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“Reader Emails,” Ratings, & Katie Speaks on Her Season

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Hey Steve!

First time reader email here so not sure if I’m doing this right lol. I actually been following you for a while for spoilers but just started recently reading your columns. I’m not sure if you have answered this before so I’m sorry if you have. I was wondering when you think the bachelorette/bachelor series will be done? It’s becoming so repetitive, all the drama is the same “here for the right reasons” blah blah. I’m wondering when everyone will catch on that it’s all about what production wants and puts out.

Comment: It’s been that way for years and the show still does well in its time slot and is the most watched show on Monday nights in Adults 18-49. It’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Are the participants restricted by contract from concerted action? They can do it to themselves as evidenced by ganging up on a ‘villain’ but could they do it to the bachelor/ette? In the case of adding Blake could the whole existing bachelor group have either told production that they would leave if he were added or told Katie to send them home if she added him? Could they? Sure. Would they? Never. These people don’t dictate what happens on the show. Production does. And most people don’t want to piss off production bc it would ruin future relationships with the show.

Do you think there was more to Katie’s elimination (almost said eviction, Big Brother soon) of Thomas? I expected him to challenge her after being called out in that manner. Maybe pointed out that only one out of 30 ‘wins’ and cited franchise long term relationship success statistics to cast doubt on everyone else’s true reasons for being there or even asked her what the lies were in detail.

Comment: I mean, Page 1 dissected what she told Nick on his podcast. If we take her at her word, then that seems to be the reason. She just felt he was a smooth talker and didn’t get along with people.

Hi Steve!

Curious if you’ve been able to find out who has made the finale or who you think it would be? Looks like the first time in previews I’ve seen that it looks like Katie at the finale altar? Production/editing makes it seem like Greg, but curious who you think would be top 2 at this point. Also, what is this “fight” you keep thinking they are teasing since it’s not a “traditional” ending? What do you speculate or why would it not be a traditional ending?
Thank you for all you do!

Comment: That altar shot was not the final rose ceremony. Since when in the history of this show has the Bachelorette been dressed in white with a veil on at the final rose ceremony? I’m sure that’s just a wedding themed date, similar to Zac and Tayshia last season.

If I knew the answer to why it’s not a traditional ending, I would’ve told everyone by now. I don’t know what it is. I hope to find out.

Hi Steve –

Too Hot To Handle – I finished the season and loved the hypocrisy of people who lost the group money then blasting others for losing money. Which of the women did you find the most tempting? For me it was Christina. Did you agree with the choices of the finalists and winner (trying not to spoil it here)? Christina and Carly were my two favorites. I’ve reached out to Carly for the podcast. Haven’t heard back. I didn’t really care who won because I thought the concept was kinda dumb. It’s all subjective. But they made it out to be some big twist where the others would vote on the winners, when we’ve seen that in Survivor and Big Brother for 20 years. Thought it was overhyped.

I think you mentioned former contestant James Taylor recently. The last I heard of him was on your podcast where he seemed contrite about using his “fame” to be a player / F boy. I looked up the news on him and saw his Twitter account and was disgusted. Due to polarization these days, half the people probably think he’s great. This got me wondering. Do you think the leads are just apolitical / not interested? Are they able to assert any kinds of dealbreakers with producers (like “If they voted for ____________, don’t put them on.”? I guess my speculation is that maybe these topics are discussed but not shown and guys who “answer wrong” are sent home and we never know why. Seems like Becca forgot to ask Garrett these questions. I think they steer clear of it as much as they can. At least to show the audience on the show. But we know now how it’s absolutely a deal breaker for some people if they lean one way and the lead leans the other. So I gotta imagine it’s discussed, but the show I doubt will ever show it.

Aaron seems to be playing the role (or edited to be) of angry guy who focuses on enemy after enemy. Surprised Justin makes final 4 based on editing so far. Speaking of Justin, that looked like a dirty hit on the date. Surprised no one has been severely hurt or killed on this show from these games. It was absolutely a dirty hit and on Michael A. of all people. I don’t know, I just never got the impression that Michael A. was dominating that game and needed to be stopped by any means possible, and that was what Justin felt he needed to do.

Katie was dressed as Catwoman from the old Batman TV show for her date with Andrew.

I subscribe to Netflix and get Amazon Prime. There has been an explosion of these streaming networks built around hit shows like 90 Day Fiancée, Marvel, Real World / Challenge All Stars. I would like to see some of these shows but am not willing to pay this on top of my cable bill. Do you subscribe to any? Where do you see this trend going?

Comment: I have almost all of them ha ha. I have Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Paramount +, Peacock, Disney +, ESPN + and others. I know. I’m silly like that. I love em all. But to say I watch so many shows on each one? No. I maybe watch 1 or 2 on each platform.


Tayshia said about the ending of Katies season. It just changes in the blink of an eye, You all don’t know what’s about to happen, it’s crazy. Others who know, are saying the same thing.

