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Hi Steve,

It’s my first time writing in. I debated even sending this, but due to the possibility no one else mentions it, I need to know your thoughts on the whole Andrew leaving/ possibly coming back in the last 5 minutes of the show situation.

Andrew has been my favorite this season, but tonights episode just left me uncomfortable. The whole “I’m here if/ when you’re ready” thing. And I’m pretty sure he used the word “always.” So if I’m Andrews future wife, we have a beautiful life and three great kids, do I need to be worried about him leaving me at the drop of a hat if Katie comes by? If he gets cast for bachelor and things don’t work out with Katie and Blake, she shows up on his season, do the other girls go ahead and pack their bags? I know these are hypotheticals, but this is what’s running through my mind while seeing this unfold. I think you’re reading too much into that card. That was done for TV purposes. In 6 months, hell probably less, Andrew will be over Katie. He might already be. We’ve all said stupid shit to a significant other along those lines in the past. This is no different. I’m pretty sure Andrew was just referring to this little bubble of the “Bachelorette.” Almost like, “Hey, if it doesn’t work out, you know where to find me” kinda deal. I don’t think he literally meant he’ll be waiting for her for the rest of his life.

Obviously no one needs to be worried though because Katie DID ask him to come back and he says no. Sooooo what happened to being there when she’s ready for you? I mean I get both sides: its a fresh break up and all, you still wanna be with her but you also acknowledge she already picked four guys over you. Isn’t it selfish of her to ask him to stay when she obviously likes four guys more than him? Maybe he’s hoping for a Peter and Kelley situation (Because that worked out so well). And then that awkward request for a last kiss sealed the deal. Yikes.

Comment: The fact that Andrew is at the MTA and his cousin Clay is doing interviews yesterday defending Andrew’s decision not to come back on the show, I highly doubt we’re seeing Andrew again.

Hey Steve. I know you probably get so much speculation e-mails but ive gotten interested in BIP and I noticed last week that Noah posted a story in a airport then both he and Abigail went quiet which made me think maybe he went to visit her in oregan??? Also just the other day I know he posted at “Augusta” but it’s almost impossible to get in there without a membership and Abigail the day before posted a picture of a golf course which looked like the exact same bench Noah took a picture on. Maybe I’m wrong but I’m convinced these two are together

Comment: No idea. Haven’t paid any attention.

Hi Steve! Love your site and spoilers. Even though I am a US Citizen and love in California now, when I discovered you, I lived in Rome, Italy. Does this count and add to your international viewership? Absolutely. Ciao!

Anyways- my question for you is the length of the one on one dates. I realize with editing, we only see a few minutes, how how long do one on one dates last? The day time portion and then the night time portion? All day. Start in the afternoon and go through night all depending on what’s planned.

Also, with covid and quarantine, are they allowed to watch some television? Before they were traveling and had something to break up the days. I’m assuming no TV, but curious if they changed those rules during these covid times.

If you’ve answered these in the past, I do apologize. Once again, love your spoilers and your site. And I do miss your lives on Instagram.

Comment: Nope. No TV, no internet, no music, no nothing. Well, I do think they’re allowing books on planes now.

Reality Steve,

We heard all this news that pilot Pete was going to expose it all on March 15, 2021. Did I miss something? I Can’t find anything anywhere. Bachelor world seems oddly quiet on this. Do you have the scoop?!

Comment: A lot of people from this franchise promise a lot of things and plenty never come through. Chalk this up to that. That would’ve been one year from the date his finale aired, yes. But I guess we’re not getting anything substantial.

I noticed on SM that Katie was hanging out with John this weekend, is that even allowed before the end of the season? I feel like Katie is so much more out there than any other lead has been in the past and I guess I’m just surprised production is okay with it, or is it just that she doesn’t care what production thinks and just does what she wants? I’m sure it’s frowned upon, but John wasn’t a factor to this season whatsoever, so I really don’t think they care that much. And Katie seems to be doing her own thing. They’re not gonna sue her, so I guess she’ll just do what she wants and take any slap on the wrists from them.

Also super curious if you know who Dr. Joe takes on a date when he gets to paradise? Excited to see him there, it’s a shame he left so soon.

Comment: Not sure, but there weren’t many options when he arrived.

Hi Steve, you addressed this last week but….a green T-shirt and mom jeans? Her clothing is ridiculous! How can she hope to be an influencer when she has no style? And it takes two to tango, this doesn’t just look bad for Greg, that they fought for hours! Also reflects poorly on Katie. All adds up to a disastrous engagement and eventual huge break up fight with Blake.

What do you think?

Comment: Why does her influencing have to be about clothes? I’m sure it’ll be something else. She’s basically admitted she isn’t some fashionista so I doubt that’s the area where she’ll start shilling product in.

It very well could not look great for Katie. I haven’t seen the fight obviously. I only know what I was told. They fought. It lasted for hours. And it got pretty heated. And it started because Greg came to her room during an off day. Really isn’t any way that Greg actually comes out of it looking good, per se. But that’s also subjective because Greg fans (just like anyone who’s a fan of anyone on this show) will refuse to think that contestant can do anything wrong, so yeah, I’m sure some will say Greg comes out looking great. That’s just not what I’ve heard. We’ll see what happens and people can make their own judgment.

