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“Reader Emails,” Ratings, Tik Tok-Gate, & How Does a Pick Up Truck End Up On The Show?

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-On your column today you said you believe Rachael wins/ final 1. Are you saying They’re engaged, just dating, or your not sure you just believe They leave together? I’m just curious if you’ve heard about an engagement or not. Haven’t heard either way.

-In Cosmos bio of Rachael it says she’s never been in love before. Meaning, we have 2 people who have both never been in love before however they find and fall “in love” for the first time after spending a total of 24-48 hours with each other. I can already see this being pushed down our throats towards the end of the season. And I wouldn’t expect anything else from this show lol. Is that what her bio says? Didn’t know that.

-Have you heard anything about how far Abigail and Katie make it? I’d have to guess Abigail makes it to the top 6? What I’ve posted is what I know.

-Have you heard about how the ladies over all felt about Matt this season?

Comment: Not really.

Hi Steve!

Thanks for all your hard work/ digging and giving us the info you have! I’ve always followed your spoilers, for some reason I like a heads up on where the season is going. I may have missed this, but do you know why they add in the extra 5 girls? Just curious if there was a specific reason or if it was just to add a little drama to the house.

Thanks so much!

Comment: I think because just like Tayshia’s season, they had 43 women at Nemacolin, chose to go with 32 on the first night, but knew they would keep 5 to bring in later. Just something to do different and change it up. And of course, the OG cast isn’t thrilled new women are brought in, so you have built in drama.

Hi Steve

So wow, the Bachelor girls by definition are always a good looking bunch but the caliber has levelled up considerably this season! With the exception of maybe two or three, this group is the most gorgeous I’ve ever seen! Perhaps not coincidental that it’s also the most diverse. You know what’s funny? Beauty is so subjective. This was a text I got from a female friend during the episode on Monday: “I think this is the worst looking group of women I can recall.” Different strokes for different folks.

Matt’s made a good first impression so far too, and I’m looking forward to a fresher season with a lead who may not be as easy to produce as those who’ve been through the process before.

Nemacolin seems far prettier than La Quinta and hopefully will be less ‘same same’ – and hot!

Please tell me Victoria doesn’t last long, she’s not pretty or charismatic enough to pull off the bullshit she’s carrying on with and she’s obviously only there for drama and it’s a big yawn from me! I think she’s only there about 4 episodes.

Totally understand that spoilers must be so hard to come by in the era of the filming bubble and I just want you to know we appreciate what you do!

I think it’s going to be One. Boring. Season. (Y’all.)

I turned the show off as soon as Matt started his prayer. Does Matt not realize that over HALF of people surveyed no longer believe in a god?!? Sooooooooooooo, viewers like me, and maybe half the contestants in the room had the same reaction (conceivably): Good grief. Get me out of here.

And his repeated, repeated, repeated use of and reliance on “y’all” is just ANNOYING!!! ‘Makes him sound like a dingbat. I’m sorry, but I have better things to do then listen to someone who isn’t even half-articulate. Like I said it’s annoying–and it makes me cringe! (Who would imagine a lifetime of that and be enthralled?!?!?!)

Over and out.

Comment: Loud and clear, captain.

Hi Steve,

A few questions for you.

1) Who do you think is gonna win MVP, Mahomes or Rodgers? Go Pack Go! I think it’s Rodgers in a runaway. The odds say that as well.

2) I have a wild guess. When they showed Matt crying in the promo is there any chance Abigail self eliminates? I got the vibe that someone had left him, rather than just having a hard time, but what do I know.

Comment: I haven’t heard either way.

Hi Steve!

First off, you helped me with some advice a few years ago when you played “Dr. Reality Steve.” I was in a temp job and contemplating leaving or staying. Well, I’m now celebrating 3 years at my full-time job with benefits, yay! Congrats on that. Glad we could help in some way.

Question: In last night’s “Meet Matt” intro package, they showed him walking around with kids for his charity and they clearly blurred out Tyler Cameron. Why? We all know he’s friends with Tyler. Did Tyler maybe just want the attention to be on Matt for his season, and not on him?

Have a great day!

Comment: Funny, I didn’t even notice that. But as I said on the live last night, I’m glad there was no Tyler reference in episode 1. We get it. They’re BFF’s. And we know he shows up later this season. So lets keep our Tyler references to a minimum.

You know what’s funny. Go down memory lane right now and think back to July of 2019 and the last 5 minutes of Hannah Brown’s ATFR. And look at that Tyler Cameron on stage and the person he was and the adoration he received. Got that vision in your head where he was the most popular guy in the history of the show, America loved him, and he could do nothing wrong? Great. Now look at basically everything he’s done since then. It’s pretty much a 180 in terms of his “Q” rating so to speak. Not the same guy in my eyes.

whats your big deal with people in bach nation not wearing a mask? its their choice, and they’re no where near you. so why the constant attack about it?

Comment: Sooooo, because they’re nowhere near me that means I can’t have an opinion on it? That’s your take? If I have to explain that answer to you, I suggest googling what’s been asked of us during a global pandemic. Not that hard.

Hi Steve!

