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The “Bachelorette” Katie – Episode 2 Recap, More BIP Contestants, & All That Greg Stuff

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I think one thing we all need to keep in mind as Katie’s season goes along is, we’re in a different time now when it comes to social media. Not only does Katie know how to play the game, but production does as well. They know what people are looking at when they create their promos for the season. They know that things like Spotify, Snapchat, Venmo, IG stories, etc are all things that the die hard fanbase lose sleep over to dissect. These are things that even 2-3 years ago production would never have to worry about once filming is over. But since we’ve seen seasons and storylines ruined because of it, they’re getting a better grasp on things and informing their contestants what they can and can’t do. Hell, even when it comes to BIP contestants, just because there is social media activity doesn’t necessarily mean that person isn’t in Mexico, or is already home, etc. They are openly telling contestants nowadays things to do on social media to throw people off. Which is why I will say til I’m blue in the face that social media activity is never and will never be a 100% confirmation of anything when it comes to this show. A few years ago, plenty of contestants would slip up. Now? Not saying they won’t here or there, but, most of them know what they’re doing now. So just keep that in mind when you post about things you believe to absolutes when, unfortunately, they’re not.

Get your “Reader Emails” in for tomorrow. A little light righ now, but, already a couple doozies in there. So if you want your email in tomorrow’s column email me at Working on this week’s podcast guest. An alum that I think people will be interested in. It’s either gonna be this week or next week. I’m working on securing it. Old school. Villain. And they have a lot to say. Hopefully I can get it to you this week, if not, it’ll happen next week. Looking forward to talking to them. Been a while since I’ve spoken to them, almost 5 years, but I think they have a really interesting story, and they definitely went through a lot in this franchise.

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Since last weeks post of contestants that I expected to be on BIP at some point this season, we’ve got more to add to the list. Filming is only about 8-9 days old right now. So there’s been at least 2 rose ceremonies. Some people are already home. Some have made it obvious on their social media by posting videos of themselves. However, as the season goes on, I’ll spill what I know when I know it. And then hopefully get you as many spoilers as I can for BIP at some point. In addition to the names I gave you last week, here are some more people you can expect this season on BIP. They might’ve already been on, they might still be in quarantine waiting to be on, or they might be on as we speak. All this will get sorted out later. But expect these names to be there at some point:


Tia Booth (Arie’s season, BIP season 5)
Becca Kufrin (Arie’s season, Bachelorette #14)
Alayah Benavidez (Peter’s season)
Demi Burnett (Colton’s season, BIP season 6)


Thomas Jacobs (Katie’s season)
James Bonsall (Katie)
Karl Smith (Katie)
Ed Waisbrot (Clare/Tayshia’s season)
Riley Christian (Clare/Tayshia’s season)

Not every name I’ve given you the last 2 weeks are the only people who will be there. I don’t have every name yet, but, that’s over 30 I’ve given you so far, so that should be most of them. I’m pretty certain the ones I’ve given will all be on the show at some point.

I think most people’s first reaction to the new names above are Becca and Demi must both be there as host/bartender or something, right? No. From everything I’m being told, both are there as contestants to date. Which makes Becca the first lead to ever go on BIP to date after they were the lead. Kinda surprising she’d do this, but I’m not her. I’m sure she’s got her reasons.

I’ve heard rumblings of one couple so far, but don’t know how serious it is. Because we know that every new person that’s brought onto the show, comes in with a date card and asks someone out. That’s what causes the drama. Once I find out more about this couple I’ve heard of (which is from the two most recent seasons – Matt’s and Clare/Tayshia’s), I will let you know.

The other spoiler I know everyone is waiting for and that’s who did Katie choose. I can tell you this season is like pretty much every season – I’ve heard different things from different people. And it involves more than one guy, so naturally, both can’t be right. My job now is figure out which one is correct and get an idea of what happened at the end of filming. Kinda like when I heard right after Peter’s season ended when everyone in Alabama was telling me he was with Madi, long before the first episode even aired. And yet I never ran with it because it was too much, too fast, and the info I was getting just wasn’t solid enough. Which thank God I didn’t run with it since I would’ve been wrong. So yeah, I’ve heard different names this season of who Katie is with. Now just trying to determine the right one. Just remember, anyone can make any list of reasons why so-and-so is who Katie chose. It’s being done already for 3 or 4 different guys. Yet, only one them can be right. So if someone wants Katie to be with x, their whole argument will only present the evidence that supports that. And if she doesn’t end up being with that person, then none of that mattered. A lot speculation right now, but keep in mind, that’s all it is. Speculation and innuendo. There is no solid 100% evidence of anything right now out there of who Katie chose, and that’s what you all want. Hopefully I will get it soon.

Not saying that Greg is or isn’t one of those names I’ve heard, but there’s a lot of stuff floating around online about Greg right now that seems to be dictating people’s opinions on him. If you heard me a couple months ago on my IG lives right as filming started, I’d mentioned Greg’s name as one I’d heard about that wasn’t the greatest of news. Him having an acting past was NOT what I was referring to. To me that’s whatever nowadays. Does it look great to the average fan? Probably not. But there’s no denying it. The guy graduated from William Esper Studio in NY and it’s still on his IG page for everyone to see – May 30th 2019. But as I’ve said numerous times, if you watch this show in hopes that every person you’re watching is there to fall in love and find a spouse and doesn’t have ulterior motives, you’re watching the wrong show. Greg is no different than most contestants on this show.

So no, that’s not what I was referring to. However, your favorite IG account that posts anything and everything that gets sent to them, posted stuff that was sent into them regarding Greg that isn’t very flattering. However what I can tell you is I received that same email, pretty much word for word, back in March. There’s a reason I didn’t report it. Just no way to prove it. And when someone has dirt/tea on a contestant, and they email it to me, DM it to me on Twitter, AND IG message me on it, it seems then like there’s an agenda.

Hey, maybe it’s true. But they’re trying awfully hard. They sent it to me 3 different ways and since I never took the bait and posted it, now they’re going other places. There’s also yet another email/info going around that’s not as flattering as those two stories about Greg. But once again, with no proof, or no one willing to put their name behind it, it’s going nowhere as of now. And oh yeah, there’s also someone on Snapchat who a few weeks ago was pretending to be Greg and hitting on women quite explicitly, and it clearly wasn’t him. That I have proof of because the Snapchat convo was sent to me. It wasn’t him. Someone is really going out of their way to come after Greg. So it’s really hard to know what to believe when it comes to him. The only thing known absolutely 100% for sure is that Greg attended acting school for 2 years in NY and graduated that school in 2019. I’m sure that’ll make some skeptical of his motives, which you have a right to. And those that are Greg fans will dismiss it, just like anyone else they take a liking to. That’s the way this fanbase works. Dismissing info that doesn’t fit your narrative of a contestant, or, using info against a contestant you may not like.

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