Hi Steve. Long time reader but first time writing to you. Love your site and spoilers.

Ok so question: Do you know/think that Katie chose Blake by default. Being that Michael self eliminated and Greg turned out to be a douche, Blake was the best left or did she really have that connection with Blake?

Thanks for all you do!

Comment: I think it’s clear she had a connection with Blake. She could’ve dumped him the second he showed up. Instead she gave him the very next 1-on-1 date and they spent it making out AND she took him to the end. Saying someone is someone’s default person is a horrible take. Everyone said that was the case when Des picked Chris. How’d that turn out? Remember, this is a television show that’s highly edited. Katie clearly likes Greg and he’s been a front runner since the first night. No denying that. But just because he leaves doesn’t mean she’s not into Blake and just picked him just to pick him. I think people tend to overthink these things.

Hi Steve,

I am a newer reader and member of bachelor nation as I just started watching during Matt’s season. I’ve also started reading your blog every week on Tuesday mornings. I just want to say, you remind me very much of gossip girl. Except the name is different obviously and you have shared your identity. So thank you for being the real life gossip girl. Now do you have any explanation for why Katie is hanging out with John Hersey??? And who is this Dr. Lovegrove that she has been posting about?? It just seems odd that she would be hanging out with her “ex” while she’s happily engaged with Blake…

Thanks! Take care Steve!

Comment: While John may be an “ex” by definition, he’s not really an ex in the true sense of what an ex is. The guy was on her season and was there 4 days. I wouldn’t call that an ex. Again, I think people are reading into it too much. I have no idea who the other guy is.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for all you do to entertain me in this crazy Bachelor world. I have been listening to Sharleen Joynt’s recaps since she and Andy started doing them this season. I know you respect her a lot and their recaps are top notch- she speaks a lot to the editing that happens in the ITMs and voice overs and specifies many of the ‘frankenbiten’ sentences where producers completely make up a sentence that the contestant ‘says.’ Many times these made up sentences make the person look villainous or rude/dismissive. I am surprised the kicked off contestants don’t speak up on this? As it definitely paints them in a light that could be negative post-show. Do you think it’s just a battle not worth fighting? After so many seasons it seems as if producers still do this with free range and no second thoughts.

Thanks again Steve!

Comment: Because contestants are too scared of their contract and don’t want to piss anyone off. The second you start talking about behind the scenes, editing, frankenbiting, and things of the like, is the second they write you off and you’ll never be invited on other shows. So most just know how to the play the game at this point and go along with it. Sharleen is excellent at pointing out that stuff. And yes, those sentence fragments are absolutely done to tell a different story than what’s presented. But it’s been going on for years, it’s a staple of every reality show you watch, and it’s not changing. Yet there are tons of people that would probably step on their grandmother to be a part of these shows. So apparently they aren’t really that bothered by it. It’s all part of what you sign up for. If you don’t know that by now as a contestant going on any reality TV show, it’s on you.

Hi Steve,

Huge fan and first time writing in!

Not sure if this is a question you can answer factually, but would also love your take on it as a viewer of the show. Do you think Katie ends up with Blake because “he is the one” or just as a last option? If Michael A. and Greg both leave, that leaves Justin and Blake as her final two and I personally don’t see a very strong romantic connection between Justin and Katie. So, that leaves Blake as the final guy. It really makes me think if Andrew had stayed, it would’ve been him!!! Alright, I’m biased there because I think he’s a total catch. No.

This may have been asked, but do you know if Katie and Blake are still even together? I haven’t heard otherwise.

No question here, but as someone who lives in NYC where Greg has a lot of friends (not sure where he actually lives) his conversation with Katie last night seemed to somewhat verify rumors I’ve heard about Greg through the city grapevine — him being very controlling and having a temper. He said on the episode last night that his sister said that him being insecure was the ugliest thing about him. It sounded like his sister was very aware of Greg’s behavior in previous relationships. And this kind of teed up their fight.

Thank you for giving me something to look forward to every week!

Comment: Pre show rumors about Greg? You don’t say?

Let the Jared and Ashley baby podcasts begin! I’ve listened to three so far (all from their own podcasts), and I’m already over Ashley complaining and Jared sharing how short their interlude was. On the Almost Famous podcast, Nick came on to congratulate them and encouraged them to make as much social media money off of the pregnancy as possible. Found it humorous that he exposed the elephant in the room. My question to you, what are your thoughts on whether this child will surpass the Luyendyke twins in popularity? Those two are media gold in my opinion.

Thanks for all you do–your posts and podcasts are a bright spot to my week!

Comment: I’m sure they’ll do whatever they can to milk that baby for every cent possible. It’s the norm for the franchise now. Determining which fetus is more popular is an effort in futility to me. I don’t care about any of their baby accounts. I find it silly.

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