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The “Bachelorette” Katie – Episode 4 Recap, Becca Kufrin on BIP, & Influencers Getting PPP Loans

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A big thing that is making the rounds online the last few days is that some Bachelor influencers took out PPP loans during the pandemic. Vulture has a brief article on it, but I believe it’s behind a paywall. I think Jason Tartick gave a good explanation about all of it on his IG last night:

Here’s the thing: Unless I speak to each person individually to know how each spent the money they received, it’s hard to come down as a whole on everyone. If they did it for personal gain, then absolutely it was wrong. Especially if it’s forgiven and not needed to be paid back. Because so many small businesses weren’t able to get PPP loans, yet “influencers” were able to grab $20k? But if they used that $20k for business related expenses, then they used it correctly. On the surface does it look good? No. It does look like they basically took advantage of the system. None of them did anything wrong or illegal. But morally should they have done it? That’s each persons own decision to make. Jason said he weighed everything and chose not to. The ones that did that have now been exposed, well, I guess they’ll have to deal with the backlash of it.

Tayshia’s camp is the only one who’s responded so far. If you can’t read the article, here’s what her camp said:

“In a statement provided to Vulture, representatives for Adams said that she used the loan to hire an employee to assist in her media endeavors: ‘As a business owner, television and podcast host, and brand ambassador, Tayshia obtained a PPP Loan that enabled her to hire an employee, to whom she offers market-based pay and benefits. Since exhausting the PPP Loan funds, but in light of the growing economy, Tayshia has committed to retaining her employee for the foreseeable future.’”

I’m in a lose-lose situation regarding anything I say about Tayshia (or Demi for that matter), so I’ll just leave that statement from her camp there in case you couldn’t read the article, and you can form your own opinion on her reason for receiving the PPP loan. Moving on…

I did a Q&A at the end of last week that’s saved to my Highlights on Instagram. One question that people keep harping on is who was I talking about when I said someone in this franchise is pregnant, showing, but hasn’t announced it yet. The key thing here is I also said it’s not a big name. If I were to tell you to just list 50 women from this franchise, like ever, from ANY season, this woman I guarantee wouldn’t be in your top 50 names that come to mind. I had just recently heard, didn’t think much of it, but when someone asked me the question of “Who do I think is next in the franchise to have a baby,” that person popped into my head. But I’m certainly not going to out them, and honestly, you’d all be disappointed anyway since most of you would probably respond with “Who?” It’s not a big deal. Trust me.

This Thursday, Michelle will be appearing at the St. Paul Saints game in MN:

I assume this will probably be filmed as part of her intro package when night 1 airs. They haven’t said anything in terms of exact dates of when filming will begin, but since we know it’s airing this fall, and BIP ends around Sept. 20th, and Clare’s season started airing on Oct 13th last year and ended before Christmas, you gotta believe Michelle will be on a similar schedule. Clare’s first night of filming was July 18th and contestants arrived July 9th-10th. So I would expect something very similar for Michelle’s season. No word yet on where Michelle’s season is filming. I will let you know if/when I find out.

So last week, Erica Rose came out and spoke about how she was traumatized from a challenge back on season 2 of “Bachelor Pad.” For those that don’t remember that challenge, it’s one I’ve talked about for years when talking about this show never gave a shit about any sort of women empowerment and all they’ve done for years is promote hate and conflict. I mean, it’s amazing that this was a thing back in 2011:

And there’s Chris Harrison, front and center, conducting a challenge where he’d ask the guys who they were least attracted to, and they’d answer by firing an egg at them. Quite the progressive show, huh? This bothered Chris so much that he continued to host the show and its spinoffs…for another 10 years after this. Yes, I’m sure this was humiliating and physically painful for Erica. No one is disputing that. I was writing it at the time and calling the show out for how embarrassing this was. However, this same woman also still considered coming back for Paradise in 2015 four years after this challenge on BP 2 (I still have the text conversation) and, most recently, decided to defend James Taylor of all people. Just keep that in mind.

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