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Podcast #227 – Interview with Nicole Ciszak & Alexcys Homan of “Temptation Island”

Another fun podcast this week with probably the two most talked about single females on this season of “Temptation Island,” Nickole Ciszak and Alexcys Homan. Yes, the two girls in the threesome with Kendal. I spoke to them both separately just so you know this isn’t some combined interview. After talking to both of them, I get the sense that they didn’t quite see eye to eye on how the threesome went down. Or at least the after effects of it. It certainly was interesting. We talk about the dynamics of it, how it came to be, what would they think if they were in Erica’s shoes having to watch it, and much, much more. I wanted to know a little more about them and their background and we dive a little into that. You can follow either of them on Instagram at @nickoleciszak and @alexcysjordyn. Interesting conversation with the two of them and, as I think you’ll be able to hear, two very different personalities that both bring an interesting perspective on how they see everything that went down. Enjoy…

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(SPOILERS) Nickole joins me (2:42) to talk about how she got on the show, who was she initially attracted to, what happened with Cory, how the threesome came to be, what would she think if she were in Erica’s shoes, and much, much more. Then Alexcys joins me (44:26) to discuss her journey to the show, her initial attraction, why did she gravitate to Kendal, her side of the threesome and what her thoughts were afterwards, where it goes from here, and much, much more.

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Instagram – @alexcysjordyn

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