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“Reader Emails,” Ratings, & Condoms

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Good times on this week’s podcast as I have on a first time guest, Ali Barthwell from If you haven’t read her “Bachelor” recaps on Vulture, they are a must read. I only started reading them last season, and I figured it was about time to bring her on. You’ll hear her on the podcast tomorrow as we talk about her career, how she got started, what made her write about this show, how she feels about the lack of diversity, her thoughts on Matt after two episodes, and much more. I think you’ll enjoy this one since Ali has such a unique perspective on the show and this season in particular and has some really well thought out opinions on it. Have others had her on podcasts before? Maybe they have, but if not, I can guarantee you after this week, more will want to speak to her. She knows her shit when it comes to this franchise. I’m excited for you all to hear her apperance tomorrow. You’ll want to hear her again in the future. I know I do. Also, if you missed my IG Live with Ashley Spivey last night, they are all saved on my Instagram. Just click on the TV icon and go to the most recent one. They are all saved on my IGTV.

Ratings are in from Monday night and, as expected, the show did worse from episode 1, but that’s because it went up against the college football National Championship. Just look at how past episodes did that went up against that game:

Episode 1: 5 million viewers (1.2 rating)
Episode 2: 4.5 million (1.1 – vs College FB Natl Champ Game)

Episode 1: 6 millon (1.9 rating)
Episode 2: 5.37 million (1.6 rating – vs College FB Natl Champ Game)

Episode 1: 5.1 million (1.5 rating – vs College FB Natl Champ Game)
Episode 2: 5.6 million (1.7 rating)

Episode 1: 5.5 million (1.5 rating – vs College FB semis)
Episode 2: 5.5 million (1.4 rating – vs College FB Natl Champ Game)
Episode 3: 6.5 million (1.8 rating)

So you can see that anytime it goes up against the college football semifinal game or the Nat’l Championship, it’s going to draw a lower audience. 5 years of data proves that.

However, go click on that link provided above. Look at how the “Bachelor” fared against every other show on network television Monday night. It was the most watched show, and in the Women 18-49 demo (the most important demo when it comes to TV advertising), it drew an 8 share, which is twice as much as any other show that aired on network TV that night. So while overall viewership was down, what I’ve said for years now is what matters – it wins it’s two hour block every Monday night in the Women 18-49 demo. And it wins by a landslide. That’s what they care about most.

Did you see this interview that the CEO of Nemacolin gave? Ummmm, is that supposed to make people want to come to your resort? It almost sounds like this CEO has no idea what happens on this show and is just making shit up for attention. I’m sorry, but Matt wasn’t having sex in the woods on this show. As much as people found this story funny, as a CEO, I’m not sure why you’d be “selling” your resort this way. It’s like they’re saying they don’t even care what happens on their grounds, and hey, maybe you’ll even find a used condom lying around. Huh? Wuh? Who trained this person in PR? The second they gave the “hair will be pulled and weaves will fly” quote, I pretty dismissed their quotes as nonsense. This person literally has no idea what they’re talking about.

BachelorData on Instagram had some great posts yesterday. The most fun one for a lot of you is seeing which contestants gained the most IG followers in a 24 hour period from the start of the show Monday night. Here you go. Abigail seems to be the most popular right now, as she’s got by far the most followers from anyone on the show:

This other one is kinda sad as it actually shows that Queen Victoria got more screen time than someone who people actually like AND got a 1-on-1 in Bri:

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