Glad you and Ashley are coming back this week. I’ll keep her in my prayers.

Speaking of prayers, I just finished your column today. What a world we live in… Why should anyone be OFFENDED by Matt choosing to do this? Social media gives a voice to way too many people. I don’t care if you’re super religious or not religious at all. It wasn’t controversial. It’s fine if you think he shouldn’t have said a prayer in that setting, but he did, so let him do him. He didn’t go into depth about his religion (at least that we saw) or say anything like “If you don’t want to pray get out.” The man simply said a prayer. People are offended by EVERYTHING. If that offends you and you have to turn off your tv, then you’re clearly not tough enough to watch a simple show like the Bachelor. Maybe if Tayshia had said a prayer on night 1, Ivan wouldn’t have made it as far as he did and they would’ve had their religion discussion sooner.

Exhausting….I don’t know how you deal with these people! I’ll keep you in my prayers as well HA!

Comment: It’s the world we live in.

Hey Steve,

Wondering what your thoughts are on Matt kicking things off with a prayer? You’ve kind of touched on this already, but I’m wondering if you thought it was appropriate for Matt to assume all the women were not only Christian, but devout Christians. I have seen so many people say they loved that he started with a prayer, but wonder if people would have the same positive reaction if a Muslim or Jewish lead kicked things off with a prayer from their own religion? I think not. Seems a bit hypocritical of ABC to promote how diverse the show is, but then incorporate the Christian religion into the show.

Comment: Here’s the thing, this show would never cast a Muslim as a lead. Good luck with that. Jason was Jewish and apparently none of his faith was ever allowed to be talked about on his season. I think that should tell you all you need to know. Was I offended Matt asked for prayer? No. Do I think it was the right environment to do so? Probably not. But I’m not gonna crucify him for it. If any of the women didn’t want to pray, he shouldn’t have been offended. We don’t know because we didn’t really see anyone’s reaction to it other than Rachaels.


I know you’ve made a thing about the “toxic” Bachelor Nation, and I have a theory of why it’s so toxic: even though people are fans of the show and like it, there is still a part of most people that watch that hate the fakeness of the show…how contrived it all is, how dishonest the show is, and mostly how phony and disingenuous 99.9% of the participants are. Almost none are really there FTRR, and are just there to be on TV and gain some degree of fame (hey, remember when the world used to differentiate between fame and infamy?). Also, the show so clearly and obviously manipulates the people and situations, and they do things like try to pretend that Matt has nothing to do with the Bachelor series when the Bachelor Nation knows that’s just not true since he’s Tyler’s best bud. Everyone knows he’s been palling around with Tyler and the Bachelor gang for all this time, has surely talked to Tyler and watched his season, and been right there around the whole thing for quite a while now.

Yeah, it’s all still entertaining – guys can enjoy the hot girls, get date ideas, and such, and the women can fantasize about finding their own prince charming – but knowing how fake it all is also builds up resentment whether it’s realized or not – and that’s where the toxicity comes from. It’s a love/hate thing. We all know those of us that watch are also being manipulated and lied to, and deep down it builds up that resentment – to the show and those that participate in it. Like resentment built up in a relationship, it eventually comes out.

Just my thoughts.

Comment: Interesting. I haven’t seen it that way. When I refer to Toxic Bachelor Nation, I’m referring to the people that post comments or even DM people about killing themselves, name calling, racial slurs, etc. Does that stem from them feeling the show is fake? I don’t see it like that. That just stems from being a shitty person. Nothing this show has EVER done, and trust me, they’ve done some really f***ed up things before, should elicit a fan/viewer emailing a contestant telling them to kill themselves, or firing a racial slur at them. But it happens. Every season. And it’s never stopping unfortunately.

Steve, you did such an amazing job during the live last night. It was so wonderful to see you and Ashley together again. I tend to cry when I see other people cry so I would have just been bawling if I was Ashley’s co-host. I thought you were a wonderfully supportive friend and co-host to her. I’m so happy to have the lives to look forward to on Tuesday nights now. It was honestly heartwarming to see all of the support in the comments for Ashley. It was great to have her back on. That was the first verbal conversation Ashley and I have had since our last live. Just a few texts here and there over the last 6 weeks. I had no idea how it would go and I wanted to let her say what she wanted, then tried to ask a lot of the questions I think many people had towards her and what happened. Thanks for noticing.

Steve, can we please go over everything that we are now waiting to hear from you…

1. New bachelor couple As I said last night, I don’t even know if they’re a couple, and I’ve heard nothing since the group text screen shot I saw. If they end up being a public couple, then I’ll tell you that was the one. But it makes absolutely zero sense for me to announce this “couple” when I have no confirmation they are. Which I said from the very beginning.
2. You said you heard something about a current Bachelor couple that wasn’t good that would blow our minds. Holy shit. You know what’s funny? I have no idea what this even is anymore. When did I say this? I’m seriously drawing a blank.
3. The story you and Nick were referring to on his podcast. I highly doubt this will ever get told. No need.

Send all links and emails to: To follow me on Twitter, it’s: Instagram name is “RealitySteve,” or join my Reality Steve Facebook Fan Page. Talk to you tomorrow.



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