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The “Bachelorette” Katie – Episode 4 Recap, Becca Kufrin on BIP, & Influencers Getting PPP Loans

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Get your “Reader Emails” in for tomorrow’s column as right now I believe I have the same as last week at this time, around 10 or 12. Usually wanna get to around 25-30 for the column. You came through last week, so lets do it again for tomorrow. As always, still spots available for the my Fan Appreciation Party in Vegas on Aug. 27th. Open bar all night and appetizers for everyone. No cost to get in. It’s first come, first serve, you just need to RSVP to me by email at Only difference this year is I’m asking that you show proof of vaccination. If you’re flying/driving in, you have priority right now, so let me know ASAP if you’re interested. Like I said, no cost for admission into the party, but I’m working in conjunction with the Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support in Dallas this year. Any donation would help and all will go to the women’s shelter. Thanks.

So lets get to “Bachelor in Paradise.” Here’s where I’m at. I know the 3 couples who went on the overnights and made it to the final day. I know that one of them got engaged. Haven’t heard if the other two did or didn’t yet. I’m gonna give myself one more day to find out. If not, then tomorrow I’ll just tell you who the couples are and which one is engaged. There are close to 40 people that showed up on Paradise this season. There’s SO much info to accumulate in terms of who went on dates with who, who left as a couple/single, etc. I have most of them, but not all. I also have basics of a few things that happened, but not detailed info yet. That’ll take me longer to get. We’re still 6 weeks away from BIP premiering (August 16th), but I know you’re dying to hear the final couples and what happened with some of the big names. I’ll lay those out tomorrow because I wanna see if I can get info on what the status is on the two couples I haven’t heard yet. Put it this way, I don’t think they broke up. I heard all 3 final couples were solid. One is engaged, and my guess at this point would be the other two at least stayed together if not got engaged.

The one BIP spoiler I released last night on Twitter was the fact that Becca was heavily involved with our boy Thomas for the last half of BIP, but, ultimately decided to end things with him and leave single. This will be interesting, because right now in most viewers eyes, Thomas is not well liked. Yet, Becca is pretty beloved in this franchise. So seeing her with Thomas, and her liking and getting close to Thomas, probably will have people feeling all sorts of things. The interesting thing is we don’t know the exact details of when Becca knew what regarding Thomas. Yes, she was down in Mexico recording her podcasts, but maybe she was only given certain parts of the episode to watch. I mean, if you listen to the first 15 minutes of her Bachelor Happy Hour podcast today discussing last night’s episode, it’s pretty heavily slanted in favor of defending Thomas. Of course she did. And that’s gonna be the juggling act Becca will have to put on for everyone on her podcast the next 6 weeks. Granted, Thomas is off Katie’s season now, so she won’t have to necessarily talk about him per se, but she’s been down in Paradise and has formed opinions about Katie’s guys that the unspoiled audience doesn’t know about. But she can’t admit that on her podcast until the cast list comes out. And Becca wasn’t technically original cast of BIP either, so I don’t even think she’ll even be part of the cast announcement, which I expect very soon.

Same goes for Natasha and Joe. Both host podcasts recapping the episodes every week, yet, they’re gonna have to talk about the guys on Katie’s season by pretending they don’t know what they did down in Paradise. Not sure how anyone can expect them to objectively cover the show that way, but whatever. People play favorites all the time when it comes to podcast hosts and their coverage. This will be no different. But Becca definitely is in a more difficult position only because the guy that she connected most with down there didn’t get a great edit at all on Katie’s season, and the average fan doesn’t like him. And from everything I’m hearing, Becca definitely liked him. I haven’t heard the reasoning for the break up. I just know she did end it with him and left the show single. And there’s still plenty of time before the show starts for something else to happen. Not just with her, with anyone. I have no idea if they’ll rekindle post show, but it’s definitely happened before. Kevin and Astrid broke up on Paradise, and were already seeing each other a week later. Now they’re engaged and pregnant. Joe and Kendall broke up on Paradise season 6 then they started dating post-show and lasted a year. I have no idea what Becca or any of these people will do post-show. But I gotta believe there will be reconnects post-show between somebody at some point. Happens every season.

Bear with me. One more day, and I’ll give you everything I know about Paradise, even though I won’t have every date/elimination. You’ll get everything I have. Filming just ended Saturday. I need more time to get as much detailed info as I can get to you.

So as we get close to your BIP spoilers tomorrow, this weekend I tweeted out some stats that I’m sure 99.9% of the audience didn’t know or remember. Hell, I had to go back and look it all up and I cover the show for a living. But these are the stats for JUST the people who made it to that final day. A lot of questions regarding well what about so-and-so, or this couple, etc. This is just the couples that went on an overnight date, then appeared at the “altar” on that final day with their decision. If you don’t see them on this list, that means that they weren’t one of the couples that did that.

One thing to remember regarding season 4, that was the season that shut down for 10 days due to the Corinne/DeMario incident. So technically in that last episode, the 3 remaining couples (Taylor & Derek, Raven & Adam, and Lacey & Daniel) never went to the “altar.” The last we saw of them was the morning after all 3 had overnight dates and then the show immediately transitioned into the reunion show where Derek proposed to Taylor. But for the sake of argument, I just wanted to keep it in line with the other 5 seasons and just focus on the couples that took the overnight and then showed up at the “altar” on that final day.

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