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“Reader Emails,” Conversation Cut from ATFR, & Ratings

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Well here we are at roughly 9:00am Wednesday morning, and the “Bachelorette” Facebook page hasn’t put up the guys for Katie’s season yet. Maybe it happens later today, maybe it happens overnight. But if they keep with recent tradition, we should be getting the list of possibly guys for Katie within the next 24 hours. I’ve given you nine (they’re all on my IG Highlights), and I’ve got at least 3 more coming later today as of now. Those will be posted on my Twitter, IG Stories, and saved on my IG Highlights. So that’s a little over a 1/3rd of the cast since I assume we’ll be given around 33-35 guys and 3-5 won’t end up making the cast. That’s how it’s worked since they started releasing these casts early. Can’t remember what season it started, but I wanna say they’ve done it 5 seasons in a row? Maybe 6? Either way, I will keep you updated once it’s up and will start filling in the guys last names with pics, social media accounts, and any other info I can find out. Lets just keep our fingers crossed it happens today. Would be much easier for me. I thank you all for your thoughts and prayers that my job is made easier.

Ratings are in from Monday’s finale, and lets just say, it wasn’t great. The finale drew 5.75 million viewers with a 1.4 rating. Peter’s finale last season airing at the same time last year (March 2020) drew 7.7 million and a 2.1 rating. The ATFR this past Monday night drew 5.2 million and a 1.3 rating. Peter’s ATFR jumped to 8.5 million and a 2.5 rating. That’s the bad news. The good news is, well, click on that link. Look what the share was in the Women 18-49. An 11 share. Dominated the night in the most sought out demographic. Bottom line: TV ratings have been down everywhere since the pandemic started. So it was expected. The gain from Matt’s first episode (5 million) to the finale (5.75 million) wasn’t a huge gain, and that’s where they’re probably disappointed. But overall, the fact this franchise just added a second “Bachelorette” season kinda shows they’re not on their way out. If they were struggling, they wouldn’t be adding shows to their lineup.

Emmanuel took to his IG yesterday to give a brief description of the Rachael/Michelle conversation that didn’t make the final cut. Here’s what he said:

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Ashley and I did our weekly IG Live last night, and for whatever reason, although when you watch Part 1 below there’s no buffering or videos issues, when it was live there was. Hence the reason we had to stop and start over. But here’s the first 20 minutes with no video issues:

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And then here is Part 2:

“Reader Emails” begins on Page 2…



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