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The “Bachelor” Matt – Finale & ATFR Thoughts, Emmanuel Acho as Host, & (EXCLUSIVE) Some of Katie’s Men This Season

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Katie’s season begins filming later this week. My guess is Friday or Saturday, since that’s when they usually like to start filming, and, it’ll have been at least a week since most of the guys arrived in New Mexico. If they stick with what they’ve done the past few seasons, I fully expect the “Bachelorette” Facebook page to release all the men who are currently quarantining out there sometime tomorrow. Or at the latest, Thursday morning. Once those are up, follow along on Twitter as I’m sure I’ll have found all the guys last names and social media accounts before the day is over. It’s what I’ve been able to do these last few seasons, so I don’t see why it’d be any different once these guys go up. The “Bachelorette” Facebook page only puts their photo, first name, last initial, age, and city. Also, the guys have had their phones during quarantine since they arrived in New Mexico. Tomorrow is the day they have to give them up, hence the reason why you’ve seen some of them go from public to private on IG after I posted their identity. I will be adding any more I get today to my Twitter and IG stories, so follow me there.

I expect Katie to have roughly the same amount of guys we’ve seen the last few seasons. Somewhere between 30-33. And usually on that initial list, there’s 3-5 that don’t make it. So whenever the list is posted on the “Bachelorette” Facebook page, just know not every guy will make her season. A few won’t make it on for whatever reason. Could be something where they get a tip from someone that isn’t good (even though they still don’t say where to contact them if you have something bad to report), or it could just be they decided at the last minute they didn’t want them. Or frankly, they could’ve just been brought out as an alternate without being told they’re an alternate. Whatever the case, that cast list I’m sure will be out either tmrw or Thursday morning. Here are 9 guys you will see on that list, followed by a few notes I’ve gathered on them since posting their identity. And yes, already hearing some negative things about them, per usual. Nothing earth shattering, but hey, that’s what this show has come to. Let the digging begin on who can find the biggest dirt on a contestant. It’s the new sport in Bachelor Nation. Ready, set, go!

If you don’t wanna have to keep referring back to my tweets or this column for the guys, all the guys will be saved under “Katie’s Guys” in my IG Highlights. Can’t miss em’. So these are some of the guys I have right now. Since I’ve posted these, I’ve gotten a few notes to add to some of them that aren’t in those tweets:

-Conor is 28, not 26
-Josh’s sister-in-law is Camille Munday, a popular Tik Tok’er with over 350k followers and 4.7 million likes
-Mikey works at Lululemon in San Diego and personal trains on the side
-Conor Costello’s ex-gf is Maggie Rouse, a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader
-The pics of Jeff in that tweet are not current
-Brendan Scanzano is friends with Blake Moynes from Clare/Tayshia’s season
-No, Quartney Mixon is not Dale’s long lost brother as so many of you have suggested



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