If Katie picks Black, that is the blandest ending in Bachelor Nation history, I don’t get it.

They let Blake come in on Episode 4. Who knows how much Katie and him were into each other ( I think a lot) before the show.
He joins the house, and gets his first date in Episode 5.
Two more Episodes 6,7.
Then hometowns in Episode 8.
Blake is on the show 3 weeks and gets a hometown.
You say the are engaged, it just isn’t exciting , it is a boring ending, even if
you leave out the fact they obviously were together before the show.
Why is ABC trying to sell us, hype us on a very boring ending that was Pre Planned?

Comment: There’s nothing obvious about their pre-show relationship. That’s just your opinion. As is the ending. Some people will love them together, some won’t. Happens every season.

Hi Steve!

What was the whole “I’m proud of you” goodbye to Quartney all about? Any ideas? The guys gave him a cheer as he left as well. What did we miss?

Comment: They did it for John too as they all clapped when he was leaving. So your guess is as good as mine, however, I can see this becoming a trend amongst the men in future seasons. The bar has been set now to clap for certain guys leaving. I think we’ll see it in the future.

Hey Steve!

I love that you evolved as a writer, I really do. And some things are better left unsaid. But gosh darn it, I feel like we’re being teased left and right by insiders that there’s more to Greg and that everyone in the know, knows ish about him and it drives me INSAAAAANE that we, the spoiler hungry public, dont. Pleeeeease tell us what you know. Or what you think might happen at the end with greg. Anything. Its driving me about as nuts as the damn Pilot Pete finale. No probably more. Is he leaving and coming back? Just leaving? I know you said in your column today you dont know yet but can you find out? Its all everyones talking about and i cant take the anxiety. I should start watching a show after all episodes come out 😀

I know you have to protect yourself, and that you got burned for giving away too much, but ahhh, I am thirsty and need the tea.

I appreciate all your work.

Comment: I mean, of course I’d like to find out. I just haven’t heard yet. Got about a month to possibly hear what it is.

Here are some completely random questions for reader mail.

1) Have you heard about any travel being arranged for Michelle’s season? Not yet.

2) Is it just me or am I getting villain vibes from Hunter? I don’t think he’s a major villain>

3) Can leads say they don’t want any contestants with kids? It seems like they always have them except I don’t remember any on Nick Vile’s (yes, I spelled it that way on purpose) season. Yeah they can in the pre show discussions in terms of what they’re looking for.

4) I absolutely love The Challenge. Will you be asking/having any contestants from that show on the podcast?


Comment: I definitely hope to. Have had a few on in the past: Bananas, Laurel, Paulie, Cara Maria, Jemmye, Susie Meister to name a few.

Hi Steve,

Appreciate the spoilers and recaps and whatnot. Thanks. I kind of doubt you’ll publish my message but I’d appreciate it if you do. And if I’m way off base with my take and you want to trash me or politely explain how I’m wrong I’d appreciate that too.

I’m emailing about the whole thing where Katie says she was “involved in a situation where there wasn’t consent”. In episode three when she first opened up about her experience I thought that was an odd way to phrase it. Everything else she said about it seemed vague but whatever it’s her story to tell however she chooses to do so.

But then in this most recent episode she tells Blake that she was at a NYE party, she’d been drinking, and someone she considered a friend didn’t recieve consent from her, and that he “could assume the rest from that.” Seems like she’s implying she was assaulted or taken advantage without actually saying so.

Now I don’t believe anyone deserves to be taken advantage of just because they’re intoxicated but doesn’t that apply to both parties? I prefer not to assume things that I don’t have all the information about, but just as it could be assumed that she was assaulted couldn’t it also be assumed that she took advantage of her intoxicated friend? Isn’t it possible that she had a crush on a guy, knew they were both going to be at the same NYE party, and initiated a situation he might have been too intoxicated to consent to?

I’m not assuming what happened but I just find it odd that the way she talks about it seems so purposefully vague. Again, it’s her story to tell or not tell however she chooses, but if she just said she was drinking and was taken advantage of nobody would think twice. I’m not saying she’s lying about anything but to me she comes of as disingenuous.

Thanks. I hope you’ll post this even if you disagree with my take.

P.S. I don’t really follow the bachelor that closely I just watch the show and read your site so it’s possible this has been discussed on some other website or podcast I’m not aware of. Thanks again.

Comment: I’m kinda confused here. Are you saying that because they were both drunk that it’s ok for him to have sex with her without consent? I think you’re assuming a lot here. In the episode where she first brought it up, she said she was assaulted. Maybe she just didn’t feel like saying that again when she told Blake. If that leads you to assume that she was in the wrong, ummmmm wow, tough crowd. It’s very possible she’s being purposefully vague because it’s a hard subject to talk about. And while she wants to bring light to it, she didn’t feel necessary to go into detail about it.

Man, what a downer of an email to end on.

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