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“Reader Emails,” Tomorrow’s Podcast, Another BIP Couple Seen, & Michelle’s Guys Age Breakdown

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I’m a simple man. I don’t ask for much. And only about 3-4 times a year do I ask you guys to send in audio question on Yappa to be part of the podcast. Now, lets not all jump at the chance at once. 2? TWO? That’s all I could get from you yesterday? I’m kidding. Sort of. I’m only looking for about 5-7 total. Thought that’d be easy to get to yesterday but apparently not. So once again, I’ll ask for your questions/comments to be on tomorrow’s podcast, scroll down to either yesterday’s post or today’s post, create a Yappa account, click the camera icon to shut it off (sound doesn’t come through well if you record a video), and leave your question/comment. That’s it. Easy peasie. Is that how you spell peasie? I don’t know. I just guessed. Grammar police can stay home on that one. But whatever the case, I will be mixing in your audio questions along with more emails, so you have until about 5:00 today to get in more emails to be included in tomorrow’s column. So lets get to this. Please get an audio question and/or email question in by about 5:00 today so I can put it all together tonight and have ready for tomorrow. Lets do this! Thanks.

Remember a couple weeks ago I posted a pic of Grocery Joe and Serena at a rooftop pool in Chicago? Well, yesterday I received another one of Kenny & Mari at a different rooftop pool in Chicago where Kenny lives. However, the picture taker didn’t feel comfortable with me posting it, so I didn’t. But that’s 2 of the 3 final couples now that have been seen together publicly post filming. Now if we can get a pic of Riley and Maurissa, we’ll be 3 for 3! Get on it people. I’m sure they’ve seen each other post filming, just maybe have been less public about it.

Ratings are in from Monday night and it was the least watched episode of the season – with a caveat. The “Tell All” episode is ALWAYS one of the least watched episodes of the season, so this is nothing new. Overall, the “Bachelorette” was still the most watched TV show on network TV this past Monday, outside of the Olympics which of course drew more. Will be interesting to see if Michelle’s season continues this downtrend of if it ticks up with her season. Also, having taken a year off of BIP, lets see how that does compared to season 6 which ran in 2019. You know I’ll be keeping track.

@Bachelordata on IG had another good chart yesterday regarding the breakdown of the guys’ ages on Michelle’s season. The average age of the 35 men was 29.3 years of age. And while it seemed like an older cast, it really isn’t. Only 8 of the 35 are over the age of 30. And in terms of how it stacks up against past seasons age ranges, it’s basically right in the middle. 9th oldest cast in 18 seasons. Here is the breakdown:

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