculate about when it comes to this franchise, and things that are just off limits. I believe this is one of the latter.

RS…I can’t believe you can’t see how irrelevant your becoming. Your spoilers are crap now, you never give us anything new, all the IG pages and even Reddit have more info than you, and just because you have a girlfreind, doesn’t mean you have to stop with your spoilers. Your pathetic. YOu’ll probably rip me for this email but i just wanted to make it known how your site isn’t something anyone cares for anymore. Have a great day!

Comment: Ok. *You’re.

It’s only a matter of time before this show is canceled. The Colton/Cassie situation And the fact that Generation Z is not so focused on marriage will put the final dagger in this crappy show.

Comment: You really have zero clue what you’re talking about. This show is going nowhere. The ratings it pulls after 40 seasons are ridiculous.

And the fact you think this show is about marriage pretty much tells me all I need to know. It never was about marriage and it never will be. Yet people watch in droves every season.

Hi Steve,

What’s your best theory based on the info you received about what REALLY happened with Kelley, Peter, Madison, Julie the producer and the ATFR?

Comment: Well, what we know is that Peter got engaged to Hannah Ann in the finale. I reported they broke up the week of Super Bowl. Peter and Kelley have both clearly stated they ran into each other Super Bowl weekend. Those are facts.

We saw on the finale Peter defending Madi and saying they were gonna try out their relationship. Kelley was in attendance. Two days later, Peter and Madi announced they were done, and a week after that, Peter is in Chicago with Kelley and they’ve been together ever since.

Do we have any visual or audio proof that Peter and Kelley never spoke/texted/emailed between them running into each other at Super Bowl and the ATFR? No. Do I believe they did? Absolutely. And you’d be a moron to think they didn’t.

Hi Steve,

Some people, myself included, feel that Dale does not seem as into her as she is into him…Also, an interview with him prior to the show reveal he wants to be the next “Ryan Seacrest”…

Do you know if he’s in it for “the right reasons”, or he’s just in it for fame as so many others.

Thank you!

P.S. Thanks for entertaining us! Bachelor/ette experience would not be the same without Reality Steve

Comment: I haven’t heard much about Dale to be honest. If he’s pulling a con job on Clare, this will not end well. Because clearly she is giddy over him. If he’s playing her and is just doing this for fame and clout, whoa, I wouldn’t want to be him.

Hi there, I had a thought after watching Claire’s premiere…what if Claire gets Covid somehow 3 weeks in and they have to bring Taysha in to cover for her while she quarantines for 2 weeks? That makes more sense with Chris Harrison’s latest comment that this is 100% Claire’s season. She recovers and finishes it out. Long shot? Just a crazy idea I had.

Comment: You’re right. It is crazy. That’s not what happened.

Does Olive garden deliver or do take out? Because if so I think you should do a live Q&A or a recap or update or chat or whatever while doing an Olive Garden Muk Bang. Let the rest of us live vicariously!
Comment: They do take out.

Am I supposed to know what Muk Bang is? I’ve never seen that word until this email.

1. Have you heard if any of the guys from Clare’s original cast (including those who were cut) were talking to women from this franchise during quarantining? If so, did you hear if any of them actually hooked up? Yes and yes.

2. Have you heard Yosef was scrolling through Tyler C’s Ig followers looking for women to DM? Tyler C lives in West Virginia and Yosef lives in Alabama so it’s not like they live in the same area, let alone the same state. If so, don’t you think that is a little creepy? I don’t think it was a W Va connection.

3. During the GOAT episode of Jason’s season, Chris Harrison interviewed Stephanie Hogan but he didn’t ask if she ever found love. Did you think that was odd because he usually asks contestants that? Since she didn’t mention anything about a husband, I’m assuming she never remarried. Have you heard anything otherwise? I thought I did hear that she got married. I think. But I can’t remember.

4. Page’s cast bio says he cannot relate to people who love football. What is your reaction to that?

Comment: That I can’t relate to Page.

Hi Steve,

My question is somewhat related to a reader email from last week. I listen to Bachelor Party every week, and I don’t think Juliet was ever shading you! She and Rachel were talking about your podcast with Nick, and when they used the word “nuisance,” they said that production still views you that way (like a thorn in their side because of your spoilers and inside info) and that’s why production doesn’t like contestants going on your podcast. Rachel even admitted she would probably not be allowed to do anything else with the franchise if she were to ever go on your podcast.

Rachel predicted that Nick might have got production’s approval to interview you and that’s part of why his interview was so pro-franchise and trying to make you look bad. My question is, do you think this could’ve been the case? Or do you just think his grudge against you is just really that severe?

Thanks for all you do!

Comment: Thanks. This is why I didn’t react to it because there’s always a possibility that someone takes something they heard or read, and maybe doesn’t express it exactly as it was meant. I prefaced everything with “IF that’s what she said, I don’t know why.”

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  1. angelfish

    October 20, 2020 at 4:53 PM

    The word is “highfalutin”. If you’re going to use a word you don’t know how to spell, just Google it please.

    Steve definitely looks better than he has in years. The last few seasons he’s looked a bit frazzled, but he looks happy & healthy. Great for him & Kat. It’s nice to see.

    I’m not interested in Tayshia or her “journey”, so I hope they give us as much Clare as possible. Even knowing what we know, I’m enjoying her self confidence and upbeat demeanor for as long as it lasts. I am looking forward to her verbal beatdown though. We haven’t had a really good one since Emily.

  2. crushonspivey

    October 21, 2020 at 8:54 AM

    The dodge ball game was something else. Sexist as he!!. Can you imagine the lead being a guy asking the girls to strip down like that as they played in 2020? And then some dudes just whipping out their privates? That is pure trash.

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