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“Reader Emails,” Ratings, & Katie Speaks on Her Season

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Hi Steve,

I felt like I was taking crazy pills watching this episode. Didn’t Thomas specifically discuss coming into the show with thoughts of being the Bachelor during the Intervention group date? I feel like Katie and the rest of the guys are acting like that group date never happened. It didn’t seem like Katie learned any “new” information which would cause her to react the way she did at the rose ceremony. He never lied to her as far as we know. He does seem to be a smooth talker but at least he was honest about his original intentions. Do you think Katie was pushed into humiliating him at the rose ceremony by production? I can’t remember Thomas’ exact wording from the intervention date. He kinda had word salad on that date. I’m sure Katie was nudged into making a bigger deal about letting him go, for sure. Because on that Nick podcast, she said she was done with him. So to then call him up for a rose only to do that, yeah. It’s not like she decided right then and there. She knew she was sending him home. Could’ve done it pre-rose ceremony like so many other leads have done. But she chose to do it that way. But then when you criticize her for it, she goes off on TikTok. So go figure.

Also, Andrew’s stance was refreshing. He seems to be the only guy who has watched a previous season. He understands that talking about other guys and using your time to instigate drama is basically a guarantee that you won’t win at the end. Yes, Tre received the group date rose but I see that more as a win the battle, but lose the war result for him.

Comment: For sure Andrew won the war and lost the battle. The thing I actually appreciated about Tre vs Andrew was it was one of the first arguments we’ve had on this show where one side didn’t blow a gasket, or one side was totally making a better point to the other side. They both made their points, they didn’t end up hating each other and sniping at each other after, and they each presented a compelling argument. They actually listened to what the other had to say. Imagine that? Imagine being in disagreement with someone, but because their opinion doesn’t match yours, you automatically don’t dismiss them. Novel concept nowadays.

Hi Steve,

First of all, I’d like to reiterate the sentiment of some other e-mails you’ve received over the last couple of weeks and commend you for the way you’ve handled recent situations. I know it’s been said before so I won’t ramble on, but I’ve been a long-time follower of yours and can truly see how genuine you are about doing and being better. You take ownership for your actions and take the necessary steps to learn (and unlearn) things you may have never even thought twice about before – not for PR, but because you actually care. Well done.

My question for you is this: Do you think Katie was made the Bachelorette because production was truly stuck deciding between her and Michelle? Or do you think she was more of a placeholder because Michelle couldn’t start filming until the school year was finished? If it’s the latter, it might explain why Katie was the Bachelorette even if production knew about her and Blake. I would suspect that if Katie wasn’t cast as the lead, she would have been on Paradise, and if Blake didn’t end up on this season, he too would have been cast on paradise. Like you mentioned in your column today, knowing what happens, it definitely makes more sense to have just sent them both to paradise and let their connection unfold there. From a production standpoint, why have two bachelorette seasons when you didn’t really have to?

Thanks for all that you do! I can’t believe I ever used to watch the show unspoiled.

Comment: I’m honestly not sure why it was done the way it was done. If it really was because Michelle couldn’t film a season in March & April because she needed to finish school and they HAD to film ANY season in that time, then I guess that’s the reason. But I really think they blew any momentum Michelle had off Matt’s season by filming TWO seasons (Katie’s and BIP) before we ever see Michelle’s. There’s that saying strike while the iron is hot. Well, Michelle’s iron has been turned off and unplugged. Sure, people will watch her season, but geez, to not air it until 7 months after we saw her on Matt’s season seems counterproductive. Again, if she couldn’t do it because of school, then ok. But it doesn’t change the fact there isn’t much hype/momentum going into that season.

Not to mention the season you DID film in March & April revolved around the 11th place finisher that the audience really didn’t develop much of a personal connection to. She had one 1-on-1 date where she got sent home, wasn’t much of a tragic story, we never met her family, etc. Not saying that’s Katie’s fault because any woman would’ve pretty much taken the position if offered. I’m just saying from a TV standpoint, the whole idea behind choosing someone who the audience has seen on the “Bachelor” season and developed a connection towards, well, doesn’t really fit with Katie. You can’t tell me there weren’t better options available from Matt’s season. While whoever they choose is fine by me as long as there’s a season, I really have never understood why the 11th place girl from Matt’s season who didn’t have much of a storyline or an emotional connection to the audience was chosen seeing that, for 16 previous seasons, that’s how they’ve basically chosen that role.

Hey, Steve,

In your column today, you wrote that of all former contestants who returned for a shot at love with a new lead, Nick is the one who performed best on his or her second season, since he was Kaitlyn’s runner up. But you forgot about your former podcast guest Mary Delgado, who won Byron’s season. FYI.

Comment: That is correct. Mary was on Bob’s season and returned for Byron’s. I guess I was more thinking about recent seasons. Because it’s just a different show now.

