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Podcast #239 – Some “Bachelor in Paradise” Spoilers & “Reader Emails”

Got some mild BIP spoilers for you today from the early days of filming. They are currently through three rose ceremonies. First rose ceremony the guys handed out roses, second was the women, third was back to the guys, etc. However, and I can’t emphasize this enough, this list of “couples” I’m going to give you below does NOT mean that these people are in love, set to engaged, will end up together, etc. What I’m giving you is who people gave early roses to, and honestly, I don’t know which one gave the other the rose. These are just names that I know gave each other roses in either rose ceremony #1 or #2 and have “coupled” up, but I use that term loosely since I do not know how serious these couples are. I’m sure I’ll hear more as we go along, but as of right now, these are the only pairings I’ve heard of. Yeah, that’s it. Maybe I should just use the word “pairing” because “couple” I know will automatically make people think all these people are couples and no one else has a chance at these people, and that’s just not the case. Today’s podcast goes over that as well as answers more of your “Reader Emails,” so check that out. Below, I will give you the names of the 5 “pairings” from the early rose ceremonies.

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(SPOILERS) I begin by giving spoilers on some of the early “couples” currently filming “Bachelor in Paradise.” Then I answer your “Reader Emails” (11:15) on subjects like Greg Grippo, non Bachelor podcasts, Katie’s social media activity, Hannah Ann’s role in Bachelor Nation, and much, much more.

CampaignZero – link
8CantWait – link
PoliceScorecard – link

So as I said, these are just early pairings from the 1st and 2nd rose ceremonies that I’ve heard about. There are obviously other pairings that have given roses out that I just haven’t heard about. I don’t know the extent of how serious these relationships are, so report accordingly:

Noah Erb/Abigail Heringer
Tammy Ly/Thomas Jacobs
Ivan Hall/Jessenia Cruz
Demi Burnett/Kenny Braasch
Brendan Morais/Natasha Parker

So I know other sites will take this info and report it. Just be sure to clarify these NOT the only pairings, doesn’t mean all these people are part of original cast, these are ONLY from the first two rose ceremonies, and there are clearly more pairings and people there. Clearly more roses that have been given out in the first 2 rose ceremonies and there’s more than 10 people still there. What I’m giving you are just the only ones I’ve heard about up to this point. So while I’m sure you have questions, these are all the answers I have right now. So the “What about so-and-so,” or “who is he/she with,” or “who was original cast,” my answer is I don’t know. These are the only ones I know about thus far. I’m sure I will be getting more as the season goes on and/or once they’re done filming.

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