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“Reader Emails,” Ratings, IG Growth, & Ivan Speaks Out

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Hi Steve,

I’m simply writing to say thank you. I am a white woman, who watches the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise on and off. Every season, I inevitably end up on your blog because I can’t understand and/or stomach the choices ABC makes when it comes to contestants.

Anyway, I’m emailing because I want you to know that your coverage of Chris Harrison’s unchecked racism and gaslighting has not only been impressive but for me…transformational.

Countless white folx have spoken and continue to speak up against racism, AND you are doing so knowing your following is predominately white and racist. Honestly, I can’t point to many other white people standing as a lightning rod as you are.

Please know your words and work inspire me to stand stronger in combating racism. I believe your words are craking the foundations of white supremacy in our country.

Racism started with white folx, and will also end with them. Thank you for holding a mirror up for white folx to check their privilege. Thank you. That’s all – thank you.

In solidarity

Comment: Thank you. Again, what I’m doing is learning along with a lot of others. I don’t have all the answers, and I probably will screw up in the future. But what I’ve been focused on is just trying to reach people who are willing to learn. The crazies (like that email a couple back), those people are so far gone, nor do they want to hear anything that goes against their opinions. They’re unreachable. It’s people like yourself that I hope hear what Ashley and I say, and what Taylor and Rachel and Mike Johnson say, and get a better understanding about what the problem is and WHY there’s a problem.

Hi Steve,

I’m sure you’ve been sent this but on Monday night Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay did an AMA on Reddit and someone asked Rachel if she’d do an interview with you:

Really hope you are able to do an interview with her at some point, looks like it’s a possibility at least!

Hope you’re layering up to keep warm down in Texas, it’s crazy to see what’s going on weather-wise from up here in Boston (I believe it was warmer here yesterday than it was in Dallas).

Comment: I’d like to. Rachel said in that answer that you sent me she’s always been looking for a reason to come on, and she just didn’t know what that reason was. Well, I’d say we have plenty of reasons for her to come on now. And none of which have to do with recapping her time on Nick’s season, or even spend much time on her season, maybe other than the crappy edit they gave her love story with Bryan. She’s welcome to come on at any time.

Love your site! Thanks for your spoilers! Submitting a question for your “reader emails.”

Given just how many people there are to pick from, who do you think are the shoe ins for Bachelor in Paradise? Perhaps pre-Chris Harrison scandal since there may be people who opt not to go.


Comment: I mean, just off the top of my head, the top 4 from Peter’s season (minus Madi bc she has a bf) – Hannah Ann, Kelsey, and Victoria F. Definitely guys like Noah, Ivan, Bennett, and Ben from Tayshia’s season. From Matt’s, I would think Bri, Abigail, MJ, Anna, Brittany, Serena P, Kit, Katie, Victoria are probably shoe ins. But there’s prob some I’m missing. Those just immediately came to mind.


Can you go through the timeline of what you were hearing post show with Matt, Rachael, pictures leaking, his I don’t care about the show attitude, Chris’s interview and the break up? Oh boy….well, first it was the TikTok that came out on the premiere which has a lot of holes in it, but that got the ball rolling. Ever since filming he’s had the “I don’t care” attitude. The Old South pic I believe came out Thursday, Feb. 4th (the day the WTA taped), Chris interview with Rachel was Tuesday, Feb. 9th, Chris first IG apology the next day the 10th, Rachael’s IG apology on the 11th, the backlash from contestants and calling for Chris’ head from the 10th-13th, Chris’ 2nd IG apology and stepping aside from the franchise on the 13th, and the breakup happened within the last week.

I have to wonder about how early in the season you were saying how Matt did not care about production, the show, any rules that they may be giving him. And I wonder if that correlates with things he was learning about Rachael’s past/photos. Any insight you have would be good to know. I’m being led to believe that Matt has been fully aware of all the things online about Rachael all season. How can he not? Does he not look at his phone? Hell, he was even interviewed about it and asked about the stuff against Rachael and specifically said to wait until she can talk about it. Now they’re broken up within the last week.

I have not found Matt and Chris’s sit down before he met the woman where they talked about him being the first black bachelor. Any chance you can find that clip?


