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“Reader Emails,” Ratings, Mike Johnson Speaks, & When is the Next IG Live?

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So how was my Tuesday you ask? Well, lets see. During the day, my house dropped to 45 degrees. I wasn’t in it much until the power guy came out to take a look. Apparently my power fuse broke and that’s why my heater went out Monday morning. So he came yesterday around 4:30 and my heater has been fixed. Took a couple hours to go from 45 degrees to a comfortable 68, but dammit, we got there. You know what my favorite part was? When he takes that laser gun and points it at the vents to see how hot the air is that’s coming out. It was 98-100 degrees in all the vents that we checked. Then he pointed the laser gun at my walls and they were 33 degrees. Soooooo yeah, now you know why I was avoiding my house at all costs Monday and yesterday. It was brutal. I also haven’t had a power outage since about 5pm yesterday, so that’s helped as well. I feel for the people who have been without power for days. I can’t imagine. The good thing is the snow has stopped here, there isn’t any in the forecast, and the storm we’ve had is basically over. Now it’s just a matter of warming up and melting the 4-6 inches of snow that’s fallen. We’re supposed to be in the 50’s by the weekend, so by early next week, I expect all this to be gone. Yippeeeeeeeeee.

Yesterday Mike Johnson appeared on Extra as a guest of Rachel Lindsay’s to give his thoughts on Chris’ situation. I’m 100% on board with Mike here. Chris should be removed from his job. But that doesn’t mean he should be canceled. And don’t get me started on that phrase alone. So many people are finding it impossible apparently to know the difference between canceling someone and holding them accountable. Listen to what Mike says in that interview. This show needs to make changes. And if the “leader” or spokesperson of that show has the views that Chris does, that can’t continue. Period. That wasn’t a one time slip up, or a one sentence gaffe. Those are Chris’ thoughts and beliefs. He can’t have those and be the mouthpiece for this show. However, that doesn’t mean that Chris can’t rehab himself, be better, and actually use his voice to reach others once he realizes the mistakes he’s made. It just won’t be with this franchise. Excellent breakdown by Mike. And yes, it will be different with Chris not there anymore. Probably will be VERY strange not seeing him hosting the show. But you have to remove him permanently from the job. It’s the right thing to do if you want to salvage the franchise.

Ratings from Monday night are in and the “Bachelor” held steady from previous weeks. Since we’re at the final four now, I wanna break down the episode-by-episode ratings so far this season for you. I’ve done it on a weekly basis (except for one), but I’m guessing you don’t remember it off the top of your head. So here it is:

Episode 1: 5 million viewers (1.2 rating)
Episode 2: 4.5 million (1.1 rating. Up against College FB Nat’l Champ Game)
Episode 3: 4.75 million (1.2 rating)
Episode 4: 5 million (1.4 rating)
Episode 5: 5.25 million (1.4 rating)
Episode 6: 5.2 million (1.3 rating)
Episode 7: 5.2 million (1.4 rating)

So despite what’s going on in the online world and all the attention it’s getting in the media, the ratings haven’t been affected. At least negatively. This show is doing what it normally does.

@Bachelordata has more charts and graphs up this week, but I always find the IG follower growth ones fascinating. Here’s the 1 week IG follower growth from last week to this week:

Pretty amazing. Katie gained the most followers since last week, yet, she was eliminated last Monday night! And yet again, white women dominate the boards. I don’t think that’s a coincidence. Remember when I had @Bachelordata on the podcast a couple months ago? I think she was at around 7k or 9k followers. Now to see her at 42k followers makes me feel like a proud dad ha ha. I knew more people would start paying attention to the info she posts, because it’s informative, it’s factual, and it represents what this audience fan base likes and wants.

Knock on wood, but with me not having any power outages in the last 15 hrs or so, we should be good to go on the IG live this week. I spoke with Ashley and we’re gonna do it tomorrow night at 8ET/5PT. Again, so much to cover, there’s a lot I didn’t get to in yesterday’s column, mostly because I was tired of typing the column on my phone. But I’ve got some things I wanna go over for sure. Also, Taylor Nolan will be this week’s podcast guest, and outside of Rachel Lindsay, there isn’t a BIPOC contestant speaking out more in this franchise than Taylor right now. The content she puts out on her IG is informative, educational, and very up to date. I hope you guys are checking it out. We’ll discuss all that and probably some orgasm or vibrator talk I’m sure coming tomorrow.

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