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Hi Steve,

I haven’t had a chance to start Matt’s season yet but I am still reading your recaps and had to laugh about Abigail’s “signal.” You may not have heard of it but there is a cheesy YA book series called The Selection that is basically a cross between The Bachelor and The Hunger Games which I read in college before I even started watching The Bachelor.

The first book came out in 2012 and in it the main character (one of the contestants to marry the prince) comes up with a secret signal for when she wants to talk to him alone and it is to tug on her ear. If he agrees he will come find her, he tugs on his ear in response. It is so similar to what you described happened in the episode I have to believe either Abigail or a producer has read the series.

Just wanted to share – another instance of The Bachelor and other mediums influencing each other. Corinne from Nick’s season also reminds me a lot of the contestant who becomes the “villain” in the book series.

If any of your other followers are interested in some Bachelor-themed fiction, the series is 5 full length books by Kiera Cass and the first one is called The Selection.

Comment: It’s very possible a producer gave Abigail the idea to do that.

Hi Steve,

I’m a fairly new viewer so I’m not up on Bachelor history, but has there been an uptick in accusations of producer interference the last few seasons from years prior? Has it always been this bad and people are just now speaking out, or has there been an uptick in interference since this compulsion the last few seasons for twist endings and extra drama?

Just curious what your perspective is.

Comment: Being a new viewer, let me assure you, producer interference is what makes this show go. Almost everything about this show is producer manipulation/interference. It’s how they get the drama they do. They see a spark and they turn it into a full blown forest fire.

Hey Steve, Happy New Year to you!

I wanted to tell you first and foremost how much I’ve enjoyed the last several podcasts and guests. I appreciate the update from Emily O’Brien which was so informative. What a fun account Bachelor Data is and love the insights Suzana has. Finally, I appreciate the convo with Brett Vergara from both sides. Loved all those conversations. Some of my favorite ones.

I know we are all over the discussions about Tayshia’s ex Josh and I dislike all the hate you’ve gotten for it. I would like to point out that I appreciate hearing from Josh on YOUR podcast than hearing from him on TMZ.

Regardless of which side of the fence folks are on for him, bottom line, I trust hearing the story from YOU on YOUR podcast. And frankly, Josh could have spoken out sooner and He could have gotten paid for his story, but he didn’t.

A few questions:

1.) Woohoo! I just saw that TI3 trailer is out. Any updates on your end for coverage? Will you have the opportunity to interview the couples this season and get Mark on the podcast? We’re working on that as we speak.

2.) Do you still keep up with Kaci Campbell? I’ve always enjoyed when she’s on your podcast. I know she’s largely stepped away and trying to stay out of any drama or negativity. Yes, Kaci and I still text on occasion. She will be on the podcast at some point during the TI season for sure.

3.) Are you enjoying the new season of The Challenge? Do you like the format? Any comments or thoughts on the elimination results for last week? Is the sky blue? Absolutely am watching this season. I like the format. I’m curious to see who the final 10 are to run the final and how it’ll work. Because I’m pretty sure Devin will be targeted to prove himself again since most people don’t see him as a physical threat.

4.) Are you team Bananas or team Wes? I know you had Johnny on the podcast so not sure if that sways your opinion at all. Has your alliance changed at all throughout the years? I’ve always been Team Bananas. I just think he knows the game better than anyone, he’s won more than anyone, and he’s entertaining TV.

5.) Who you got for the Super Bowl this year? For monetary purposes, I hope it’s the Bills. I think in Week 16 I put my bet in on them to win it all. Clearly I could’ve gotten even better odds if I did it before the season, but hey, 8/1 odds isn’t bad.

6.) I saw that he who shall not be named is having Josh Murray on his Patron site. Surprised the 2 of them will be chatting (would be more surprised if he was able to convince Shawn Booth to come on). But my question is, did Josh ever want to jump on your podcast? I know his mom had got involved and contacted you when he & Amanda broke up.

Thanks for all that you do!