Hi Steve,

Long time fan! I was just wondering – has there ever been a bachelor/bachelorette that has given someone a rose and then took it back and sent them home?

Comment: I know there has been, but after 42 seasons off the top of my head, I can’t remember who did it. It’s very rare, but it’s definitely happened. I wanna say I believe Clint from Kaitlyn’s season did? Didn’t he get a 1-on-1 date rose and then at the rose ceremony cocktail party she told him to leave? Or am I getting that mixed up?

Hi Steve,

I know you’re ratings savvy. Please talk with your advertising friends about Nielsen ratings for 2021. They have been a real mess in 2021. Nielsen may provide a lot of reasons like Covid, not enough meters in households due to not being able to access homes due to Covid, blah blah. This explains why ratings are so low for Kate’s premier.

Just ask any friends of yours in the media department of an ad agency or tv station. Even Kimmel at the upfront presentation said something like we’re all at home but the ratings are down.

Comment: Talk with them about what? They’re my friends? Since when? I’m confused on what this email is asking. Are they upset they’re hearing ratings are down and want me to prove otherwise? The bottom line is network TV ratings are down at every network. Basically unless it comes to live sports. There’s just so many more options on streaming services that network TV is dying off.

Hey Steve,

Quick question non bachelor related.

Do you know why the season 1 of temptation island cast no longer hangs out or seems to talk !!?

Comment: I don’t follow all of them but I know Kaci and Shari are friends and she hangs with her and Javen. So they are all still close. And I know Karl and Nicole are back together. When Kaci came on the podcast 2 months ago they still all kept in touch. Evan is the one that’s the outcast because, well, you know.

Hope you are having a great summer.

I’m curious why we have not gotten any information on Michelle’s season. There has been no word on when they are shooting. Also no word on location and who will be the host. Not even hints of a few of the guys from you. Do you think they are pushing her filming and season back?

Comment: I mean, we didn’t know the hosts of Katie’s season until days before it started, so that’s not too out of the ordinary. I have a couple of the guys, but not many. I’m assuming she’s on the same schedule as Clare and filming begins in a couple weeks. But no, I haven’t heard location yet or if there will be traveling. However, I had Clare, Matt, and Katie’s location spoiled before anywhere else did. I’m sure I’ll hear soon.

I don’t know if you ever follow the Dancing with the stars, pro dancers, but Emma and Sasha are married and some of their fans are so curious to find out if they are separated. They don’t seem to be living together and neither one is wearing their wedding rings in their posts. So ,just wondering if you happen to have any idea about this. Thank you for your time.

Comment: I don’t follow them so I have no idea. But you know what they say about social media and couples…

Hi Steve,

Long time reader way back in the day, so long ago I don’t even remember the first time but it was well before spoilers and you were just doing recaps. I can say I have enjoyed your writing and watched your evolution. Anybody can see the work you put into improving yourself so congratulations on not resting on your laurels and doing the hard stuff. I really appreciated you being so candid on what you are doing to better yourself while acknowledging you are a private person, it gives us all a bit of permission to forgive ourselves for past mistakes. I applaud and respect you. Thanks. I appreciate it.

More on observation, I am one of the people who watch this series because of your column. A large pet peeve of mine is these ridiculous dates that end with a band singing to this couple at the end of it, yesterday Blake and Katie. We have to believe that she is trying to determine if they have a future during the day portion right about the time “said”group would be setting up and doing sound checks. Not to mention they would be scheduled somewhat in advance. Just once, for fun, can it end with the date not getting the rose and Katie sticking her head in the serenade room and saying “that’s a wrap pack it in boys” or perhaps swaying by herself to the music! Clearly way before the date card is handed to the house they know choosen guy will be kept so the band will be heard. I don’t know why of all the silly things this show does that one bothers me the most. Such an insult to our intelligence. I think the one time a 1-on-1 date had a musical guest set up and the lead didn’t give out a rose was Sean Lowe’s season with Leslie H. There was an orchestra set up for the night time portion of the date that played to Sean gazing into the night while peeling off rose petals I believe.

Please keep up the good work. I don’t say these things lightly and thought long and hard about your situation. You deserve keep finding the best version of you, for you, not for everyone on the outside looking in.

Warm wishes for you to take care!

Comment: It’s getting better and I feel better than I did because of the changes that I’ve made both personally and on the site.

You may have addressed this earlier in the season…did Jimmy Kimmel end up doing his top 4 “prediction” of this season? Did he address it at all? Or did he wait until after you had all 4?

Comment: His top 4 was Andrew, Greg, Justin, and Connor B., but that’s because Blake wasn’t on the show yet so it wouldn’t looked really bizarre if he picked Blake. And he picked Greg to win.

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