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“Reader Emails,” Ratings, & Katie Speaks on Her Season

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Do you realize we are halfway through Katie’s season already? And unless they’re doubling up on episodes sometime in the next 5 weeks, we only have 5 episodes left: the 12th, 19th, 26th, Aug. 2nd, & 9th, because we already know that Paradise starts on Aug. 16th. Kinda flown by and, judging by the numbers in the next paragraph, barely anyone has noticed. Ok, I’m kidding. Sort of. You’ll see below. But to be halfway through already seems rather quick, no? I think maybe I got thrown off by the fact that one episode didn’t have a rose ceremony in it and even though we’re 5 episodes in, we’ve only had 4 rose ceremonies. Then again, that’s usually the break down after 4 rose ceremonies. Usually around 12 left. Episode 8 is always the hometown date episode, so we’ve got rose ceremonies 5, 6, and 7 to get from 12 to 4. Realistic and on par with past seasons. Then again, this is not a normal ending to a season as Katie has stated, and that’s really the million dollar question right now. We know who she eventually ends up with, but how she gets there is another story. Seems like it’s gonna be pretty messy.

Ratings are in from Monday and if there’s one thing you can say about Katie’s season in terms of viewership is that, well, it’s been consistent? Monday drew 3.3 million viewers and .7 rating. Here are the weekly total viewers to each episode:

Ep 1: 3.6 million
Ep 2: 3.3 million
Ep 3: 3.3 million
Ep 4: 3.1 million
Ep 5: 3.3 million

My blind eye tells me that’s basically a 3.3 million average, which makes it easily the lowest rated “Bachelor” or “Bachelorette” season ever. It will tick up as we get closer to the finale, but overall, it’s still behind the lowest previous season. As we know numbers are down all across network TV ratings, so, there’s always two ways to look at this. It’s the lowest rated season ever, and, it’s been the highest rated show each Monday night for the first 5 weeks. Both are true. So whatever side you’re on to make your argument, I’m sure you’ll use one of those statements while leaving the other one out. Just be objective when reporting it.

So I’d been told a lot about what Katie said on Nick’s podcast last week. However, you know how I hate to just go off what people tell me since I always am asking people to get facts/quotes straight, so I decided to listen to the first 30 minutes myself. Here’s basically everything they touched on with Katie’s quotes to them:

When asked about Andrew and Tre’s discussion…

“I had no idea it was going on. And to see them kinda disagreeing was kinda a shock this episode.”

What wasn’t shown between Thomas and Tre…

“I wish was shown, that was kinda like the nail in the coffin for me was, ummm, Thomas actually came forward and said that he was kind’ve mean to Tre. And Tre is like the most kinda hearted man. Once I heard that, I was like, “If you can’t handle, like, conversation, I’ve already experience it for like first hand, if you aren’t able to communicate in a normal, effective way, now you’re being mean to Tre who’s like a sweetheart, like, I don’t have time for you. I wasn’t gonna waste any time with him. Like, yeah he’s hot and, to be honest really hoping to take him to the fantasy suites, you know, but I don’t have time to waste, so, you gotta go.”

Nick: Did you confirm anything with Tre?

“I didn’t care to, honestly. With Thomas, I was just over it. I did not care to, I don’t have time to waste, you know, and that’s the thing, I’m gonna make quick decisions and, if all the sudden there’s no guys left, that’s not on me, that’s on, like, casting. If you’re gonna bring shitty guys, that’s not on my end.” (Nick agreed, then snarkily complimented all the women from his season when he’s absolutely shit talked them in the past – but then asked them to do his Patreon show. Go figure).

On Thomas’ becoming-the-Bachelor talk…

“The way that Thomas conveyed it to me, the house, it almost seemed like he came in wanting to be the Bachelor first. And was where it was like, ‘You weren’t even open to falling in love, you were just like ‘Lets skip that step and become the Bachelor.’ And that’s the difference that people are kinda missing with how he kinda explained himself.”

Her thoughts on Thomas in Paradise…

“Oh, I am nervous for any woman that interacts with Thomas honestly. He’s a smooth talker. I wouldn’t be surprised if he recycles some lines with me on some of these women.”

“If I wanted to keep Thomas I would have. My connection with him was, I think, more sexual than like, uhhh, mental or emotional. He said all the right things but I, and I wish they showed it, I questioned it very early on like, ‘No one’s this perfect.’ You know, it’s like my intuition was like, ‘I don’t know about this guy.’ And the second Tre said what he said I was, boom, I’ve been thinking about this for weeks.”

“If he’s on Paradise, I don’t care who he’s with, I’m gonna be like ‘Watch out girl.’”

I got sick of transcribing at this point and there was still 30 minutes left in the podcast. I figured I’d listened to all I needed to. Anyway, she briefly hit on Blake appearing and their backstory, which wasn’t any different than what they’ve both said in interviews. He sent her a video just saying he liked her on Matt’s season and she didn’t think much of it because a lot of Clayshia’s guys sent Matt’s women DM’s. She said, “I think people think they know what my type is, and they don’t.”

And then she referenced the fact that her season ending is not traditional at all. Which right now is the million dollar question as to what happens at the end that blows everything up. I don’t know. I haven’t heard what it is. But I’ve got a month to find out. Hopefully I will at some point.

I guess the biggest thing in all those quotes that I probably have the most issue with is basically her saying/hoping that she wanted Thomas in the fantasy suites and that their connection was purely physical. Can you imagine if it were the other way around and a Bachelor spoke about one of his women that way? “Man, I was hoping to get her in the fantasy suites…” Uhhhhh, yeah. He be booted off the face of the earth in 5 seconds and would be issuing an apology on IG the second that came flying out of his mouth. So while I think there are plenty of people in this world who’ve only had physical connections with someone in their past, Katie verbalizing on a public platform wasn’t the smartest thing to say. That statement made her look incredibly shallow and I don’t think she’d appreciate it in the least if, lets just say Matt James said that about her in a post show interview. “I liked Katie. She was hot. Totally wanted her to in the fantasy suites, but it was just physical between us. Nothing else there.” I don’t think she would take too kindly to that. Nor would any woman.

“Reader Emails” begins on Page 2…

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