Comment: I haven’t looked but I’m sure if you YouTube Bachelor Matt episode 1, it’ll be in some video that pops up. Maybe it’s not isolated, but I gotta believe the whole episode is online somewhere.

Hey Steve, do you think it’s possible Bachelor producers knew of Rachael’s past, cast her purposefully this season, and then positioned her to win/influenced Matt to choose her? There was something about Matt’s statement that made me feel like he thinks he got played by the franchise. This is such a disappointing conclusion to what could have been a really stellar season.

Comment: Anything is possible. Do I think that happened in this situation? No. Because nothing that has come out about Rachael could be found by just doing some easy vetting. The TikTok? That was someone saying “she did this to me 8 years ago.” The Old South pic? That came out a month after the season started. No one dug it up and found it. Clearly someone that attended that formal, had that pic in their possession, saw what was being said, and added the pic to the narrative. It wasn’t on Rachael’s or anyone else’s public page. So while production is to blame for a ton of things they mishandle, I don’t think this was done purposely.

Was her crash landing faked!? It didn’t show her face so could have been stunt double? Then her hair was fine? Also, lack of ambulances etc.?

Comment: Fake? No.

Matt’s statement was powerful. What are your thoughts on the timing of statement? Do you think it was a “power move” over ABC and the franchise? He pretty much gave up the ending. I mean, I read it that way, but not everybody did as evidenced by how many people messaged me saying they didn’t think what he said proved they broke up. Was it 100% clear in that statement? No. But knowing what I was told and having the info that I have, can I read his statement a little bit differently than everyone else and realize he’s definitely talking about a breakup? Yes.

Like you mentioned, it’s hard to watch the remaining episodes knowing the stories lines are no longer relevant. Matt’s statement was telling and definitely a prelude to shows spoilers, so I’m really surprised that he came out with statement with finale being close.

Comment: I think he’s getting people prepared for the ATFR.

Hi Steve,

Love your blog been a fan since Ali’s season. I was just wondering if you’ve heard anything about Lauren Zima since the whole CH fiasco? She put out a sorry statement on her stories last week but hasnt been active at all on social media. I find it weird esp since she’s technically her own entity with ET.

Comment: No, I haven’t. But other than a 3 sentence IG story, I don’t think she’s done anything. Or even covered any of this on ET. I don’t know how she can without being biased.


so you are calling ME ignorant in your latest column because I fall into the category that reacted “what’s the big deal?” over chris harrison’s interview with Rachel Lindsay?

Seriously, your endless bandwagon jumping on any SJW cause is now insufferable. Do you realize that when you said that if you responded “what’s the big deal” and gave the stipulation that if you are white you are ignorant, is the basic definition of racism: making judgments on people based on solely on their ethnic background.

Anyway, the fact that Harrison has to back away from this gig because of media backlash from people like you stinks. It’s destroying the country. You speak of screen time on this show and percentage of viewership, and I don’t get why you think it is a problem. Screen time can be adjusted, in your own words, based on viewer popularity week to week. Why are you accusing the show of racism when all they are doing is trying to create a show with the highest ratings possible.

Of ALL the things the show does- manipulate contestants, create villains, manufacture drama where there is none, the contract they sign, you choose this as the biggest issue?

You are ridiculous and it pains me to read you anymore.
And if you think any of these fame-hungry media-whores (male or female) will bail on a free vacation for BIP because of this-or any cause, you are crazy.

Good luck on your next venture when this show goes away.

Comment: Cool deal, bro. You’re the best. Much love.

Could this break up be a calculated breakup to show that he doesn’t condone her behavior and that they’ve struggled and then they get back together either on ATFR (where he open heartedly accepts her apology and gives it another chance?) or after it? It’s weird they just decide this week when it’s taping this weekend. It’s like he’s trying to get the least amount of heat as possible. From all “sides. Everything public. He gets sad, she owns it, she apologizes and they try again but it’s all pre determined? Hate thinking things are so manipulated but that’s what this franchise has done to my mind haha. Curious your thoughts on this take? Even you getting breakup confirmation- like is this all calculated?

Comment: It’s tough to know because I don’t have enough details yet. Will be interesting to see how it’s positioned during the ATFR.



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