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“Reader Emails,” Ratings, IG Growth, & Ivan Speaks Out

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There is so much going on behind the scenes in Bachelor world that sometimes it’s tough to even say anything. Because it’s stuff that I can’t necessarily give details to without compromising sources. I think once this is all said and done I’ll be able to, but as of now, I need to see how things play out the rest of the season and on the ATFR, which is set to tape this weekend. I’ve heard that even might get pushed back a few days now, because as of this writing, they have yet to find a host for the show. ABC is in full scramble mode behind the scenes trying to find an ATFR host, trying to find a host for the show going forward in the immediate future, and locking down their next “Bachelorette.” I think I’m getting closer to finding out the location for next seasons filming. The state I’m sure on. They aren’t going cold weather, so that’s good. But I’m telling you, when I do announce where it is, I don’t think anyone will be wow’ed. Not because I’ve seen or heard of the place, but, I think people have expectations when it comes to this show, and I know the way a lot of their fans think. So, don’t set your expectations so high and maybe you won’t be disappointed.

Ratings are in from Monday night, and the “Bachelor” has basically held steady the last 3 weeks. Look at their numbers for episodes 6-8:

Ep 6: 5.2 million (1.3 rating)
Ep 7: 5.2 million (1.4 rating)
Ep 8: 5.2 million (1.2 rating)

And lets not forget the most important number, which is the fact they win their 2 hour time slot for the Women 18-49 demographic. And they dominate that number too. So there’s different ways to look at these numbers, but the biggest thing being that everything happening on the periphery, all the social media stories and people screaming they’re done with this franchise, hasn’t really had much effect on the ratings.

Did you see what Ivan said yesterday in an interview regarding BIP? He basically came out and said he wouldn’t feel comfortable appearing on BIP if Chris Harrison was still the host. I can tell you there are other BIPOC contestants who feel the same way. Whether or not they’ll say it publicly like Ivan, I’m not sure. But I think this pretty much assures we’re not going to see Chris Harrison again for at least “Bachelorette” and BIP. I don’t see any way they can bring him back that early. While I don’t think they should bring him back at all if they’re really looking at change, doesn’t mean they absolutely won’t and he’s done for good. Hard to know since it’s been 2 weeks and no one from the network has addressed this yet. Which, frankly, is embarrassing.

Recording with Chelsea and Tom from “Temptation Island” this afternoon for tomorrow’s podcast. I don’t have any spoilers for this season, nor do I want them. They are not on the same call, but that doesn’t mean anything either way. So if anyone has any questions they’d want me to ask them, you’ve got a few hours to get those in before I record. I find any couple that goes on this show fascinating, so it’ll be interesting to start hearing from the people involved in the couples on a weekly basis going forward. It’s only supposed to be one a week that’ll be on the back end for 15-20 minutes of every podcast, but because we didn’t do one last week, we’re doubling up this week.

Here’s your IG growth for the final 4 women from Monday night to Tuesday night. Yes, not surprising to see Rachael blowing away the competition in terms of followers because people know she wins. BUT, the fact that Rachael basically has posted less than, what, 10 times all season kinda shows a lot. She’s done nothing and she’s gained over 400k followers since the beginning of the season.

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