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The “Bachelorette” Katie – Episode 4 Recap, Becca Kufrin on BIP, & Influencers Getting PPP Loans

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-They began the episode with a recap of what the hell Thomas did that made everyone so mad. Thomas was certainly front and center with the guys talking about his claims that he thought about being the “Bachelor.” Again, my stance remains the same on Thomas. I don’t give a crap this guy thought about being the “Bachelor.” It’s crossed every single one of those guys minds at some point. If they say it didn’t, they’re lying. With that said, Thomas was stupid for verbalizing it. But his most egregious behavior to me is just more how he comes across as a giant bullshitter. Just seems like he tells Katie exactly what she wants to hear, not necessarily what he believes. Always trying to say the perfect thing, and always saying stuff that sounds really deep and insightful, when in reality, it’s just a lot of hot air. Whatever. He’s Becca’s problem now. I mean, at least for a certain amount of time on Paradise. Because Becca is so well liked in this franchise, just watch the sentiment towards Thomas turn come Paradise. Trust me, people will start liking him down there, and will begin to like them together as a couple. Becca was definitely into him down there, but ultimately, decided to end it and leave single.

-Group date was 8 guys on a game of Truth or Dare. Greg, James, Andrew M., Andrew S., Connor C., Tre, Mike P., and Tyler. This date was kinda all over the map. I’d like to explain it to you, but I can’t. Was there a winner? Was it a race? Did each guy have to go to each station? So confusing. There was a Mystery Snack Shack set up where they had to eat foods that were loaded in calories. Yikes. Talk about a nightmare for these guys. Mike P. had to eat a plate of Twinkies that had 5400 calories in it. That’s like as many calories as these guys probably consume in a week. Talk about torture. I think Mike said he hasn’t had a carb in like 7 years. Imagine the horror of a plate of Twinkies in front of him. Might as well have tortured him more by putting a scale out there and had him stand on it. God forbid these guys may taste something that isn’t the most nutritious for them but tastes damn good. Have a carb boys. They’re wonderful.

-Some other stations included whispering sweet nothings for a minute into Katie’s ear, even though the guys thought she couldn’t hear. If that was Greg’s idea of foreplay, Katie should thank the high heavens she doesn’t pick him. When you’re trying to get a woman all worked up, I don’t think talking about the 50 states is gonna do the trick. You’re killin’ her lady boner with that nonsense, Greg. Regroup and come up with something better than 50 states seduction. Another station had the guys having to wax a body part which was pretty much a 40 Year Old Virgin rip off – literally and figuratively. Steve Carrell already set the bar for guys getting waxed so honestly, it’s no longer funny seeing it happen. There’s nothing any guy can say while getting waxed that’s original since we know it all derives from Steve Carrell screaming “Kelly Clarkson!” in that movie. Unoriginal, not funny, lets move on.

-Then at the end, the guys had to eat a habanero pepper, get on a knee, and propose to Katie with a fake ring. Haven’t we seen this whole fake ring proposal done numerous times before on group dates? Hell, I know it happened on Tayshia’s season. And I wanna say they also did it as part of a relay race on either Rachel or Becca’s. And the fake proposal was done on JoJo’s season on the ESPN group date where Chad refused to do it and showed basically what he was all about. I know you don’t have a ton to work with at the Grand Hyatt Tamaya but can we put a little more thought into some of these dates and just no rehash old ones? Was it more lighthearted than that intervention date last week? Yes. But we’d like to see some originality on these dates, and we’re just not getting it. Even in the previews for next week, yet again, a repeat of numerous dates in the past where guys wear barely any clothing and play a game where they go around mauling each other in an attempt to win Katie’s heart. Yawn.

-At the after party, Andrew S pulls Katie aside for some Taco Bell and tells her “I’ve never had a woman understand me.” That seems a bit heavy. And is that something you wanna share? And do we really believe that after a few conversations with her Katie is the only woman who understands you? That’s the Stockholm Syndrome talking. But definitely points to him for bringing over some Taco Supremes. If she can’t bond with you over Taco Bell, then she’s not the one for you pal. Good job on that. Hey, at least Andrew eats carbs. Maybe there is some hope for him and Katie after all. I’m not sure where on the food chain Taco Bell stands in Katie’s mind, but it better be up there. Now, I don’t know why they lined the Taco Bell platter with Lunchables as well, but they did. I’m sorry, but chasing your Taco Supreme with a cold, slimy slice of ham isn’t ideal. That plate should’ve been tacos, a Nachos Bellgrande, a Mexican Pizza (even though it’s been discontinued), and those Cinnamon Twists. He probably would’ve won if he brought her that. He didn’t, sooooooo…

-So the biggest issue at this after party was Tre wanting to tell Katie about Thomas. And Andrew S. saying let it be, she’s fine, she doesn’t need to hear that. These two went around in a circle and frankly, I saw both sides to it. We know “tattling” on other guys, or spending your alone time with the lead talking about someone else in the house, almost never works in your favor. Ever. But last night it did. I think because Tre approached it in a way where he wasn’t whining about Thomas, or trash talking him. His approach was more out of concern for Katie and he presented it that way. The fact that Tre got the group date rose when we didn’t even see them kiss, and didn’t really see them connect on any sort of emotional level, well, can you argue with what Tre did? But I do see Andrews side. He just would’ve left it alone because he knows he’s probably got a deeper connection with Katie.

-And look, it’s not lost on anyone that this was all part of a storyline. Tre got that rose because production knew Thomas was gonna be sent home. That’s a definite. So this just set that up. Both of them can be right. And now that Thomas is gone, it doesn’t matter anymore since no one’s gonna spend their time talking about him. I didn’t have a problem with what Tre did because Katie was essentially asking for the guys to look out for her. And if Katie had an issue with Tre, she wouldn’t have rewarded him with the group date rose. I’m just glad after today we can be done talking about Thomas – until Paradise. It was really funny catching the first 15 minutes of the Bachelor Happy Hour Podcast this morning and listen to Becca bend over backwards to downplay what Thomas did on the show. Again, I don’t think talking about the Bachelor is all that big of a deal, which is what she focused on. Never got into talking about how he seems like a bullshitter, nor do I expect her to. She’s planting the seeds for the audience that’s for sure.

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