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The “Bachelorette” Katie – Episode 2 Recap, More BIP Contestants, & All That Greg Stuff

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-Greg’s 1-on-1 date up next and Katie drives up in a red pick-up truck to swoop him away. And in what was seemingly planned by production, both are in a plaid shirt with a hoodie on. Highly doubt that was coincidental. They go out camping where Katie tells Greg she lost her dad in 2012, he used to take her fishing, and she wanted to make sure Greg was on this date. In what could be seen a great survival tactic while camping, or maybe a metaphor for this season, Katie shows Greg how to make a toilet out of a bucket. Seems quite uncomfortable if you ask me. Can we get some sort of cushion on that thing? Camping, yeah, no thanks. I’m fine not being one with nature. All the power to you for enjoying crapping on a bucket into a hole. I’ll be home using indoor plumbing thanks.

-Greg struggled putting up a tent and also they played outdoor camping games. Well, I saw them play one that was horseshoes. Is that still a thing? Hasn’t cornhole kind’ve overtaken horseshoes in that area? They’re kinda the same thing in terms of what you have to do and the object of the game. I’m just not sure horseshoes is all that exciting anymore. Then again, you’re also talking to someone who’s never been camping and has no interest in ever camping. Well, I take that back. If it was for one night out in a tent, I think I could do that. But for a week or even a weekend? No thanks. Can I sleep in the camper? Does the camper have wifi service and cable access? “But Steve, that defeats the whole purpose.” Yeah, exactly. If I’m camping, I want to do a little camping as possible. Makes total sense.

-At dinner, Greg shares with Katie about how he lost his dad two years ago to Stage 4 cancer. It’s clear how much Katie is into Greg and I think Greg is into her. Me personally, I can’t get a read on this guy. I’m not saying 100% he’s acting, but knowing he was in acting school for 2 years, I’d be naïve to immediately just dismiss it as nothing. It’s impossible to not at least keep that in your head while watching him. I’m just being realistic. We know pretty much every contestant comes on this show to build a brand. But not every one completed a 2 year acting class either. I mean, I can’t remember in the history of this show a contestant shoved in our face more than Greg Grippo has been in the first 2 episodes. Got the first impression rose night one, got a make out, gets the first 1-on-1 date of the season, has the lead specifically tell him she wanted him on this date, gets another rose, gets another make out, has the lead tell him she expects him to be around a while, etc. This is the Greg Grippo show for the first two weeks and it’s not even close. Just something to be aware of. All seems a bit much so quickly.

-The second group date is up next and it’s the ol’ standby of lets let the contestants beat on each other for a little bit while the lead watches. When it’s the women, it’s pillow fighting, boxing, wrestling, etc. With the men, it’s a little more rough and tumble and something to where they make to pit two guys against each other who clearly have beef. Last night was no different as Aaron and Cody went against each other in Katie’s Big Buckle Brawl. You know me, I love my alliterations. Except when it’s forced like that one. 8 men on the date, so 4 matchups where they just took off their shirt and wrestled in mud. Really the only point of this date was to set up the Aaron/Cody stuff, which still the next day, pretty much everyone is scratching their heads at.

-A month ago when I gave some storylines for the season, I mentioned that Aaron and Cody had beef from knowing each other in San Diego and that she sent Cody home first once Aaron confronted her about him. Here’s the thing, back on my lives in March, literally the day the cast list was first released for Katie’s season, I mentioned that I was getting a ton of stuff that was negative on Katie’s guys. In fact, all the info I was getting was negative. So I’m sure whatever Aaron’s issue is with Cody is something along the lines of what I was told. I highly doubt the whole thing was made up. What didn’t make any sense to me was why Aaron couldn’t give a specific instance or exact detail of why he didn’t like Cody or what his issue was with him. Called him malicious, unkind, said how he handles situations is disturbing, and it’s not the energy he wants. I mean, that’s great and all, but that’s still very generic.

-On the other hand you have Cody who, once confronted with this by Katie, really didn’t seem to care or mind all that much. Didn’t jump to defend himself, didn’t force Aaron to give him an example of what he was talking about, and just kinda ho hummed his way through everything. Which, in a lot people’s eyes, seemed to confirm his guilt. I just wish we knew exactly what he was guilty of. Katie trusted her instincts and sent Cody home during the after party because, well, I guess he didn’t fight for himself enough. The whole thing, while being one of the drama stories of the night, kinda fell flat. If someone can get someone else sent home by just saying he’s malicious, unkind, and doesn’t handle situations great, then seemingly a lot of guys would probably get sent home immediately. If I’m Katie, I’m asking for specific examples. And you know what? Maybe Aaron did give her ones that they couldn’t air since they were unable to be proven. I don’t know. But that whole situation was pretty weak if you ask me when we still don’t even know what Aaron’s issue was with him.

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