Comment: I’ve never asked Josh. Sometimes I don’t think having certain people on because the subject matter and the person involved immediately would make it too contentious. I feel Josh would fit that category.

Hi Steve

You’re good at making comparisons between Bachelor contestants and celebrities. I’m wondering if anyone else has noticed the striking resemblance this season’s Sarah has to Ellen Pompeo (Meredith on Grey’s Anatomy). I think she’s a dead ringer! I really like her on the show and bummed that she leaves early. But she seems too good for this show. Ha ha yes, mentioned that earlier.

Also, my TV recently recorded a preview for Temptation Island – apparently based on previous seasons that i recorded on my DVR – but I cannot find a start date for the show online anywhere. I figured you’d know when it’s airing for sure!

Comment: Tuesday, Feb. 16th is the premiere date.

What is the deal with Cassie and Caaelyn? Do you know what happened because they use to be attached at the hip.

Comment: Nope. But there are plenty of friendships in this franchise that just fizzle between two people. They aren’t the first and certainly won’t be the last.

Hi Steve,

According to your spoilers if I recall, Abigail won’t make to the final 4. Very disappointing but any idea when she left, final 6, maybe? Some thinks she let herself go which made Matt cry when sitting with Chris in the previews. Any chance she would be the first deaf bachelorette? I think not since she didn’t make to final 4 but Chris adores her like she is a gem. Anything is possible. Your honest thoughts would be appreciated! She has from 40k something to 156k in her Instagram in a week which is not surprising at all. I don’t know where she finishes, but I gotta believe she lasts pretty long.

I know it is too early at this point, but I would rather her to be next bachelorette than Becca mentioned a while ago reconsidering to be the bachelorette again! Hope she learns from her mistake (we all knew that it won’t work) and moves on to her next chapter of her life. Some says that she and Blake are in the works whatever, would you be surprised if Becca and Blake get back together?

Hope you have some new info in your spoilers soon. This is the first time I don’t know what to expect in Matt’s season… Feels weird as I am so used reading to your spoilers, haha.

Comment: In my live with Ashley last night, we both agreed she’s certainly getting a “Bachelorette” edit. And she’d definitely check a “box” for them so to speak. They’d love having their first hearing-impaired “Bachelorette” and would make sure everyone knew that every second of the day. I don’t think Becca will be the “Bachelorette” next season, but honestly, I wouldn’t have an issue with it. I liked Becca.

Hi Steve!

First off thanks for doing all that you do! I have enjoyed your column since I can remember! My question is do you think the way episodes are edited can help you determine the final one? Like for example, I noticed Racheal got so much screen time compared to Serena P. and they both make it to final 4. It seemed editing was done for Rachael to be seen more and not forgotten. I love spoilers because I enjoy knowing the production side of it. So was just curious how editing/screen time fit in to the final 1 and if that ever helps confirm spoilers you here?

Comment: Eh, I think that’s a way to fit people’s narrative. I think you can find examples in editing to make a case for more than one person, when we know only one person can win. I have never since I’ve been doing spoilers ever based my spoiler off how the show is edited. Mostly because my spoiler has come out before the season has even started, so it’s been irrelevant. But yeah, it’s very easy to make a case for the person you WANT to win and just pick and choose reasons by the editing.

When the contestants where in quarantine at both La Quinta and Nemacolin prior to filming, what all were they allowed to do?

-could they watch TV/read/listen to music or did production already take those things away so they would start fixating on the upcoming lead/experience 24/7?

-could they do things like go to the pool or gym? If so, did they ever run into each other or did the handlers stagger visits to pool/gym so none of the contestants would see each other?

-could they drink?

-did they really just order what they want from room service any time or was there a catering company that would deliver the same thing (or choice of things) to everyone at the same times daily?

Just curious because my husband and I were in a debate: he said he’d love to be quarantined alone with no responsibilities for a week and a half. But I assumed there were pretty strict limitations on what they could do in which case I’d go crazy.

Comment: It was pretty strict. You couldn’t just wander the premises, because they didn’t want you meeting the other guys. Whatever they did was supervised.

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